The name Woodruff originated from an herb in England called Woodruff, a sweet smelling vine.  Nine grants of arms have been made to the name.  The arms to our branch of the family has a branch of the herb on it.  We call it honeysuckle vine.  The colors are silver and red – a touch of green and black.  See Fairbanks Crests:  Coat of arms Woodruff a Lon and Sum; a dexter arm embowed vested with leaves vertical in hand a branch of honeysuckle; Au PPR PL 57 –CR 2 without Cornet. 


In the year 1185 a Woodruff appeared in the records of the Templers in Lincolnshire.  He was a member of the Knights of Templers, a religious order of “Poor Knights of Christ” also called Knights of the Temple of Solomon”.  This order formed during the Crusades in order to protect the pilgrims.  It rapidly became one of the most powerful bodies of Europe.  Their dashing military exploits won great fame through receipts of money, gifts and lands.  They became the wealthy and were bankers of Europe.  In 1579, a record shows a Woodruff as Lord Mayor of London.


The Woodruffs came to the Colonies in early 1600s and settled in the New England States.  Mostly in Connecticut.  Although a record in Early Virginia Immigrants, Book K names a Robert Woodruff, in 1647.  A Richard Woodruff in 1643.  This family record will begin with Joseph Woodruff.


First Generation:


Joseph Woodruff, Revolutionary War patriot, was born 1751, probably Surrey County, North Carolina (DAR records from Washington) died November 2, 1817, age 66 years, Spartanburg Dist., South Carolina.  Married Ann Lindsey in 1774 also listed in DAR Patriot index.  Ann Lindsey was born 1756 and died January 7, 1826 at 70 years of age.  Joseph and Ann are buried in the old section of cemetery in Woodruff, South Carolina.  The cemetery is part of the land he donated to the church.  Record as follows:  The act of incorporation of 1804 names the Bethel Baptist Church in the district of Spartanburg and under that name Joseph Woodruff conveyed to it on July 9, 1804 twelve and a half acres on a branch of Enoree River including the Old Former Bethel Meeting House.  Dr. C. P. Woodruff added to the property in 1836.  In 1846 and 1855 Woodruff contributed ten acres (Church Record).  The oldest existing records date back to 1787 and read September 16, 1787 the Church of Christ on Jomey’s Creek members received to baptism.  The first name listed Joseph Woodruff.  He was one of the first deacons.  Note:  The church was later called Baptist.  The town of Woodruff, South Carolina took its name from Joseph as he was one of the first settlers.  He left a will, recorded December 18, 1817, Spartanburg Dist., South Carolina.  This will can be found in Vol. 1, Book A, State Archives, Columbia, South Carolina.  In his will he leaves to sons and daughters and wife, Ann:





Second Generation:






Ann Woodruff

Polly Allen

Eunice Sparks

Sally Hendrix

Elizabeth Allen


Wife Ann received one negro woman named Lucie.  Hue does not name other slaves so he may not have had others.  He wanted all land sold and divided equally.  Joseph has two grandsons who were ministers, namely Richard Woodruff and James Monroe Woodruff sons of Thomas Woodruff.  Other grandsons were Dr. Charles P. Woodruff, Captain Andrew Barry (A. B.) Woodruff, and Harrison Patillo Woodruff.  Thomas Woodruff was also a Legislator.  There is a lot in the Church Records about him and about R. B. Woodruff.  He was a clerk also a writer.  He also was a Captain in the war between the States and was wounded.  Of course, Joseph has a lot of other grandchildren.  The ones named above are ones in the Church Records given to us by Mrs. Norma Woodruff of Woodruff, South Carolina.  She is the wife of Dr. William A. Woodruff, deceased.  He was a descendant of Joseph.


Note:  General Westmoreland’s mother was a Woodruff and descendant of Joseph.  He goes to visit Mrs. Norma Woodruff often.  His mother and father are buried in the same cemetery as Joseph and Ann.  (The General looks just like Lewis Levie Woodruff who is living in Prentiss County, Mississippi).  He is a great, great grandson of Joseph.


These are some of the gravestones in the cemetery at Woodruff, South Carolina:



Joseph Woodruff                                              Anne Woodruff

Born 1751                                                        Born 1756

Died November 2, 1817 age 66                       Died January 7, 1826 age 70


Richard Woodruff                                             William Woodruff Anderson

Born December 28, 1812                                 Born August 21, 1896

Died June 14, 1893                                          Died November 2, 1967

Son of Thomas and Mary R. Woodruff

And Minister of Jesus Christ, Soldier,    Mary Rebecca Westmoreland

Legislator and Christian.                                    Wife of William Woodruff Anderson

He devoted his life to his friends,                       Born March 22, 1896

His country and God.                                        Died




Elizabeth J. Woodruff                                       Coke F. Westmoreland

Daughter of Ransom and Nancy Foster Born January 14, 1881

Wife of Richard Woodruff                                Died September 23, 1966

Born April 11, 1813

Died February 26, 1909                                   Mary Cox Woodruff

                                                                        Born 1853

Ira Pinkney Woodruff                                       Died 1931

Born November 27, 1837

Died May 31, 1862                                          S. Duffie Woodruff

Slain in the Battle of Pines                                 Born July 7, 1849

                                                                        Died March 28, 1878


Mira, wife of Carter Woodruff

Daughter of Dr. John B. Carter             Captain Andrew Barry Woodruff

Born 1823                                                        Born 1825

Died 1890                                                        Died 1905 C. S. A.


Note:  I have misplaced some of the other gravestone inscriptions that I had.


There was an enormous exodus shortly after the Revolution to Kentucky and the Northwest Territory as far as Mississippi and Texas.  Dunbar Roland’s Mississippi. The Heart of the South (Vol 2) says Prentiss County which is located in the north east corner of the state was created at the same time as Alcorn County, April 15, 1870.  These counties were taken from old Teshomingo County that was formed in 1836.  Rowland also recorded Prentiss County 1850- an excellent class of emigrants, mainly Anglo-Saxon or British of the purest stock from Virginia, South Carolina and Connecticut.  A high type of citizen.


Our line from the second generation is:


Samuel Woodruff the son of Joseph and Anne Lindsey Woodruff born 1775 in Spartanburg Dist., South Carolina and died 1860 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi. Wife was Mary ? born 1778, North Carolina, died 1860 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  They are buried in Mackey’s Creek Cemetery, Prentiss County, Mississippi, near Bay Springs.  Their graves are near their son John and his wife Martha with only rocks for stones.  Martha and John have stones that read:


John Woodruff                                     Martha Woodruff

Born January 24, 1823                         Born February 12, 1826

Died March 21, 1896                                       Died June 2, 1911


Samuel and Mary left South Carolina in the early 1800s.  They appear in 1830 census of Henderson County, Tennessee and appear in 1840 census of Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  In 1850 census they were living with son John and wife Martha.  Samuel’s brother Caleb (see will of Joseph) was also in Mississippi at an early date.  County Records of 1842-43 show that Samuel Woodruff was Constable, elected 1842.  Some of their children:


Third generation:


John H. Woodruff born 1823, South Carolina

Barry M. Woodruff born 1826, South Carolina

Twins: Marcus Luke Woodruff born 1810, South Carolina and

J. Woodruff born 1810, South Carolina


They had other children that I am not sure of yet.  Here are some of Samuel Woodruff’s grandchildren:


Children of son J. Woodruff and wife Nanna from 1850 census are Polly, Lucretia, William, Samuel, James, John, and Franklin.


Children of son John and Martha Woodruff are William J., Marion (male), Marshall C., Palestine Tabasci, Lovise C., Ciscro Breckenridge.


Barry M. Woodruff son of Samuel and Mary Woodruff, born 1826, S. C., died between 1871 – 1883.  Census record of Prentice County, MS that he married Mary Ann Long February 2, 1843.  The marriage record can be found in Marriage Bond Book 1842-46, page 69, Tishomingo Co., now Alcorn Co. Corinth, MS Courthouse.  This record shows they were married by John Mitchell D. D., James Long Sec.  Mary Ann was always called Polly and Barry M. was called Balser.  Mary Ann’s father was a well to do doctor.  She was born November 16, 1826, AL – died November 4, 1called Balser.  Mary Ann’s father was a well to do doctor.  She was born November 16, 1826, AL – died November 4, 1897 at Ferris, TX, a small town 50 miles south of Dallas.  She is buried there in Bluff Springs Cemetery on top of a hill and her epitaph reads:


Mary Ann Woodruff

B Nov 16, 1826

D Nov 4, 1897

Restful quiet sleep while friends in sorrow over thee weep.


Barrt M. Woodruff is buried in Macke’s Creek churchyard, Bluff Springs MS, near his mother and father, Samuel and Mary and his brother John and Martha.  His stone reads:


B. M. Woodruff

Forrest’s Guard


Here are some of the gravestones in Bluff Springs Cemetery, Ferris, TX.


J. L. Woodruff – born 1854 – died 1897

Wife, Sarah E. Woodruff – born 1859 – died 1896

W. P. Woodruff – born 1876 – died 1904

John Pinkney Woodruff – born Feb. 24, 1901 – died April 14, 1902

Cleo Woodruff – born Jan. 20, 1902 – died Jan. 3, 1903

William A. Long – born March 16, 1828 – died 1903

Wife, Elizabeth – born Aug. 27, 1835 – died July 1883


William has a very large Masons stone and was Mary Ann’s brother.  All the others have large stones and are situated together in one corner of the cemetery.   We were told the cemetery was once part of the Long family’s land.


Children of Barry M Woodruff and Mary Ann Long Woodruff:



James F.

William J. (his son Lewis Levi is still living in Prentis Co. MS)

Adolphus Bennett (our Line – 4th generation) born May 23, 1842 – died July 5, 1906

John L.

Rosa Savanah (died young)

Absalm D. (Uncle Abb) born 1860 – died 1938

Ollie Missouri – born November 10, 1864, died November 12, 1943 – married Edmond Taylor

Joseph H. (he was 12 years old in 1880 census)


Fourth Generation:


Adolphus Bennett Woodruff

He was always called A. B. or Dot.  He was the son of Barry M. and Mary Long Woodruff and married Charlotte Ann Melissa Copeland on May 15, 1870 near Baldwin, MS.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Copeland and born March 15, 1852 and died October 21, 1909.  Adolphus and Charlotte were the parents of ten children:


Mary Ollie Woodruff Calton

Nancy Elizabeth

James Monror

America Savanah

Martha Frances Vietta Terrill



G. Edna

John D.



Adolphus and Charlotte settled in Prentiss County, Mississippi in 1875 near Burtons and Jacinto where they lived the rest of their lives.  They are buried at Forked Oak, Prentiss Co., MS.  He was one of the leading men in the county.  Lewis Levi Woodruff stated that he was the most popular man in the county.  He was tge man everyone went to for advise on many things.  He was justice of the peace in 1882.  County records show that he was on the Board of Supervisors.  He was an active member of the Woodman of the World, founder of the George Washington Masonic Lodge, Paden, Prentiss County, where his picture still hangs.  They let us make a copy.  His tombstone was erected by the Woodsman of the World. It reads:


A. B. Woodruff

Born May 23, 1852

Died July 5, 1906

His many friends form the noblest monument to his memory. Dum Tacet Clamet.


Charlotte Woodruff, wife of A. B.

Born March 15, 1852

Died October 21, 1909

He took thee from a world of care and everlasting bliss to share.

Erected by children


Marriage records of children, Prentiss County, MS:


Prentiss County Marriage Records 1900 – 1903, page 123

J. D. Woodruff and Maggie Shacklford

January 6, 1901 – W. P. Plooard, J. P.


Page 9, page 429

Lena Woodruff and R. M. Smith

July 2, 1905 – T. A. Shockford. J. P.


Book 10, page 20

Savanah Woodruff and W. R. Long

December 30, 1906 - T. A. Shockford. J. P.


Book 7, page H

J. M. Woodruff and Marelda Timbs

Decenber 24, 1896 - W. P. Plooard, J. P.


Lula Woodruff and J. B. Williams

January 10, 1904


Nancy Elizabeth Woodruff married first Bunyon Miller, second R. L. Higginbotham


Mary Ollie Woodruff married Tom Calton


Edna Woodruff and C. V. Estep in Tishomingo Co., 1910 – 12


Frank Woodruff and Lonia Gillan in Tishomingo Co., 1910 – 12


Martha Frances Vietta Woodruff and Joseph Terrell Haynie

April 11, 1902 by S. P. Copeland D. D. (baptized Annie Pearl Calton Biggs)


Fifth Generation:


Martha Frances Vietta Woodruff, daughter of Adolphus Bennett and Charlotte Ann Melissa Copeland Woodruff – birn May 31, 1878 – died March 30, 1946.  Married Joseph Terrill Haynie, June 11, 1902, as found in Record Book 1898 – 1902, page 559, Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS and married by S. P. Copeland a minister of the Gospel. Joseph Terrill Haynie, was born May 7, 1876,  Alcorn Co., MS and died February 14, 1953, Louisville, Kentucky.  Both are buried at Barton, Alabama, located between Tuscumbia and Cherokee, Alabama.


Their children:


Madge Haynie, born Feb 132, 1904 Alcorn Co., MS, died Feb 17, 1971 St. Petersburg, FL married Bert Grisham.


Vivian Haynie, born May 3, 1905 Alcorn Co., MS married Ausey Lee Turner


Ethleen Haynie, born July 14, 1907 Colbert Co., Alabama married Harris Sims Moore


Sixth Generation:


Vivian Haynie, daughter of Joseph Terrill Haynie and Martha Frances V. Woodruff, married March 9, 1925 to Ausey Lee Turner, son of Charles Alexander Turner and Minnie Lee Andrews.  Their children:


Charles Lee Turner born December 20, 1925 – Iuka, Mississippi, married Margaret Graves.  Their children: Charles Lee Turner, Jr., Nan Miller Turner, Amy Stigler Turner.


Jack Haynie Turner born March 27, 1928 – Iuka, Mississippi, married Frances Faulkner they had no children.


Martha Joyce Turner born Jan 23, 1933 – Iuka, Mississippi, married first Joe Dixon second Binkley third Nikola. Children: Thomas Glen Binkley and Melissa Woodruff Nikola.


Vivian Ann Turner  born Jan 23, 1933 – Leighton, Alabama, married Cleve Williams Bass.  Children:  Michael Cleve Bass, Deborah Jean Bass, David Kevin Bass, Russell Sean Bass, and Amonda Lynn Bass.


Ella Lou (Judy) Turner born Dec 31, 1941 Memphis, Tennessee, married George H. Genung. Their children:  Janet Elizabeth Genung, Daniel Allen Genung, and David Keith Genung.


Our Great Grandchildren:

Children of Charles Lee Turner, Jr.: Matthew Graves Turner and Andrew Lee Turner


Children of Nan Miller Turner and John Hart Conditt:  Jonathan Burke Conditt and Benjamin Hart Conditt.


Family of Jefferson Biggs


Jefferson (Jeff) Biggs first wife was Jula Moreland; their children:


Minnie Emmerson, who raised Jefferson Armor and younger brothers and sisters.  She id buried at Burnsville, Mississippi.


Lillie Bullock, who died in Aberdeen, MS.  She taught school until in her late sixties and raised her grandchildren because of the death of a son and daughter-in-law.


Charlie Biggs, who was killed in a train accident as a young man in Iuka, MS.


Author Biggs, who died May 30, 1925.


Buddy Biggs, (Uncle Bud) had several sons.


Jefferson’s second wife was Agnes Vee Cowen who died young and is buried at Burnsville, MS. Their children:


Jefferson Armor Biggs who was born October 11, 1895 and died March 1, 1945.  He is buried at Alderage Grove Cemetery near Moulton, AL.


Vee Timbs was six months old when their mother Agnes died.


Jefferson Biggs is buried at Burnsville between his wives Jula and Agnes.  He died 1896.






Family of Jefferson Armor Biggs


Jefferson Armor Biggs married Annie Pearl Calton August 3, 1920 at Burnsville, MS.  He died March 1, 1945 and was buried at Alderage Grove Cemetery near Moulton, AL.  Annie Pearl was born October 13, 1903 in Payden, MS and is buried at Prospect Cemetery near Logan, Cullman Co., AL.


Their children:


Lillie Catherine born October 30, 1924 at Burnsville, MS.  Married James Elton Warren.


Milla Quay born January 28, 1927 at Burnsville, MS.  Married Paul Reveer Steadman.


Mildred  born August 19, 1928 at Burnsville, MS.  Married Clellie Naylor.


Marion born August 19, 1928 at Burnsville, MS.  Married L G Yarbrough.


Billie Jean born June 1, 1932 at Iuka, MS, Married Mitchell Blankenship.


Rufus Armor born June 20, 1934 at Iuka, MS. Married Vera Giles on May 25 at Redan, GA.


Charles Thomas born February 23, 1937 at Leighton, AL and married Donna Jenkins September 4, in Atlanta GA.





The following letter came to Annie Pearl Calton Biggs with the Woodruff history from her first cousins Ethleen Haynie Moore, who lived in Colbert Co., Alabama, born July 14, 1907  and wife of Harris Sims Moore and Vivian Turner sister to Ethlee. Their mother was Aunt “Fanny”Martha Frances Vietta Woodruff Haynie.


Phone #




Dear Pearl,


                Here is the material I had to get the pictures together.  This picture of Grandpa (he would be Roger’s great, great, grandfather, I made with a small camera.  They would not let us touch the frame afraid it would be damaged.  It is in the Lodge Hall at Paden if you all ever want to see it.  We had to get a lady to take us there – glad she let us make the picture.  I have been three times to grandma Polly Ann (her name is Mary Ann) Long Woodruff’s grave in Ferris, Texas.  She and Aunt Missouri went out there on a visit to the Longs and she must have choked, as the story goes that “she died laughing” at the dinner table.

            Isn’t all this history interesting?  The gravestones of Joseph and Ann Lindsey we have seen two times, maybe three, in Woodruff, South Carolina.  He is our Patriot grandfather.  That is the proof you have to have to go into the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Also sons of A. R. – Hap is a worker in that and has gotten to new members.  If Roger Rice would like to become a member he can go in on Vivian’s number.  It costs $50 but if you are 18 years old you can go in for $25.

            Hope you all are fine and hope Roger will peruse his lineage further, we need to get back to about 1215!!!


Lots of love







Adolphus Bennett Woodruff was always called A. B. or Dot.  He was the son of Barry M. and Mary Long Woodruff and married Charlotte Ann Melissa Copeland on May 15, 1870 near Baldwin, MS.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Copeland and born March 15, 1852 and died October 21, 1909.  Adolphus and Charlotte were the parents of ten children



Children of Adolphus and Charlotte Woodruff

In this photo they are seated and standing by age Ollie bottom right Edna Top left


Ollie             Mary Ollie                              May 13, 1871

Nannie          Nancy Elizabeth                     June 6, 1892

Jimmy           James Monroe                        April 18, 1874

Vanna           America Savannah                 January 16, 1877

Fannie          Martha Frances Vieth            March 30, 1879

Johnny John Jefferson Daniel            June 18, 1881

Lula              Lulabelle                                 May 15, 1883

Lena              Lena Mae                                February 3, 1887

Frank            Joseph Franklin                      April 23, 1889

Edna             Gussy Edna                            July 18, 1893


Mary Ollie Woofruff married Thomas Calton parents of Annie Pearl Calton Biggs. My mother’s

mother’s Parents

Thomas Calton and Mary Ollie Woofruff



Annie Pearl Calton Biggs