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Believed to be a descendant of John the Eighth Earl of Warren and Surrey and who were descended from the Plantagenet Kings. Humphrey was born in Poynton, England, July 7, 1632. He was a merchant and the third child of Edward Warren and Margaret Arderne and was in Maryland by 1657.  Humphrey married Eleanor Smoot, daughter of Thomas Smoot.  He was granted February 12, 1662-3 a tract of three hundred acres of land called "Frailty" in Charles County.  Humphrey was an active Protestant, and was appointed a Commissioner of the Peace, September 16, 1670.  He died intestate in 1673 at his place of residence "Halton's Point", Charles County, Maryland. His known children: Humphrey Jr. (see will), Margaret, Mary, and Thomas Warren (see will.)

See Harry Wright Newman's "Charles County Gentry" pgs 284-288




Thomas Warren was the son of Eleanor second wife of Humphrey Warren from whom he inherited the farm "Frailty".  Thomas' will date January 6, 1705-6, and proved November 27, 1710.  He married before June 13, 1688, to Mary Barton, born 1665 and died 1700.  Thomas married second to Jane Smoot who died before 1688. Children: (1) Thomas living in 1757 deceased without heirs by 1765 when Humphrey Warren deeded fifty acres, part of Frailty, to Notley Warren witnesses by Robert Warren, Liber L-3, f. 663.  It had been willed to Thomas entail; in case he had no heirs, to Humphrey entail. (2) Capt. Barton born 1696 Charles County, Maryland died February or March 1757 Charles County, Maryland and married first Mary Grieve and second Elizabeth (Gwyn) Boarman, widow of John Boarman.  (3) Mary no info. (4) Sarah no info. (5) Elizabeth no information and (5) Humphrey mentioned in his father’s will as an unborn child.  He probably was the Humphrey to whom Capt. Barton Warren’s executors paid 200 pounds of tobacco due him in 1758 (Charles County Accounts, Liber XL1, F.256).


References: Notes on Southerland and Latham and Allied Families by Voorhees and Will found in Hall of Records at Annapolis, Maryland. AB#3, PP 38-39. and. AD#5, PP 79-80.     Sevier Family History by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden 1961.





Barton Warren of Charles County, Maryland, inherited the farms "Frailty" and "Strife" from his father Thomas' estate in 1705. He married first Martha Grieve who died in 1742, second Elizabeth (Gwynn) Boarman. His will dated February 3, 1757, proved March 9, 1757. In it he names wife Elizabeth and eight children: (1) Jane who married Barton Hungerford.  (2) Mary who married first Harrison Musgrove, second to John Stone.  In 1779 Mary, widowed for the second time in Charles County, Maryland, removed with her children to Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  When John Stone’s estate was distributed 5 Nov. 1776, Edward Warren was one of the sureties for Mary as executrix. Two years later, further court papers show her to have left the state. By Stone family accounts, she was in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where many of the Stones already lived. Mary’s daughter Sarah Briscoe died in 1781. Her Pittsylvania County will was witnessed by an Edward Warren. It is quite reasonable to assume that this Edward was her uncle, the same man who was surety for her mother five years before. That will lists Sarah’s brother Harrison Musgrove and brother (in-law) John Briscoe.  Mary’s youngest son, the Rev. Barton Warren Stone (1772-1844), Presbyterian minister who, while living in Kentucky, and the Rev. Alexander Campbell were the reformers of the sectarian beliefs of their day which caused the rise of the Christian Church (Church of Christ).  (3) Notley Warren, born 1736 died 1768 Charles County, Maryland, married Mary.  Wills Libber XXXVI, f. 646.  (4) John Warren, died 1773, will filed Nov. 10, Charles County, Wills Liber XXXIX, f. 435 married Jane. Their children were Anne, John, Elizabeth and Eleanor.  (5) William Barton Warren born 1738 and died 1818 in Kentucky.  His will was written November 6, 1811 in Woodford County, Kentucky, was proved August 1818 in Scott County, Kentucky.  A courthouse fire partially destroyed the records, but the burnt fragments were recopied into the court books.  This provided the names of wife Jane, executor, son William and some who were bequeathed one-sixth that are lost along with the legatees.  Except Sally Mitchell of my late daughter Polly Bain, to be equally divided; Nancy Blanton; Judith Christopher; remaining sixth part to Ambrose.   He married Mary Jane Yates, their children were:  Lydia Brisco who married March 20 1788, Lancaster County, Virginia, Richard Ambrose Pittman; Polly names in her father’s will as deceased.  She married October 11, 1788 in Lancaster County, Virginia to George Bain, Jr.  Their daughter Sally married Solomon Mitchell June 22, 1808 in Woodford County.  He was a Private in Captain Virgil McCracken’s Company of the First Rifle Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers War of 1812.  Their other daughter was Jincy who married William Peacock; Nancy who married James Blanton in Woodford County 1772-3; Judith who married William Christopher (from will), Daughter ?? who married a Brent and William Monroe born July 1, 1775 Lancaster Courthouse, Virginia and died July 22, 1824 Georgetown, Kentucky, married Maria Watkins Fauntleroy whose father was Captain John Fauntleroy  Kentucky pioneer an mother Maria Keene.  One of William’s sons compiled the list of the later homes of the children of Robert Warren of Tennessee in 1863 and which Alfred C. Yost quoted in his data and used here.  Susanna married May 20 1796, in Woodford County, Kentucky. Ambrose Pittman her father giving written consent May 18 1796 with signatures witnessed by Richard Pitman and Lydia Pitman, James Blanton bondsman.   (6) Susannah Warren a spinster in 1758.  (7) No specific date of birth has been found for Edward Warren, but it was likely by 1753. In 1774, he was cited as administrator of Susan Gwynn, so he was apparently of majority by that time. For the next five years, Edward appears frequently in Charles County records, including as a signer of the Oath of Allegiance.  On 28 MAY 1779, he was appointed as Ensign of Captain Jonathon Yeates’ company of the Maryland militia. This is the last found reference to Edward in Charles County. Ensign Edward V. Warren was living in Charles County Maryland in 1779 and moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia and later to Georgia.  His son, David, was clerk of the Greene County, Tennessee court in 1798.  The 1782 Pittsylvania County census lists Edward Warren as head of a household of six white souls immediately between Harrison Musgrove and John Briscoe. (18) By the 1785 census, Edward heads a household of seven, (19) fitting quite well with his marriage to Becky Dabney a few months before. It also fits well with references to his will in Bedford County, Tennessee, indicating he had children before his marriage to Becky (see below).


Using these facts, a reasonable surmise can be constructed concerning Edward from 1779 (last reference in Charles County, MD) to 1781 (first reference in Pittsylvania County, VA.) Although he was commissioned in the militia, there is no record of actual service. It is likely that it was cut short by the death of his first wife (of whom no record has been found), leaving him with five young children.  It is also reasonable to assume he moved to Pittsylvania County, VA, to be near his sister, with whom he was obviously close. It is further likely that he needed her help with his children.

 (8)  Robert Warren who was born September 6, 1742, Frailty, Charles County, Maryland died October 28, 1826 near Louisville, Blount County, Tennessee.


References: Notes on Southerland and Latham Allied Families by Voorhees and Will found in Hall of Records at Annapolis Maryland. AD#5, PP 79-80. Sevier Family History by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden 1961.










Grave of Robert Warren in Louisville Cemetery Blount County, TN




Louisville Community Cemetery



Born September 6, 1742, in Charles County Maryland. On his D.A.R. marker at Louisville, Blount County, Tennessee is July 14, 1745 - October 7, 1826. He served as a Private in the Continental Line of Virginia during the War of the American Revolution. He married first in Charles County, Maryland, to Martha Briscoe daughter of William Briscoe and Ann Dent, second to Parmelia Love, December 27, 1767, third to Mary Law, who died by 1824. Some references list only two wives and two sons who died in their youth; Barton Love, born August 15, 1770, died 1797, and Humphrey.  During dam construction by T.V.A. for flood control of the Tennessee River, Ft. Loudon Lake covered the family cemetery.  Robert's stone and a shovel full of his remains were moved to the Louisville Community Cemetery and placed in a plot with other family members.  From the Sevier Family History it is stated Robert Warren left Charles County, Maryland after 1765 but early in life lived in Virginia until after the Revolution.  He is accepted as a Virginia Revolutionary soldier by the DAR, based on reference 8-C-200, Williamsburg, Wednesday, 12th June 1776: “Ordered that a warrant issue to John Pendliton for use of Robert Warren, for three pounds, nineteen shillings, and six pence, for provisions furnished Captain Stephens and Captain Hayes, their companies.”  8-C-225, Williamsburg, Thursday, June 27, 1776: “A warrant to Robert Warren for 2.9.6. for removing cannon from New Kent Court House to Cumberland Town,” New Kent County.  Also, the records of the distribution of certificates for the balance of full pay agreeable to the Act of the Assembly passed in November 1781.  The record lists him as a soldier in the infantry.  James Driver received his pay of 36 pounds on January 24, 1783.  James Driver served in the 11th and 15th Regiments of the Virginia Continental Line.  The 1850 Census of Clay Co. Kentucky, stated that Robert’s daughter, Susannah, was born in 1779 in Virginia.  Robert came to Greene County, Tennessee in the 1780’s.  The village of Warrensburg, about 17 miles southwest of Greeneville on the Little Chucky Creek, is situated on his land grant, which adjoined Col. Henry Conway’s land.  It appears that the Warrens, Conways and Loves all came to Greene County about the same time and had known each other previously.  The Conways and Loves had probably first known each other in Fauquier County, Virginia by the time of the Revolution. There are many Robert Warren land transactions listed in the Greene County deed books and from these it is shown he was taxed on 512 acres on Jan. 25, 1809 and three black polls.  He moved to Blount County, Tennessee between Jan. and Nov. 1809.  The children of Robert Warren who were living in 1826 and were listed in his Blount County, Tennessee, Will Book 1, page 160.   Robert Warren's children as found in his Will are now listed 1-19 in blue.


1.     The Rev. Charles Hugh Warren was born May 21, 1772, near Lynchburg, Virginia. He married February 10, 1798, to Sarah Earnest by the Rev. S.N. Brooks, Greene County, Tennessee, found in Marriage Book entry 518.  Sarah was the daughter of Henry Earnest and Mary Stephens born 1778, and died 1843. 


          Charles was Justice of the Peace in Blount County, Tennessee 1871-1832.  After leaving Blunt County, he bought a farm in Jefferson County, Tennessee about one mile west of New Market, a small village without a church or school.  With the help of family, neighbors, and friends, he was instrumental in erecting a Methodist Church building and a school and dormitory.  The school was known as Holston College.  Rev Warren was a Methodist preacher and organized the first Methodist Society in Tennessee.  He died in Abington, Virginia, May 21, 1841, while attending a Methodist Conference.  Issue: 

            (1) Barton Leonidas Warren born October 17, 1800, married January 16, 1827, to Evaline Singleton, died November 15, 1892.  They are buried in the Warren Plot at Louisville, Tennessee.  According to Inez E Burns author of the History of Blount County Tennessee, 1957 page 241 Barton Warren had charge of a large Tanyard on his farm near Louisville from an early date and according to his family always had a large number of apprentices for the tanner’s trade working with him.  William Warren was operating a saddle shop in Louisville in 1839; on page 267 Barton L. Warren operated a large tannery and leather business on his plantation east of town (Louisville). Many young men served their apprenticeship in the tannery business with Mr. Warren.  See his obituary at end of the Rev. Charles Hugh Warren’s list of children.

          (2) William Yearout Warren married in Blount County, Tennessee, May 2, 1837, to Mary Tarbet. 

          (3) Henry Earnest Warren died at Louisville, Blount County, Tennessee in 1844, and a bachelor. His will is in Will Book 1 page 182 in the Probate Court records in Maryville, Tennessee.

          (4) Samuel Warren. 

          (5) Felix J. Warren. 

          (6) Sarah Warren. 

          (7) Charles Wesley Warren born November 7, 1809, married first Susan Armstrong of Greene County, Tennessee, who was born October 7, 1809.  He died in Richland, Missouri, March 15, 1891.  Susan died February 13, 1875. They had 3 children: Henry, Mary, and Jacob.  Charles married second Mary Ellinger and they had William, Charles B., and Joseph A.

          (8) Thomas W. Warren owned the old Warren Farm.  He was a leader in the Methodist Church and a large planter. 

          (9) Robert Sevier Warren married February 20, 1839, to Caroline Ann Singleton by Rev. A. Henry at Louisville, Tennessee. 

          (10) Rebecca Warren married a Mr. Mays and died at Jefferson, Texas.                                  

(11) Parmelia Warren was born October 23, 1791 in Tennessee.  She married Thomas Minnis April 10, 1817.  He was born in Blount County, TN October 23, 1791, died April 26, 1863.  He was a soldier of the War of 1812, enlisting two different times.  Thomas died April 26, 1863 in Carroll, MO, at 71 years of age. Parmelia died August 12, 1866 at 67 years of age. They are interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

Thomas Minnis and Parmelia Warren had the following children:

i. Charles Monroe Minnis was born January 28, 1818.

ii. John Pinckney Minnis was born October 2, 1819.

iii. Nancy Jane Minnis was born in Howard, MO August 1821. Nancy died September 21, 1907 in TX, at 86 years of age. She married William Harvey Graham in Carroll, MO, March 29, 1846. William was born in Marion, KY December18, 1821. William died November 22,1908 at 86 years of age.

iv. James Monroe Minnis was born August 20,1822.

v. Warren Barton Minnis was born November 29,1823.

vi. Sarah Ann Minnis was born in Howard, MO March 10, 1825. Sarah died November 17, 1900 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO, at 75 years of age. She married John N. Braden in Carroll, MO, November 7, 1848. John was born in Adair, KY July 2, 1824. John died March 19, 1905 in Carrollton, Carroll, MO, at 80 years of age.

vii. Robert Hancock Minnis was born December 27, 1826.

viii. Mary Bell Minnis was born in Howard, MO March 16, 1828. Mary died January 16, 1860 in Carroll, MO, at 31 years of age. She married William Cary in Carroll, MO, June 26, 1853. William was born November 23, 1826. William died September 19, 1869 in Carroll, MO, at 42 years of age. 

ix. William Briscoe Minnis was born April 19, 1830.

x. Eliza Minnis was born in Howard, MO 1832. Eliza died about 1832 in Howard, MO. Her body was interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll, MO.

xi. Amelia Minnis was born in Carroll, MO 1834. Amelia died about 1835 in Carroll, MO.

xii. Martha Frances Minnis was born in Carroll, MO August 24,1836. Martha died April 17, 1903 in Carroll, MO, at 66 years of age. She married Alexander Trotter in Carroll, MO, 22 DEC 1854. Alexander was born in Carroll, MO April 19, 1829. Alexander died March 1, 1906 in Carroll, MO, at 76 years of age.

          (12) Susan Warren married March 26, 1836, to Thomas Whitehead.  (13) Nancy Warren married November 21, 1821, to Benjamin H. Gibbons. 

          (14) John Warren married and moved to Alabama.  He is said to have been in charge of a school at Lebanon, Alabama. 

          (15) David Warren married a Peery and moved to Lee County, Virginia. 

          (16) James L. Warren was in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1838 and married. 

          (17) Jacob Holland died in Alabama and like his brother John, taught school.  The last heard from he was in Montgomery, Alabama. 


Maryville Times, (Blount Co. TN) Wednesday, November 23, 1892:

"Gone To His Reward---Barton L. Warren, one of the oldest and most noted citizens of this section, died at his residence, Louisville, Tennessee Mr. Warren was born in Virginia in the year 1800 and was consequently ninety-two years of age.  When seven years old he came with his father, a pioneer Methodist preacher, and eleven other children to Knoxville.  The older Warren settled on First Creek, near the river.

The subject of this sketch entered upon a successful business career at an early age, and at the outbreak of the war was the wealthiest man in Blount County, owning a vast estate and many slaves. To each of his children at the time of their marriage he gave a handsome sum to start them in life.

He has always been a kind neighbor, and willing at all times to lend a helping hand to those in need.  The destitute never left his door empty handed.

Mr. Warren was well known as an active politician.  As a Democrat he stood at the head of the list. He was an active worker for his party’s interest and voted the ticket from his majority up until the last election.  At this he was too feeble to go to the polls, this being the only election that he missed since he came of age.

James K. Polk was a great favorite with the old gentleman. He gave an entertainment in honor of Polk at one time, to which he invited 500 people.  They were bountifully fed.

Messrs. C.W. Steele and L.S. the well known real estate dealers of this city, are his grandsons and they speak in the highest terms of the old gentleman’s many good qualities.

He attended the Democratic rally just before the election in 1884. As the procession passed through Gay Street [Knoxville] he sat in front of the Hattie House and cheered as lustily as any young Democrat in the town.  The next morning as he bade Mr. C.W. Steele’s family good-bye he remarked with tears in his eyes: “I never expect to be in Knoxville again,” and he never was.

Mr. Warren is the last link in the neighborhood that connects the present generation with the long age.  He was a good citizen, lived to a good old age, and those who have so familiarly known “Barton” Warren in times gone by, will regret that the old landmark is gone, and will trust that his reward is sure. ---Knoxville Journal.  Mr. Warren was the father of Mrs. W.M. Steele of this place.


Warren Plot at Louisville, Tennessee


          For more detailed information see pages 195-242 in The Warrens and You by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry and the Earnest Family information on page 85.


2.     William Brisco Warren was born in February 23, 1774, and died November 2, 1854.  He married Elizabeth Canida, who was born June 8, 1774, in Pennsylvania and died March 4, 1855.  They are both buried in Schrock Cemetery, northwest of Browning, Missouri.  In 1819, with his brothers, Edward V., John F.W.A., and Robert, and their sister, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jack Holland) headed for Boone's Lick Settlement in Missouri.  They trekked over land through Tennessee to the Mississippi River, then took a boat up river.  Robert Warren got off a Cape Girardeau, settled in that area until his death.  John F.W.A. and his sister, Elizabeth, left William B. and Edward V. at St. Louis, Missouri, going to southwest Missouri.  William B. and Edward V. took up land in what, in 1820, was Chanton Township of Howard County, Missouri. William B. was appointed the first Justice of the Peace for Chanton Township. Issue of William Brisco and Elizabeth: (1) Nancy Jane Warren born July 8, 1800, in Greene County, Tennessee, Married November 14, 1816, at Louisville, Tennessee to John Wain Minnis born in Blount, TN February 8, 1794. John died May 23, 1850 at 56 years of age.  Nancy died June 23, 1897 in Bogard, Carroll, MO, at 96 years of age. Her body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO.  John Wain Minnis’ parents were:

John1 Minnis was born in Down, Ireland March 1, 1750. John died April 15, 1821 in Madisonville, Monroe, TN, at 71 years of age. His body was interred in Madisonville, Monroe, TN.

He married Nancy Susan McCammon in Down, Ireland, February 17, 1787. Nancy was born in Ireland about 1762. Nancy was the daughter of Samuel McCammon and Susanna Anderson. Nancy died 7 APR 1837 in Blount, TN, at 74 years of age.

John Wain Minnis and Nancy Jane Warren had the following children:

i. Elizabeth Adaline Minnis was born in Blount, TN January 29, 1818. Elizabeth died September14, 1892 in Sullivan, MO, at 74 years of age. Her body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO.  She married Meshack Smith in Linn, MO, February 12, 1839. Meshack was born February 9, 1815. Meshack died May 14, 1917 at 102 years of age.  His body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, Browning, MO

ii. Nancy Ann Minnis was born in Scottsville, Sullivan, MO about 1820. Nancy died April 7, 1888 at 67 years of age.  Her body was interred in Schrock Cemetery, Browning, MO. She married Nelson Reed in Scottsville, Sullivan, MO, about 1839. Nelson was born about 1820. 

iii. William Warren Minnis was born September 8,1822. William died May 24, 1850 at 27 years of age.

iv. Permita Love Minnis was born December 9,1824. Permita died January 2, 1906 at 81 years of age. Her body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO. She married twice. She married Lot Bailey Lantz in Linn, MO, March 12, 1843. Lot was born January 1, 1824. Lot died July 27, 1889 at 65 years of age. His body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO. She married Perez D. Schrock in Sullivan, MO, February 15, 1849. Perez was born about 1820.

v. Thomas Dee Gallatin Minnis was born February 27,1829.

vi. Martha Austin Minnis was born March 29, 1829. Martha died December 1852 at 23 years of age. Her body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO. She married Paris Schrock February15, 1849. Paris was born March 29, 1829. Paris died December 25, 1910 at 81 years of age. His body was interred in Hoover Cemetery, Browning, MO.

vii. Permelia Jane Minnis was born February 12, 1831. She married Francis Marion Putnam in Sullivan, TN, February 25, 1852. Francis was born in TN about 1836.

viii. Susannah Frances Minnis was born March 4, 1833. She married John R. Creason in Sullivan, MO, January 23, 1856. John was born about 1830. 

ix. Hugh Canida Porter Minnis was born January 11, 1835.

x. Belzina Melvina Minnis was born November 30, 1837. Belzina died March 10, 1908 at 70 years of age. She married John Tipton Marr Scott in Sullivan, MO, February 2, 1859. John was born August 9, 1833. John died September 14, 1886 at 53 years of age.  

xi. Frances Benton Minnis was born June 15, 1840. Frances died March 16, 1859 at 18 years of age. Her body was interred in Schrock Cemetery, MO.

xii. Leonidas Columbus Minnis was born October 14, 1844.


          (2) Martha Conway Warren. 

          (3) Robert Barton Warren born May 10, 1805.  September 23, 1830, he married Franklin Brasears in Howard County, Missouri.  He died April 21, 1867, and is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Bucklin, Missouri. 

          (4) William Thomas Warren born January 15, 1808. 

          (5) Hugh Canida Warren born June 15, 1810, and died in Sullivan County, Missouri, on March 5, 1900.  He married Manerva Morris on February 18, 1836. 

          (6) Elizabeth Warren was born in Pennsylvania, December 18, 1812, married Thomas Morris, April 15,1835. 

          (7) James Madison Warren born August 24, 1815, married January 30, 1844, to Leah Alexander who was born February 21, 1824.  James died in 1857 and Leah, January 27, 1906. 

          (8) Melvina Warren born in Howard County, Missouri, February 26, 1818, and died in Sullivan County, Missouri, age 63 years, 4 months, and 11 days.  On April 16, 1840, she married William Calhoon of Ohio, who was born November 28, 1813, and died August 27, 1864.  They are both buried at Calhoon Cemetery, west of Browning, Missouri. 

          (9) Permelia Warren born 1821, in Howard County, Missouri, and died March 10, 1861, in Linn County, Kansas. On February 1844, she married Andrew W. King, born May 3, 1819.


          For more information on the William Brisco Warren Family see The Warrens and You by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Pages 69-195.


3.     Robert Washington Warren, born March 8, 1776; died at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


4.     Martha Warren, born October 23, 1777; died in Tennessee; married June 4, 1793, to Christopher Conway, Greene County, Tennessee. He was Sheriff of Greene County in 1802-04.


5.     Susannah Warren, born March 29, 1779, in Virginia; died March 2, 1860, in Clay County, Kentucky; married November 29, 1798, to James Sevier, Greene County, Tennessee, son of Col. Valentine Sevier and Naomi Douglas. James died April 22, 1869 in Clay County, Kentucky.  Their children:

          (1) Elizabeth Douglas, born March 25, 1801, in Tennessee, died April 8, 1873, near Lineville, Iowa, and buried in Gardner Cemetery.  Married September 11, 1820, to William Brown in Whitely County, Kentucky.

          (2) Rebecca, born May 27, 1803, married August 14, 1822, to William Evans in Whitley County, Kentucky.

          (3) Sarah, born May 21, 1805. She married John Faris.  She may have gone to Indiana to live and had at least one daughter Martha Ann.

          (4) Mary E. born July 27, 1807 and married John Reynolds.  They were in Clay County, Kentucky, in 1850.

          (5) Charles W., born April 21, 1810.  He and his brother Thomas H. are said to have gone West in their youth. He is very likely the Charles William Sevier who lived near Levanon, VanBuren County, Iowa, and died of cholera on a buying trip to New Orleans in 1849.

          (6) Thomas Holland, born July 2, 1812.  He settled near St. Louis, Missouri.

          (7) Valentine, born February 14, 1814, and died during the Civil War.  He married Margaret Smith of Virginia.

          (8) Alexander, born March 15, 1816, and died about 1888 at Knobnoster, Johnson County, Missouri; killed by a runaway team of horses. He was married to America Britain, born August 1, 1819, and died March 11, 1864, in Knox County, Kentucky and buried in the Britain Graveyard on Smoky Creek.

          (9) John Rector, born March 15, 1818, Knox County, Kentucky, died March 29, 1865, married Nancy Euing in 1842.

          (10) Martha Jane, born January 21, 1820, Knox County, Kentucky, died June 3, 1906, Barbourville, Kentucky.  She married Tyre Gibson in 1838.

          (11) Robert W., born April 16, 1822, died 1880, Knox County, Kentucky and married Margaret Beatty in 1850.

          (12) Samuel Edward (Uncle Doc), born October 28, 1825, and died December 21, 1919, in Sullivan, Indiana. Married first Amelia Hibbard in 1849, second Nancy (Keene) Honeycutt in 1865. 


6.      Thomas Stanley Warren, born March 30, 1782; died 1856, in Bedford County, Tennessee; married (1) August 21, 1799; to Elizabeth Kennedy, Greene County, Tennessee Marriage Book entry 605; (2) February 9, 1809 to Susannah Sevier, Greene County, Marriage Book entry 1332. She was the granddaughter of Col. Valentine and Naomi Douglas Sevier.  They had at least two sons:  Thomas Jefferson who married Sarah Elizabeth Gurnne and Charles A. born May 21, 1820 in Blount County, Tennessee.


7.     Mary D. Warren, born March 5, 1784; married (1) August 27,1799 to Jacob Earnest, Greene County, Tennessee Marriage book entry 607, the son of Henry Earnest and Mary Stephens. Jacob was born November 30, 1774 and died December 10, 1840 and was buried in Ebenezer Cemetery in Greene County, Tennessee. They had twelve children:  

          (1) Barton L. born December 9, 1801, married Narcissa L. Reeve

          (2) “Maria” Mariah L. born November 7, 1803, died June 15, 1894. Married Humphrey Wells.

 (3) Felix Warren, born March 1, 1806, married Rachel Embree, died after 1870.*

          (4) “Patsy” Pamelia Love, born January 2, 1808, died July 10, 1809. (5) Thomas Jefferson, born February 1810, died about 1850.

          (6) Ruth Fain, born February 10, 1812, married Gustavus Barron.

          (7) Patsy Love, born December 2, 1813.

          (8) “Patsy” Martha Love, born April 1, 1814, married John Sevier King, son of Nancy Sevier and Walter King. She died May 30, 1880. (9) Robert Washington, born October 31, 1815, died about 1850.

          (10) Mary Emaline, born January 5, 1818, died February 3, 1886.

          (11) Henry Looney, born January 24, 1820, died July 14, 1848.

          (12) Lydia Jane, born October 24, 1821, married Charles Embree, died July 7, 1856.


          *  Felix Warren Earnest married June 1, 1831 to Rachel Embree, born June 6, 1809.  She was the daughter of Elihu Embree, born 1782, New Market, VA, died 1820 in Tennessee, and his second wife, Elizabeth (Worley Carriger, widow.  In the census of 1850, Felix is named as a “clerk”. And he was later a merchant.  In 1855-56 he was postmaster of Knoxville, TN.  About the same time he was a trustee of the Knoxville Female Institute.  At the beginning of the War Between the States he had made his sympathies known.  In 1862 the name of Southern sympathizers were published in the Knoxville paper with the council that they leave town within forty-eight hours.  (Much of East Tennessee sided with the North)  Thinking of the safety of his family, Felix refugeed to Dalton, GA, living briefly in a boxcar when no other accommodations were available.  Later he moved to Atlanta, where he stayed until Sherman’s approach made it advisable to go further south, to Macon.  Later he returned to Atlanta and in the 1870’s moved to Florida and entered the orange growing business.  He and his wife are buried in the churchyard of Earnest Chapel, to which he had given the name and is located in Sanford, FL.  Their children were (1) Charles who married Sallie Maupin; (2) Emily (or Emma) who married William Patterson Chester; (3) Elijah who married a Thrasher; (4) Edward Worley, who died in battle, Dec. 31, 1862, serving in the Army of Tennessee; (5) Sabra Helen who married Dr. Thomas Abner Warren.


          Mary D. married (2) 1818 to William Yearout. She died March 17, 1844 and was buried next to Jacob. 


8.     Samuel Dobson Warren, born March 19, 1786, in Virginia; the son of Robert Warren (1742-1626) of Blount County, Tennessee who served as a Private in the Continental Line of Virginia during the War of the American Revolution. Samuel married January 27, 1808, to Rebecca Earnest, in Greene County, Tennessee as found in Marriage Book entry 1250. He began farming at Warrensburg, Greene County named for his father on part of the original land grant received for service in the war. He later moved when the Warren family relocated to new farm lands that were opened in Blount County, Tennessee.  In 1832 with his wife and children, his brothers Joshua Well and Notley Marcus Warren and their families moved to DeKalb County, Alabama.  Samuel settled on Will’s Creek between what today are the communities of Lebanon and Portersville.  He was one of the leading men supporting the Wills Valley Mission created in 1835 by the Methodist Episcopal Church.  A church at Muddy Pond near what is now Brandon’s Station, organized as early as 1836, was the first place of worship of Samuel D. Warren and his family.  Sampson and Solomon Clayton with their wives, Anna Clayton, and Richard Roberts were members at that place also according to Anson West’s A History of Methodism in Alabama. He farmed and raised a large family there until his death August 10, 1870. His will is found in Book B pages 3 and 4 Probate Records of the county.  Rebecca lived ten more years then died November 10, 1880. Her father Henry Earnest * was also Revolutionary War Soldier. Their children:


(1)   Hannah Earnest Warren born April 19, 1809 and died October 1888.  She married William Ryan who was born in 1809.n Greene County TN.

Their children were:

(a) Isaac Newton Ryan born December 12, 1826, died May 1, 1917, married May 25, 1852 to Martha L. Warren born March 23, 1817 died January 11, 1903.  Their children:

1.  Samuel Lafayette Ryan born January 25, 1853.

2.  Rebecca Jane Ryan born May 9, 1854.

3.  Martha Palistine Ryan born October 20, 1856.

4.  Robert Marien Ryan born April 18, 1859, died March 23, 1917, married Alice Kate Malone March 19, 1879.  Her father was Ruben Jefferson Malone, mother Melissa E. Chitwood.  Their children:

1.  Luther Erskine Ryan born April 13, 1880, died March 7, 1958, married Nannie Lou Vaughan.

1. Carl Eugene Ryan born December 22, 1900, died January 31, 1976, married Freddie Keys March 21, 1925.

2.  Omar Harild Ryan born May 19, 1903, died February 6, 1970, married Bonnie Wheeler February 8, 1930.

3.  Alice Ann Ryan born October 22, 1905, died August 6, 1906.

4.  Edgar Walon Ryan born May 29, 1907, died January 18, 2000, married Eula Gladys Payton October 2, 1927.

5. Luther Erskine Ryan, Jr. born March 16, 1909, married Margaret Blanche Price October 7, 1933.

6. Reuben Vaughn Ryan born October 2, 1912, died August 3, 1969, married Enna Aurora Payton February 23, 1935.

7. Tomas Read Ryan born January 25, 1915, died November 12, 2002, married Johnnie Marie Kilgore September 7, 1940.

8. Robert Anderson Ryan born February 28, 1917, married Imogene Parsons October 24, 1941.

9.  William Hicks Ryan born July 4, 1919, married Mary Francis Warren February 21, 1947.

10 Isaac Newton Ryan born October 31, 1921, married Virginia Mae Hartline June 7, 1941.  Her father was Sidney James Hartline, mother Nettie Mae Leah Massey.  Their children:

1. Judith Carmon Ryan married Billy Ledell Archey

2. Cheryl Lynn Ryan married Bennett Mitchell Hodges

3. Debra Virginia Ryan married Gregory Pasquali married second David Andrew Borchert.

4. Alan Newton Ryan married Deborah Ann Shade.

2.  Lucy Edna Ryan married Alfred Wesley Estes.

3.  Berchia Ryan married Allen A. Irvin.

4.  Samuel Ryan born February 3, 1887, died April 14, 1910.

5.  Fannie A. Ryan born April 18, 1889, died September 24, 1890.

6.  William Chester Ryan born August 1, 1891, died July 13, 1928, married Frances Cleveland Denton November 6, 1910.

7.  Jesse Lee Ryan born September 1, 1894, died March 8, 1946, married Minnie G. Clayton February 15, 1914.

8.  Rubin Albert Ryan born March 4, 1897, died March 20, 1979, married Edna Earl Clayton November 21, 1914.

9.  Tennie Jo Ryan born November 7, 1899, died June 18, 1978, married Irby Wayne Clayton June 16, 1917.

(b) Samuel M. Ryan born 1831 who married July 17, 1851 Sara Caroline Morgan July 17, 1851

(c) Amos L. Ryan born 1833 married Mary E. Word, May 27, 1852 whose children were Mary J., Mary B., Frances, William, Johnnie B., James S.

(d) Henry J. Ryan born 1835 married Rose Ann Summers in Aug. 25, 1857

(e) Mary A Ryan born 1837; Rebecca Catherine born 1841 married N. J. Masters August 11, 1859

(f) Rebecca Catherine Ryan born Dec. 6, 1842 married Aug. 11, 1859 to Mike Darrier, 2nd Newton Jasper Masters, 3rd Samuel David Horton.  She died Sept. 6, 1915 in Cookville, Titus County, Texas.

(g) James Ryan born 1845

(h) Vandora Ryan born 1848; and

(i)    Cornelia M. Ryan born 1853.


From the DeKalb County 1870 census William Ryan age 42 born in TN wife Hannah E. age 31 born in TN, son Samuel M. age 19 born in TN, son Amos L. age 17 born in TN, son Henry J. age 15 born in TN, daughter Mary A. and 13 born in AL, daughter Rebecca C. age 9, born in AL, son James age 5, born in AL, daughter Vadora A. age 2 born in AL, also in their household is J. C. Riddle age 26 occupation Teacher born in AL and Lewis Riddle age 18 a student born in AL.





Henry Patterson Warren and wife Miriam Caroline Garner


(2) Henry Patterson Warren born August 23, 1811, in Tennessee; died May 12, 1891, married Miriam Caroline Garner March 5, 1840. She was born October 20, 1819 in South Carolina; the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Warson Garner.  She died January 31, 1886.  Henry and Miriam's children were:

(a) Rebecca Elizabeth Warren, born December 4, 1840; died January 3, 1916 and never married. She was buried in the Warren Stewart Cemetery on a hill behind the family home place.   




Rebecca Elizabeth Warren



 The old Warren Stewart Home stood at the intersection of DeKalb County Roads 209 and 212. It was decided in 2005 the historical societies nor the county could do little to help preserve this pre Civil War Home. By this time the roads leading to the home were paved for the use of a Land Fill Company and the dirt road isolation that had once help hide its presence gave way to "progress"  It was burned by someone who had nothing else to do but destroy one of the oldest homes in DeKalb County.  The place could not escape the fiery match of the present generation that gives little interest or regards for historical things.  Also see on this web site under downloads The Warren Stewart Home and Cemetery.



Warren Stewart Home May 7, 2000 and what was left as of May 2006






Rev. John Wesley Stewart and wife Mary Eliza Smith Warren and daughter Lenna Elizabeth Stewart


(b) Mary Eliza Smith Warren, born July 1, 1842; died June 20, 1936.  She married January 29, 1879 to Rev. John Wesley Stewart, born June 26, 1845; died November 28, 1927.  His obituary: The Rev. John Wesley Stewart, age 83 died at his home near Portersville.  He was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church for some 60 years.  He was buried in Warren Stewart Cemetery (Family Cemetery). (From 1927 file of the Fort Payne Journal).  Her obituary: Mrs. Mary E. Stewart, 94, died at home of her daughter, Mrs. Joe G. Roberts.  She was the widow of the Rev. J. Wesley Stewart who at one time was superintendent of education for DeKalb County.  They had one daughter, Lenna Elizabeth Stewart, born January 31, 1880; died October 9, 1967. Lenna married Joseph Gustavus Roberts.  He was born August 31, 1876 and died May 12, 1944. Their children were: Bernice, born January 29, 1901, died April 5, 1955.  Her obituary: Miss Bernice Roberts passed away April 5th at 5:30 p. m. at the home of a sister, Mrs. Ruth Peters, Henagar, Route 2, after an illness of three months.  Miss Roberts was a student nurse in an Anniston Hospital at the time she took ill.  She has spent most of her life in DeKalb County.  She came from one of the outstanding families of the county.  Her father was the late Joe G. Roberts, of Lebanon, and her mother is the daughter of the late John Wesley Stewart, who was a Methodist Circuit Rider in the early days of DeKalb County.  Miss Roberts was a member of Trinity Methodist Church, and was a lovely Christian character.  Funeral services were held at 11 o’clock a. m. April 7, at the old home place, near Trinity, with the Rev. Dobbs officiating, assisted by the Rev. Edmondson and the Rev. Paul Gilbreath. Honorary and active pallbearers were George, Troy, Lofton, Devers and A. B. Roberts; Jerome, J. F., Hubert and Roy Payton; Carl McCue, Russell Ryan, Bud and Sid Malone.  She is survived by her mother Mrs. Lenna Elizabeth Roberts; three brothers, Hubert, of Collinsville, Joseph and Ross, Portersville, Route 1; two sisters Mrs. Ruth Peters and Mrs. Lola Jane Day, both of Henagar, Route 2; one nephew and five nieces. Burial was in Lebanon Cemetery with Farmer Funeral Home directing.; Hubert Urban born February 22, 1902 died March 22, 1978, married Jessie Malone, born October 19, 1908.  He and Jessie married December 12, 1929.  His obituary found in the Thursday, April 6 1978 addition of the Times Journal: Hubert U. Roberts, age 76 of Montevallo, formerly of Collinsville passed away March 22, at University Hospital after an extended illness.  He was a member of Trinity Methodist Church and DeKalb Masonic Lodge #116.  He is survived by his wife, Jessie Malone Roberts of Montevallo, one son, George H. Roberts of Jonesboro, Ga.; one daughter, Elizabeth Peete, one son-in-law, Ben Peete of Montevallo; two sisters, Ruth R. Peters and Lola R. Day of Ider; two brothers,





Joseph Gustavus Roberts and Lenna Elizabeth Stewart Family


Enna Roberts




Joseph Roberts of Collinsville and Ross Roberts of Ider; five grandsons, George Everett Roberts of Glencoe, Benjie, Bob, and Bert Peete of Montevallo, and George Lee Roberts of Jonesboro, Ga.  The funeral was March 24 at Hoffman-Rockco Funeral Home in Montevallo.  Burial was in Montevallo Cemetery.  Ruth Stewart born February 21, 1905 married Lawrence Hubert Peters, born October 12, 1911, he died October 28, 1983, she died January 17, 1997, they are buried in Green Haven Memorial Gardens; Joseph Quinton born November 13, 1906, died December 22, 1988, married Lela Mae Graves, December 25, 1928 who was born March 20, 1909 and died January 8, 1984.  Joseph and Lela’s children are Edith Marie and Jane Kathleen born June 29, 1936 died June 14, 2003.  Edith married Ace Derrick Baker. Their children Ace Derrick Baker, III, and Joseph Roberts Baker; Ross Warren born January 31, 1913, died January 1980 married Mildred Simpson born October 16, 1926; and Lola Jane born April 12, 1917 married John L. Day born October 20, 1909, and died March 9, 1985. 


Joseph Roberts Baker, Jane Kathleen Roberts, and Edith Marie Roberts Baker standing on the front porch of the old Warren Stewart Home.


Mary Eliza Smith Warren Stewart, Samuel Newton Warren, Carrie Warren Freeman, Clayton O. Warren – children

of Henry P. and Miriam Caroline Garner




Survey Crew U.S. Town site of Sulpher Indian Territory Oklahoma


Area of 2600 acres for Residential and Town

L to R  Andy Gardenhire, Samuel N. Warren, Edward Joyce, Little Bill Thomas, T.G. Joyce (Supervising Engineer),Little Joe Clark, Charles Shipworth, Handsome Suge Snider


From The DeKalb Advertiser June 19, 2003 Jane Kathleen Roberts, 66, of Ten Mile, TN passed away June 14, 2003, at the Oak Ridge Methodist Medical Center.  Funeral services were held June 16 at Collinsville Funeral Home with Revs. Danny Moses and Bill Duncan officiating.  Burial following in Lebanon Cemetery.  Survivors include sister, Edith Baker, Ten Mile; nephews, Derrick Baker, Joseph Baker, both of Ten Mile; aunts, Lola Jane Day, Henagar; Mary Ruth Dobbs, Collinsville; uncles, Cleo Graves, Crawford Graves, both of Collinsville; a host of relatives and friends.  Casket Bearers include; Carlton Graves, Jimmy Graves, Brian Graves, Todd Graves, Billy Fuller, and Joe Robertson.


(c) Samuel Newton Warren, born July 25, 1845; died March 2, 1924, married Mary Elizabeth Clayton, born May 25, 1856; died October 7, 1888. Samuel and Mary’s children were: James Oscar (Jim) who born November 11, 1873 moved to Georgetown, Texas where he and wife Katie owned a jewelry store; and Caroline Amelia born October 10, 1875 who married James Freeman born March 15, 1868 , moved to Birmingham, AL and had Beulah who married Johnnie Greer, Jessie who married Beulah Farrell and Paul Freeman. Played in the Lawrence Welk Band and the Navy Band. Henry Clayton born October 26, 1879 who moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Samuel Newton is listed as a Clerk in the store of Solomon S. Clayton a Lebanon merchant and wife Mary E. of the 1870 Census.

(d) Martha Jane Warren, born July 8, 1851, who married September 22, 1872 to James Henry Wesson of Attalla, Alabama.  Their children are Ola and Pat. 


 Henry and Miriam, Rebecca, John and Lenna, and Samuel N. are buried in the family plot at Portersville, DeKalb County, Alabama, on the hill behind the old Warren Stewart home. Joseph Gustavus Roberts and wife Lenna Elizabeth, daughter Bernice, sons Joseph Q. and wife Lela Mae; Ross W. and wife Mildred; son-in-law John L. Day are buried in the Lebanon Cemetery.


(3) Washington Warren born 1813 died July 18, 1831.


(4) Martha L. Warren, born March 23, 1817, died Jan. 11, 1903.  She married Isaac Newton Ryan May 25, 1852.  Isaac was born Dec. 12, 1826 and died May 1, 1917. They settled in the Lebanon area where Isaac set up a blacksmith shop in a log building near the Warren homeplace.

Their children:

(a)   Robert Marion Ryan born April 18, 1859 and died March 23, 1917. Robert “Bud” married March 19, 1879 Alice Kate Malone born 1861, died 1951.  They built their home on the family homestead about 1880.  They are both buried in the Lebanon Cemetery along with several of their children:

(1)    Luther Erskine Ryan born April 13, 1880 who married Oct. 5, 1898 Nannie Lou Vaughn he died March 7, 1958.

Their children:

·        Carl Eugene Ryan born Dec. 22, 1900 married March 21, 1925 to Freddie Keys he died Jan. 31, 1976

·        Omar Harold Ryan born May 19, 1903 married Feb. 8, 1930 to Bonnie Wheeler he died Feb. 6, 1970

·        Alice Ann Ryan born Oct. 22, 1905 died Aug. 6, 1906

·        Edgar Walton Ryan born May 29, 1907 married to Eula Gladys Payton Oct. 2, 1927.  He died Jan. 18, 2000.

·        Luther Erskin Ryan Jr. born March 16, 1909 married to Margaret Blanch Price October 7, 1933, he died April 2, 1991.

·        Rubin Vaughn Ryan born October 2, 1912, died August 3, 1969, married Enna Aurora Payton born November 8, 1913, died November 19, 1960.

Their children are

·        Gerald Anderson Ryan (Jerry) who married Patricia Crane.

·        William Michael Ryan born June 19, 1944 and died November 18, 1981.

·        Thomas Read Ryan born Jan. 25, 1915 married Sept. 7, 1940 to Johnnie Marie Kilgore, he died Nov. 12, 2000.

·        Robert Anderson Ryan born Feb. 28, 1917 married Oct. 24, 1941 to Imogene Parsons.

·        William Hicks Ryan born July 4, 1919 married Feb. 21, 1947 to Mary Francis Warren.

·        Isaac Newton Ryan born Oct. 31, 1921 married June 7, 1941 to Virginia Mae Hartline whose father was Sidney James Hartline and mother Nettie Mae Leah Massey.

Their children:

·        Judith Carmon Ryan married to Billy Ledell Archey

·        Cheryl Lynn Ryan married to Bennett Mitchell Hodges.

·        Debra Virginia Ryan married to Gregory Pasquali 2nd David Andrew Borchert

·        Alan Newton Ryan married to Deborah Ann Shade.

(2) Lucy Edna Ryan born April 10, 1882, married December 6, 1899 Alfred Wesley Estes.

(3) Berchia Ryan born June 20, 1884 married Jan. 31, 1904 to Allen A. Irvin.

(4) Samuel L. Ryan born Feb. 3, 1887 died April 14, 1910.

(5) Fannie A. Ryan born April 18, 1889 and died Sept. 24, 1890.

(6) William Chester Ryan born Aug. 1, 1891 and died July 13, 1928 who married Frances “Frankie” Cleveland Denton on November 6, 1910 and settled in Fort Payne where their daughters Stella Culpeper and Virginia Gilbreath were raised; son that died at birth.

(7) Jesse Lee Ryan born Sept. 1, 1894, died March 8, 1946, married Feb. 15, 1914 to Minnie G Clayton.

(8) Rubin Albert Ryan born March 4, 1897 died March 20, 1979 who married Edna Earl Clayton November 21, 1914 and moved to Collinsville where they raised two sons Charles Eugene and David Clayton Ryan.  Rubin Albert Ryan was a member of the Collinsville City Council and was active in Community affairs.

·        Edgar Walton Ryan born May 29, 1907 married October 4, 1927 to Eula Gladys Payton born May 15, 1910.  Their children are

·        James Robert Ryan.

·        Ray Hugh Ryan married to Clala Jo Gray.

·        Willard Waymon Ryan married to Thelma Sue McMahon.

·        Lynda Ann Ryan.

(9) Tennie Jo Ryan born Nov. 7, 1899 married June 16, 1917 to Irby Wayne Clayton She died June 18, 1978.

(b)   Martha Palestine Ryan born Oct. 20, 1856.

(c)   Rebecca Jane Ryan born May 9, 1854.

(d)  Samuel Lafayette Ryan born Jan. 25, 1853.



Samuel Douthet Warren and wife Willie Enna Lucy Warren


(5)   Samuel Douthet Warren, born June 3, 1819; died February 27, 1907; married Willie Enna Lucy, born 1852; died 1934. His will found in Book C pages 4 and 5, recorded in Book J page 383-384 DeKalb County Probate.  Trinity Methodist Church, west of Portersville, and south of Lebanon, was built on land given in 1883 by Samuel D. Warren and his wife Willie E. Warren. Also found in Deed Book P on the twenty third day of April 1885, trustees Samuel D. Warren and wife Willie E. Lucy Warren sold for ten dollars, two acres of land for the use and subject to the discipline of the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Lebanon. On July 23, 1887, 4 &1/2 acres were donated for Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, the oldest Black Church in the county. Their children:


(a)     Dr. William Ernest born January 24, 1878 who married on the fifteenth of November 1911 to Bernice Grace Nichols born February 9, 1889 and died March 25, 1960. Dr. Warren practiced in the county in his early years around the Portersville community.  He was inducted into the U. S. Army Medical Corps as a First Lieutenant in 1918, Captain in 1919 and later lived in Birmingham where he was an emergency room physician at the TCI Hospital (now Lloyd Noland Hospital).  He had a home in Mobile, Alabama and Fort Payne.  May 9, 1956 while driving in Fort Payne he was killed in an auto accident.  The newspaper account of his death is as follows:


Dr. William Ernest Warren and wife Bernice Grace Nichols Warren







THE COLLINSVILLE NEW ERA, established 1927

May 10, 1956


Dr. W. E. Warren Victim of Automobile Accident


Dr. William Ernest Warren, beloved retired physician of Fort Payne, was fatally injured when the car he was driving collided with a truck at the intersection of East Main Street and Turner Avenue in fort Payne about 10:30 Tuesday morning.  Mrs. Warren was riding with her husband, but was not seriously hurt.  Dr. Warren was rushed to DeKalb Hospital where he passes away at 3:30 Wednesday morning.  He was 76 years of age.  A son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Warren, Dr. Warren was born and reared in the Old Trinity community near Portersville.  He attended high school at Collinsville and after graduation from medical college began the practice of medicine in Fort Payne.  In 1955 the state medical association honored Dr. Warren for 50 years of practice of medicine.  After practicing about 20 years in Fort Payne, Dr. Warren accepted employment on the staff of the T. C. I. Hospital at Fairfield, Birmingham, where he remained until his retirement several years ago.  Since his retiring he made his home at Fort Payne, spending the winters in Mobile.  He was a veteran of World War 1, and a member of the Fairfield Methodist Church.  While he was active in the practice of medicine Dr. Warren took his professional duties with utmost seriousness.  In the earlier years of his practice he went on horseback or by horse and buggy.  He was one of the first automobile owners in our county, using one of the old chain-driven models.  His practice covered a wide area in DeKalb County and he answered calls by day and night to minister to the sick or to attend a mother at childbirth.  In his day he had one of the largest practices in this territory and his skill and judgment as a physician were highly respected.  In simple truth, he was a good doctor, and memories of him will be cherished with affection and gratitude for many years to come. Surviving are the wife, Mrs. Bernice Nichols Warren;  Two brothers, M. L. Warren, Birmingham, and C. W. Warren, Alexander City, Ala.;  one sister, Mrs. H. M. Morris, Macon, Ga. Funeral services were held at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel Thursday morning at 10:30 o’clock, with Dr. Charles T. Ferrell officiating.  Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery with Wilson Funeral Home in charge.


(b)     Magnolia Pearl Warren, a daughter of Samuel Douthet and Willie Enna Lucy Warren, was born at Lebanon, Ala. on December 6, 1880.  She married Homer Milton Morris December 6, 1906.  He was a real estate salesman until his death on February 4, 1938.  She lives with her daughter, Edna Warren Morris, in Macon, Ga.  Children:  (1) Enna Warren Morris  (2) Marvin Leon Morris  (3) Katherine Morris  (4) James Milton Morris  (5) Charles Oliver Morris, who died young. 


(c) Samuel D. Jr. was born at Lebanon, Ala. in 1881.  He died in 1899 at eighteen years and is buried in Lebanon Cemetery, DeKalb County, Alabama, with his mother and father.


(d) Clarence Leon Warren was born at Portersville, Alabama on August 8, 1884.  He married ____.  He died before 1956.  No children were born of this marriage. 


Charles Wesley Warren


(e)   Charles Wesley Warren was born at Portersville, Ala. on January 13, 1887 and was listed as living in Fort Worth, Texas at his father’s death. He married Imogene Adams and moved to Alexander City where they lived at 214 Ridgeway Drive.  She was an elementary school teacher of the third grade.  She was born November 2, 1902 to Samuel Preston Adams and Ida Florence Pearson in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.  Charles was a veteran and died November 23 1974 and Imogene died February 19, 1989 and was buried next to Charles in her mother and father’s plot in Alexander City Cemetery.  They adopted two children Samuel Adams and Jean Warren. Syble, Brock and I visited Imogene in 1988 where she let me copy the above photos of her husband Charles and his mother and father Samuel D. and Willie Lucy Warren.



Alexander City, Alabama Cemetery


(f) Marvin L. Warren was born at Portersville, Alabama on November 20, 1891.  He married Vera E. and moved to Birmingham where he ran a produce company. 


                                                            Photo from Mrs. Ralph Lucy sent to me in 1996.  She writes   The tall man is Marvin Warren.  The lady in dark glasses is his wife.  Ralph and I are in the back.  The lady by Ralph in white is Marvin’s sister-in-law who lived near Mobile.

                                                            Front row left to right: Vera E. Warren (Marvin’s wife) and Imogene Warren wife of Charles Wesley Warren brother of Marvin.  Back Row: Marvin L. Warren, Mrs. Ralph Lucy, Ralph Lucy and Bernice Grace Nichols Warren wife of

                                                                                                                                                                                                Dr. William Ernest Warren who also was Marvin’s brother


(6) Hannah E. Warren who married William Ryan and was living in Jackson County, Alabama in 1872 as found in her father’s will.  From the DeKalb County 1870 census William Ryan age 42 born in TN wife Hannah E. age 31 born in TN, son Samuel M. age 19 born in TN, son Amos L. age 17 born in TN, son Henry J. age 15 born in TN, daughter Mary A. and 13 born in AL, daughter Rebecca C. age 9, born in AL, son James age 5, born in AL, daughter Vadora A. age 2 born in AL, also in their household is J. C. Riddle age 26 occupation Teacher born in AL and Lewis Riddle  age 18 a student born in AL.


(7) Permelia E. Warren wife of Charles R. (K. on tombstone) Buster. According to her father Samuel Dobson Warren's will dated March 4, 1870, proved July 17, 1872, in DeKalb County, Alabama, Will Book B, pages 3-4 she and family are in Lamar County, Texas.  Found on the Caviness Cemetery database on Roots Web. com are Charles K. Buster, born September 12, 1813, died November 8, 1832 ( should be 1882).  Permelia E. Warren Buster, born January 14, 1821, died December 19, 1886.  Her tombstone is inscribed, “Wife of C. K. Buster A member of the M. E. Church South, forty years”.  Also buried there is John S. Buster born October 20, 1862, died March 4, 1887, his tombstone is inscribed “Husband of Martha J. Buster” on her stone Martha J. Buster born January 12, 1835, died October 10, 1884 with tombstone inscribed “Wife of John Buster”.  Buried near Permelia E. Warren Buster and T. J. Hanes is Sam W. Buster, born March 8, 1848, died June 12, 1876.  Buried next to the fence on the south side of the cemetery is D. W. Buster born May 10, 1850, died December 1, 1892.


(8)   John F.W.A. Warren born September 20, 1823; died August 12, 1878; married Emely M. Sims December 23, 1867.  She was born January 24, 1842; died June 29, 1874. John’s probate records can be found in DeKalb County, Alabama, Deed and Mortgage Book M pages 269,270, and 544. They had no children and are buried in Killian Cemetery.


(9) Sarah Jane Warren, born 1826; married General Samuel K. Rayburn in May 22, 1880. General Rayburn was born in Beach Grove, Tennessee on October 15, 1812. He was a Captain in the Mexican War, Major General of Marshall County Militia during the Civil War, a state senator, and mayor of Guntersville several times.


(10) Edward T. Warren born 1828; married Mary J. Morgan on October 9, 1851 and had two daughters Ophelia who married James Coker and Ella. Edward died before 1865, killed as a Confederate soldier a member of the 19th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. 


*        From his DAR listing No. 540472.


          Henry Earnest, born in 1732 in Switzerland; died march 6, 1809 in Greene County, Tennessee; married in 1760 to Mary Stephens born in 1742 in Stephenburg, Pennsylvania; died August 6, 1838 in Tennessee.


          SERVICE:  Patriot in the Army of North Carolina.  After the Revolution he removed to Greene County, Tennessee where he was Tax Assessor for the county.         



1. Felix, born September 20, 1762 married (1) Sarah North. (2) Sarah Oliphant.

                         2. Lawrence, born in 1763, married (1) Miss North.

                             (2) Miss Paine.

                         3. Henry, Jr., born 1772, married Kitty Reeve.

                         4. Jacob, born 1775, married Mary Warren in 1799.

                         5. Peter, born February 27, 1777, married Ruth Fain.

                         6. Anne married Reverend Stephen Brooks.

                         7. Mary married Reverend George Wells.

                         8. Sarah married Reverend Charles Warren.

                         9. Elizabeth married Reverend John Evans.

10.    Rebecca married Samuel D. Warren.

11.    Lovena, married Joseph Looney


9.     Judge Edward Vincent Warren, born March 12, 1788; died after 1863 in Carrol County, Missouri; married Elizabeth Gillespie. From Alfred V Yost:  Edward V. Warren and wife Minnie Gillespie Warren and family, Robert W. Warren wife and family, John F.W.A. Warren and wife and family and the oldest daughter of Rev. Charles H. Warren, Pamela who had marries Thomas Minnis, brother of John Minnis all came to Missouri.  They came down the Holston River to the Tennessee River to Knoxville; overland to the Mississippi near what is now is Memphis, up the Mississippi to Kaskaskia, Ill., where they spent the winter of 1819/20.  In the spring of 1820 Robert and John Warren decided to settle around Cape Guardeau where Robert later died.  John moved to what now is Springfield, Mo. which town credits him as one of its founders.  William B. and Edward V. Warren and the two Mennis related families went to St. Louis and by boat up the Missouri landing at Franklin in Howard County, Mo. and took up land near Glasgow.  William B. was Justice of Peace of Charitan Township in 1821 and Edward V. appointed County Judge in 1825.  William B. Warren died near Scottsville, now Sullivan County in 1854 at the age of 80.  In 1834 Edward V. moved to Carroll County, Mo. with his nephew, Judge Thomas Mennis and settled in Teather Township.  Edward and others laid out the town of Carrollton in 1837 and he was one of the town’s first trustees.  Two of his daughters married in Carrollton.  Pamelia Warren to Joseph Dickson in 1837 was the first marriage in the new town of Carrollton and her death at the birth of her child was Carrollton’s first burial. .  A daughter Melinda, married Christopher Cuzler in 1838.  In 1839 Edward with two sons, Robert Gillespie and Joel Wesley Warren (perhaps others also) moved to Nution County and settled at Neosho, Mo. where Robert G. Warren opened a general store in 1840 and Edward V. Warren was appointed County Judge in 1841.  In 1842 Judge Edward V. left the state according to Neosho records.  In 1863 a letter back to relatives in Tennessee stated that Edward V. Warren died in Texas but where the letter was dated from whom has been lost.  Their children:  (1) Jane 1812-1849.  Her son Wharton R. Barton.  (2) Pamela married Joseph Dickson  (3) Melinda (Minnie), married Christopher Cuzler in 1838  (4) Robert Gillespie  (5) Joel Wesley


10.   Jane Warren, born December 20, 1789, Cumberland, Greene County, Tennessee, died at Cow Creek, Douglas County, Oregon, 1863, where the town of Riddle now stands. Married December 25, 1807, to John Centers Catching in Greene County, Tennessee marriage record #1229.  Jane and her husband were on the great wagon train migration from Missouri in 1845, to Oregon.  John died on the way, but Jane and three of her sons made it to Oregon where they settled. Their children:


          (1) Permelia Love Catching born February 9, 1809 in Scotland, Kentucky; died April 30, 1898.  Married September 4, 1832 in Greene County, Tennessee to Samuel Douthet Dyer, marriage record #2452. They had thirteen children.  Two names unknown, Rutha Jane, Elizabeth, William Catching, Lydia Emeline, John Woods, Abraham O., Enoch Petit, James Davenport, Martha Ann, Sarah Amanda, and Mary Jethro. 


          (2) Benjamin Holland Catching born April 11, 1811, Knox County, Kentucky, died July 1894, Washington County, Oregon.  Married August 23, 1834 in Greene County, Tennessee to Havina H. Murray, marriage record #3628. They had thirteen children.


          (3) Rachel Catching born about 1811, married August 5, 1826 in Greene County, Tennessee to Hiram Engledow, marriage record #2725.  She may have been a twin to Benjamin Holland but this has not been proven.  They migrated to Illinois from Tennessee, but Hiram did not make it.  Rachel and her children lived and died in Illinois after 1850. 


          (4) William Warren Catching born March 12, 1813 in Knox County, Kentucky; died October 10, 1874 in Riddle, Douglas County, Oregon, and is buried next to his mother Jane. Married May 15, 1839 to Angeline F. Yates born January 9, 1825 in Franklin, Estill County, Kentucky; died September 29, 1910 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. Their children were John Samuel, Joel Parker, William R., Sarah Jane, Benjamin F., Ephraim, James R., Caroline, Watson E., and Charles H. 


          (5) a daughter. 


          (6) John Samuel Catching born September 10, 1820; died August 27, 1898. Married Margaret Wilson on May 9, 1847 in Oregon City, Oregon Territory. She was born March 1, 1830 in Clay County, Missouri; died October 27, 1905 in Riddle, Oregon. Their children were William R., Martha Jane, Mary Frances, Lewis Ephraim, George Wesley, Semore Stephen, Lee Alinder, Clarence Elmer, Harriet Olive, and Ida May.


          (7)  a daughter. 


          (8) James Centers Catching born April 4, 1827 in Marion County, Tennessee; died January 23, 1905 in Sumner County, Oregon. Married Patsy Ellen Russell born May 3, 1840; died April 28, 1915 in Sumner County, Oregon. Their children were John William, Mary Jane, Sarah Emma, and Arthur W.


          (9) Mary Catching born about 1828 in Tennessee; died in 1859 in Washington County, Oregon. Married Franklin Frances Pomeroy. Their Children were Lydia Jane, Wealthy Ann, and Franklin Frances. Mary married second July 2, 1850, to Joseph Lingenfelter (changed to Linn in 1854) born in 1816 in Fayett County, Kentucky. their children were James and Sarah A.


          (10) Ephraim Cannon Catching born March 28, 1834 in Greene County, Tennessee; died August 28, 1902 in Crescent City, California. Married Frances Quinton June 30, 1856. She was an Indian princess of the Coquille tribe and given the name Frances by her husband. Her Indian Name is unknown and her grave is unmarked and the location is somewhere on the R. C. Ranch near Myrtle Point, Coosa County, Oregon. Their children were James, Julia, Charles Henry, and Andrew. Ephraim's second wife was Mary Moore born December 25, 1855 in Happy Camp, Siskiyou County, and California; died July 14, 1921 in Seattle, King County, Washington. Their children were William Henry, Mary Ida, Ruben Robert, Martha Jane, Walter Franklin, Thomas Ephram, Rose Kathryn, Benjamin Harrison, David Jones, Margaret, Elizabeth, Elise, and George Washington.  Jane Warren is buried in the Riddle cemetery. Mr. C. Benjamin Carnahan of Coquille, Oregon supplies part of this information on Jane Warren.  He is Jane's great great grandson from Permelia Love Catching Dyer.


11.   Lydia Warren (twin of Jane), born December 20, 1789, at Cumberland Town, Greene County, Tennessee; died in Rockfort, Missouri, September 1, 1868 in Rockport, Atchison, Missouri and was buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebraska. She married April 22, 1808, to Benjamin Holland, born December 10, 1786, Cooke County, Tennessee, murdered June 14,1856, at Rochester, Andrew County, Missouri and was buried in Muddy Creek Cemetery. His father was Benjamin Holland ## at the end of this family. They were living in Blount County, Tennessee, in 1820, immigrated to Clay County, Missouri, in 1832, to Platte County in 1837, and were among the original pioneer settlers of the Platte Purchase. They had 15 children:

(1)  Permelia Holland, born February 25, 1809; died August 1, 1817 in Sevier, Tennessee.

(2)  Jane Holland, born March 2, 1810 in Sevier, Tennessee. She died on July 17, 1844 in Platt, Missouri. Jane married Michael S. Head.

(3)Thomas Love Holland, born March 9, 1812; died December 21, 1868. Thomas married Margaret who was born on 18 Dec 1818 in Clay, Missouri. She died on 23 Jan 1899. 2nd Mary A. was born in 1818 in Missouri. Mary married Thomas Love Holland.  They had the following children:


i.                    Martha Jane Holland

ii.                  Nelson Holland born in 1840

iii.                Amanda Holland born in 1843

iv.               Elizabeth Jane Holland born in 1845

v.                 Susan Holland born in 1847

vi.               Rowen Holland born in 1849


(4) Robert Warren Holland, born February 3, 1814 in Sevier, TN.; died June 2, 1850 in Colorado on the way to California, age 36 years, 2 months, 29 days. Robert married Isabella born in 1810 in, Tennessee. She died in, California.  They had the following children:


i.        Thomas W. Holland

ii.       Benjamin P. Holland was born in 1838 in, Platte, Missouri.

iii.      Washington T. Holland was born in 1840 in, Platte, Missouri.

iv.      Lydia Jane Holland

v.       Mary D. Holland was born in 1843 in, Platte, Missouri

vi.      Robert K. Holland was born in 1849 in, Platte, Missouri


PROBATE-CHILDREN: Last Will of Benjamin Holland; 1855; Andrew Co, Missouri, dated 28 Feb 1855; photocopy provided to T. Mason by Ann Rutherford; EXTRACTION: Note on my son, Robert W Holland, decd given to my son James C Holland to be deducted out of the said Roberts heirs share, the date of said note the 29 Apr 1849.


(5) Drucilla Rosila Holland born February 7, 1816. She died on 9 Nov 1890 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas and was buried in Thompson Cemetery., Westover Hills, Tarrant, Texas. Drucilla married Isaac Ellis Thomas in 1833 in Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee.  They had the following children:


i.                    Napoleon B. Thomas He died in Washington Terr. Napoleon married Nancy.

ii.                  Berry Franklin (Frank) Thomas He died in Oct 1873 in Ft. Jacksboro, Jack, Texas. Frank married Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Price in 1855 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas.

iii.                Elizabeth L. Thomas She died in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas. Elizabeth married David (Davey) Farmer.

iv.               Malinda Jane Thomas was born on 24 Apr 1839 in Independence, Pike, Missouri. She died on 21 Dec 1921 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas and was buried in Thompson Cemetery, White Settlement, Tarrant, Texas.          Malinda married Joseph (Joe) Beryl Farmer on 22 Nov 1855.

v.                 John H. Thomas born 1842 in Missouri.

vi.               Robert Lee Thomas was born in 1844 in Missouri. He died after 1900 in Jacksboro Jack, Texas. Robert married Dee Moore.

vii.             James K Polk Thomas was born in 1846 in Missouri. He died after 1900 in Davis, Murray, Oklahoma. James married Phoebe J.

viii.           William (Bill) Lafette Thomas was born on 10 Mar 1849 in Fort Worth, Jack, Texas. He died on 16 Feb 1916 in Jacksboro, Jack, Texas. William married Sarah Lois Owen on 22 Aug 1888 in Horse Cave, Kentucky.

ix.               James Ellis Thomas was born in 1850 in Texas.

x.                 Mary Thomas was born in 1852 in Texas. She died in Closebrook, Washington. Mary married Maje Morris.

xi.               Henry Dagett Thomas was born on 17 Feb 1853 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas. He died on 13 Jun 1941 in Falfurrias, Texas and was buried in White Settlement, Tarrant, Texas. Henry married Millie Catharine Woody   on 29 Mar 1874 in Veal Station, Parker, Texas.

xii.             Isaac Ellis Thomas Jr. was born in 1855 in Texas.


(6) Mary Holland, born in Tennessee May 8, 1818; died in Clay County, Missouri, May 13, 1855. Married first March 10, 1836 in Platte, Missouri to Samuel Roberts; second to Daniel Adams Koonse.  They had the following children:


i.       Aaron Roberts

ii.      Elizabeth Jane Holland


(7) John Christian Holland, born June 28, 1820 in Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee.  He died on 22 Oct 1911 in Clinton, Missouri. John married Jemima (Jane) St John on 3 Aug 1848 in Platte, Missouri.

They had the following children:

i.        Mary C. Holland was born in 1850 in, Missouri.

ii.       Margaret L Holland was born in 1852 in, Platte, Missouri.

iii.      Ben F Holland was born in 1854 in, Platte, Missouri.

iv.      William Holland

v.       Andrew J Holland was born in 1858 in, Platte, Missouri. He died in 1935 in, Missouri.

vi.      John H Holland was born on 8 Nov 1862 in Clinton, Platte, Missouri. He died1 on 4 May 1898 in Cameron, Caldwell, Missouri.

vii.     Minna (Minnie) A. Holland was born in 1874 in Clinton, Platte, Missouri.

viii.    Lydia J Holland died in, Clinton, Missouri.

ix.      Tyafena B Holland died in 1870 in Clinton, Missouri.


(8) Jacob Dover Holland, 1856 was born on 26 Sep 1822 in Blount, Seiver, Tennessee. He died on 22 Dec 1856 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Texas. Jacob married Sarah in Platte, Missouri.  They had the following children:


i.                    William B. Holland was born in 1848 in   Missouri

ii.                  Elizabeth Lydia Holland was born in 1846 in   Missouri.

iii.                Washington Holland was born in 1848 in Missouri.

iv.               Robert R. Holland was born in 1850 in   Missouri.

v.                 Columbus J. Holland was born in 1852

vi.               Eliza J. Holland was born in 1857.


(9) James Cummings Holland, born January 30, 1825 in Sevier, Tennessee; died May 13, 1855in San Diego, California.

(10) William Montgomery Holland was born on 15 Sep 1826 in Seiver, Tennessee. He died after 1907. William married Elizabeth. They had the following children:


i.             Benjamin Holland was born in 1854. He died on 19 Nov 1872 and was buried in Deer Creek Cemetery, Clinton, Missouri.

ii.           Lydia Holland

iii.               Robert S. Holland was born on 8 May 1866 in Clinton, Missouri. He died on 10 Sep 1897 in New Castle, Colorado

(11) Trephesia Ware Holland, born June 2, 1828 in Blount, Tennessee. She died February 7, 1903 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Trephesia married Robert M. Kirkham on 4 Dec 1843 in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  They had the following children:

i.        Lydia Kirkham

ii.       Minnie Kirkham


(12) Leonidas Jackson Holland, born April 27, 1830 in Seiver, Tennessee. He died in 1914 in San Diego, California and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego, California. Leonidas married Sidney Elizabeth Stevenson in 1866 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. They had the following children:


i.                    Bertha M. Holland died on 18 Mar 1879 in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

ii.                  Anna Belle Holland

iii.                Lydia Bertha Holland was born on 2 Sep 1868. She died on 17 Sep 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

iv.               Nellie Grace Holland was born in 1869.

v.                 Jennie Holland

vi.               Elizabeth Cornnelia Holland was born on 1 Mar 1879.

vii.             Leonidas Holland was born in 1881

viii.           William Jay Holland

ix.               Paul Jackson Holland died on 18 Mar 1887 in Nebraska City, Nebraska


(13) Edward Bewley Holland, born April 15, 1832 in Blunt, Tennessee; died December 1, 1833 in, Clay, Tennessee.

(14) Ashley Wynn Holland born November 12, 1833 in Seiver, Tennessee. He died on 16 May 1914 in San Diego, California. Ashley married Sarah Helen Hendricks on 21 Mar 1859 in MacOn, Missouri. They had the following children:


i.                    Mary Ida Holland was born on 22 Aug 1860 in of, Rockport, Atchsn, Missouri. She died on 16 Nov 1862.

ii.                  Florence Winn Holland

iii.                 George Fletch Holland was born on 4 Jan 1865 in of, Plattsburg, Clinton, Missouri.

iv.               Willis Zina Holland was born on 22 Mar 1867 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

v.                 Edward (Eddie) Jefferson Holland was born on 17 Dec 1868 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

vi.              Edward (Eddie) Jefferson Holland was born on 17 Dec 1868 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

vii.           Rosa May Holland was born on 26 Jun 1871 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

viii.    Albert Kingsley Holland was born on 11 Nov 1873 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

ix.              James Burk Holland was born on 17 Dec 1875 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

x.                 Jacob Walter Holland was born on 14 May 1878 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

xi.             Lulu Edith Holland was born on 21 May 1880 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

xii.           Mertie Bell Holland was born on 5 Jun 1881 in Lathrop Twp, Clinton, Missouri.

xiii.           John Jackson Holland was born on 13 Jan 1885 in Sprague, Lincoln, Washington.

(15) Andrew Monroe Holland born September 20, 1835in Clay, Missouri. He died on 4 Mar 1877 in Hastings, Iowa and was buried in Malvern, Iowa. Andrew married Sarah Elizabeth (Libby) Anderson on 20 Dec 1862 was born on 4 Sep 1845 in Pennsylvania. She died on 24 Jun 1901 in Ashland, Nebraska. Sarah married Andrew Monroe Holland on 20 Dec 1862.

They had the following children:

i.        Leonidas Jackson Holland

ii.       William Lefayerre Holland was born on 11 Sep 1866. He died on 6 Aug 1915 in Baja California, Mexico and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego, California.

iii.      John Ashley Holland was born on 18 Oct 1871. He died on 10 Aug 1925 in San Diego, San Diego, California.

iv.        Grant Holland

## Benjamin Holland

Holland Family Records Compiled by Pat & James H. Holland. "Benjamin Holland came to America in the late 1750's and settled on the East Coast of Maryland. There he married an English lady by the name of Pruitt or Purter. The following story is told by his son, Thomas Holland who was born on December 24,1759 on the east coast of Maryland. The family went to Pittsylvania County, Virginia when he was a small lad and later into Montgomery county, Virginia. Benjamin Holland paid Tax on 400 Acres in Montgomery County, Va. in 1782, in the New River area. We find Benjamin Holland in 1795 purchasing land on the North side of the French Broad River which at that time was Jefferson County, Tennessee. In 1810 we find Benjamin Holland receives 350 acres of land on a warrant in Del Reo, Tennessee and gives this land to his sons Thomas and John Holland. On the 1830 Cocke County, Tennessee census we find an old man that would be his age living in the household of his son, John Holland. It is felt that he died before Thomas Holland, his sons and their families and some of his brother's (John Holland) children left in the later part of 1833 to come to Clay County, Missouri. Jacob Holland was born in 1791 in Green County, Tennessee and married Elizabeth Warren and moved to Siever County, before coming to Missouri. He tells the story that there were seven brothers who came to America from the Netherlands in the late 1750's, and six of the brothers went with the Colonist and one went with the British. He was driven into the Carolinia's. Some of the brothers and their sons went into the South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. Some went into Virginia and into Kentucky it is believed. Many of these brother's sons were in the Revolution. Thomas Holland was living in Montgomery County, Virginia when the Revolutionary War started. Thomas, John, and Jacob Holland all joined the Virginia Troops in April 1781. Thomas was involved much earlier. We don't know all of Benjamin Children."

          For more on Lydia Warren Holland, see The Warrens and You by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry pages 242-245.



12.   John F.W.A. Warren, born April 10, 1793; died after 1863, in Southwest Missouri, married July 14, 1806, to Nancy Smith, Greene County, Tennessee.  On Feb. 29, 1814 he is listed from Cook County, Tennessee and for $370.00, bought 73&1/2 acres on the waters of the Holston River in Blount County from his brother William B. Warren.  Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry stated “In 1819, with his brothers, Edward V., William B., Robert, and their sister, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jack Holland) headed for Boone's Lick Settlement in Missouri. They trekked over land through Tennessee to the Mississippi River, and then took a boat up river.  Robert Warren got off a Cape Girardeau, settled in that area until his death.  John F.W.A. and his sister, Elizabeth, left William B. and Edward V. at St. Louis, Missouri, going to southwest Missouri.” in her book The Warrens and You.  Some think this should read John F. and W.A. was another son, and that the coma was omitted in his father's will, but I think not, for Samuel Dobson (#8) named a son John F.W.A., who is buried with his wife Emily M., in Killian Cemetery, DeKalb County, Alabama.  He is also a witness for his brother Samuel D. Warren in the Southern Claims against the U.S. Government.


13.   Elizabeth G. Warren, born November 22, 1796; died January 9, 1868, Tennessee. Some records state she married (1) April 18, 1803, to John McLin, Greene County, Tennessee Marriage Book entry 877. Either her date of birth must be given incorrectly, or this marriage record refers to some other person. (2) She married Jacob Holland.


Children by Mary Law:


14.   Dr. James Law Warren, born July 1, 1801; died January 18, 1870, at Peoira, Mahaska County, Iowa; married May 12, 1825, to Jane Taylor (1802-1881), Blount County, Tennessee. Their children: (1) Elbert D. (2) Robert (3) James R. (4) Sarah (5) Elizabeth (6) Nancy (7) William.










of Donnellson, Iowa.

Dr. James Law Warren, Physician and Preacher, born in Green County Tennessee, July 1, 1801.  Died in Mahaska County, Iowa at his residence near Peoria, Iowa January 1870 at the age of 69 years.  He was buried in the Peoria Cemetery, Mahaska County, Iowa, Richland Twp., Section 22, T77N, and R17W.  This location is on the west edge of the small settlement of Peoria, paved road from New Sharon or Pella, Iowa and is in very good condition.  We searched May 1975 records in the Plat book, not complete.  The township clerk has part of records per Mr. Ben Veenstra, Lynnville, Iowa 50153.  The top of stone is broken off and lies beside the rest of the stone.  Other Warren’s are buried near by as of August 1983, per Janice.  We do not have much information on the early life of the Doctor, he was the son of Robert Warren and Mary Law Warren, 2 nd wife, one of six children by that marriage.  From his father’s first wife he had 13 half brothers and sisters, living at one time.  He was married in 1825 to Jane Taylor, born in 1802.  She died in 1881 and is buried beside the Doctor.  From his fathers will of May 21, 1826, recorded in the office of the County Clerk of Blount, County, Maryville, Tennessee it states: “I give to my son, James Law Warren, one hundred acres of Land on the lower end of my plantation plus other considerations.” The next information we have is 15 years later when they came to Lee County, Iowa in 1841 and settled South east of West Point, Iowa.  Three years later they moved to Mahaska County, Iowa in 1844. 

His Children were:


Elbert D.     Born in Tenn.       Died 5-8-1851 25yrs.     Tenn.

Robert        Born in Tenn.

James R.         Born in Tenn.                2-6-1832. Died 2-24-1897 

Sarah          Born in Tenn.                                   

Elizabeth     Born in Tenn.

Nancy         Born in Tenn.

William       Born in Iowa        8-8-1850  Died 10-26-1892.



Pioneers of Marian County, Iowa, at Oskaloosa Library.  Page 148-149 Chapter IV (Lake Prairie Continued) James L. Warren- Indian- Worship- Short of Provisions.



Janice Warren Cruickshank and her sister at the grave of Dr. James Law Warren Peoria Cemetery, Mahaska County, Iowa


Tribute to the Memory of Dr. James L. Warren.


Not less distinguished, nor less favorable remembered among those who settled in this township at a very early date, was Dr. James L. Warren, who died at his residence near Peoria, Mahaska, County, Jan. 1870 age 69 years.  He was born in Green County, Tenn. July 1, 1801, immigrated to Iowa and settled in Lee County, where he cut some logs and employed a man to put them up in the shape of a cabin, he afterwards abandoned the idea of settling there and made a claim three miles south east of where Pella is now located.  He planted twenty acres of corn and wheat in the following spring.

Dr. Warren was among the first Ministers of the M. E. Church who preached in the County and organized the first class west of Libertyville.  He was licensed as a local preacher in 1828, ordained a deacon at Oskaloosa ion 1852 and ordained an Elder by Bishop Ames in 1863.  He also began the practice of medicine in 1831.

He continued this practice until a short time before his death, in this he was very successful during his residence in this county, especially in the management of miasmatic diseases to which the early settlers were subject, and his field of practice often extended from Oskaloosa to “Tools Point” now Monroe, Iowa, Jasper County, and over a large territory north and south of this route.  Over this wide field he ministered both in spiritual and temporal things.  He was a man universally loved and respected by all who knew him.  Many instances illustrative of charitable nature and many acts of kindness performed by him have been related to us and are well remembered by many who have shared the privations of pioneer life with him.  His departure was made joyful by the hope of eternal life.


          The first meeting for religious worship was held at the home of Dr. Warren.  From the book of original entries we find that the first lands purchased in Black Oak Town were as follows:

Wesley Metter                    5-08-1847 - apart of section 8

Eliza Holman   8-05-1847 - a part of section 30

Fielding Betz   9-15-1847 - a part of section 9 & 17

James L. Warren                 9-15-184 7- a part of section 9 & 167

John Woods                       9-15-1847 - a part of section 11

B. H. Lonsberry                  9-15-1847 - a part of section 16


          Dr. Warren preached several times in a blacksmith shop belonging to a Henry Winder, were among anvils, tools and bellows, a small assembly of worshippers assembled upon the quiet Sabbaths to hear the word of Life.


(1)  Peoria was first called Warrenville because of our ancestors.

(2)  The town was laid out by Theodric Spain in 1853.

(3)  An unofficial list of Postmasters at Warrenville is as follows:

          Elbert D. Warren Aug. 16, 1849

          James L. Warren June 30, 1851

Name of Warrenville changed to Peoria at this time

          James L. Warren Nov. 15, 1854

The Post office was closed in 1905

          The official records obtained from Washington D. C. does not include the first 2 names above and start with James L. Warren 3-15-1854.  For many years the bridge crossing the Skunk River was called the Warren Bridge (now replaced) and in the same area was the Warren Mill.  Also a Clarence Warren, who lived in Peoria, had no children, worked for the Peoria Store and drove a huckster wagon.


          The first township election was held April 1846 and there were twenty-two votes cast.  The names of these voters will afford very authentic evidence of who were the first and early settlers.  James L. Warren was one of the twenty-two.




(“Territory of Iowa, Marion County”)ss

Subscribed and sworn to me this sixth day of April A.D. 1846

“John T. Pearce,” “Justice of the Peace


“At an election held at the house of Alexander Mar, in Round Grove Precinct, in the County of Marion and Territory of Iowa, on the first Monday, the sixth day of April A.D. 1846, the following named persons received the number of votes annexed to their respective names.  For the office of delegate to the Convention to form a Constitution for the State of Iowa, to wit, “For Delegate, James L. Warren has received 12 votes.  For Delegate, John Conery has received 10 votes.”  “We the undersigned Judges and Clerks do certify the above to be correct.”

          James T. Pearce        James Code

          Alexander May         James Watters

          Jeremiah Gullion       CLERKS



          The first gospel preaching was done by the Rev. James L. Warren, in the summer of 1843, at the residence of Noah Whitlack.  On this occasion the Doctor, having sent an appointment to preach there at 11 o’clock a.m. on a certain Sabbath, walked the distance between his residence, in Lake Prarie, and the place appointed, arrived too late.  The people had collected, waited a long time, and then dispersed.  After they were all gone the Rev. Dr. made his appearance, weary and heated with his long journey.  After having come so far he was not disposed to return without accomplishing his mission, so he announced he would preach at night if the people could be notified of it.  Thereupon runners were sent to notify them and he was available to hold forth to a goodly number of hearers.





James R. Warren, the subject of this sketch, was born in Blount County Tennessee, February 6, 1832, and with his parents Dr. James Law Warren and family re-moved in 1841 to Lee County, Iowa, and settled a few miles east and south of West Point, where they remained until 1844, when they re-moved to Mahaska County, Iowa.  In 1866 he was united in marriage to Georgiana Dickey, and made his home in Mahaska County until 1888, when he returned to Lee County, settling near Dover, where he remained until death, which occurred February 24, 1897, at 3:00 o’clock P.M.  His illness was a short duration, he being confined to the house only 12 days, and was brought on by an attack of la grippe, which he had a short time previous.  He was united with the M.E. Church in early life, was a consistent Christian man in whom the grace of charity always shown in his dealings with his fellowmen; kindly, affectionate to his wife and children who tenderly cared for him.  He was patient and resigned in his affection and faced the inevitable without fear until he saw the grief of his loved ones and remembered that death meant an earthly separation.  He arose from his couch and being seated in a chair and being unable to talk further was returned to his bed.  He said, “don’t want to leave you.” and folded his Mantle about him and crossed the dark river to be with loved ones gone before.  He died trusting in the merits of Christ for salvation.  He leaves one brother, two sisters, and an affectionate wife, five daughters Georgia, Margaret, Ethel Mae, Kathryn Arminta and two sons, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Wesley, to morn his loss.  The funeral services were conducted from the family residency last Friday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock.  The interment took place at the Clay Grove Cemetery.  Rev. Malleney of West Point was the officiating Clergyman.  Mr. Warren’s only brother R. B. Warren. of Des Moines, who was summoned by telegraph, arrived the night before his brother’s death, and attended the funeral.  Mr. and Mrs. Essex of Ft. Madison, and Mrs. R. A. Donnall of Donnellson, cousins of the deceased attended the funeral.  The bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community.


15.       Dr. Notley Marcus Warren, born October 25, 1802, in Tennessee; died May 19, 1872; buried in Warren Graveyard at Nazareth Baptist Church, DeKalb County, Alabama.  He married Polly (Mary) Van Pelt, March 14, 1822, Blount County, Tennessee, who was born April 9, 1803.  They moved into Alabama in 1832-33 to DeKalb County with his family and brothers Samuel Dobson, (#8) and Joshua Well (#17), and nephews Henry Patterson, and Samuel Douthet. Notley was a State Representative from DeKalb County in 1845-46, 1847-48, 1851-52, 1865-66, 1866-67 sessions. He was the Registrar of Lebanon and Centre, Alabama Land Offices. At his death his estate was administered by son-in-law William A. Mitchell between 1875-78, found in Probate Record Book J., pages 192, 203, 204, 219, 220, 234, 404, and 408 naming wife, heirs, and children:


(1)  Robert Joe Warren, born October 16, 1824; died before 1900; married July 7, 1844, to Mary Adams. See page 140 for his information.


(2) Mary Emeline Warren, born September 10, 1826; married William Whited born in 1825 in Tenn. They both are dead before 1870. Their children listed in the 1850 and 1860 DeKalb County, Alabama. Census were:


a.      Mary A. Whited 12 yrs.


b.     John Warren Whited born September 9, 1862 died January 23, 1936 (from his head stone) married Nancy born June 16, 1858 and died August 29, 1928 (from her head stone in Warren Graveyard.).      A John is listed with this family in the 1850 census as 4 months of age. He is not listed with the family in the 1860 census. Perhaps he did not survive. However there is a John Whited listed in the 1870 census in the grandparents NM Warren family and as 7 years of age; too young to be the John of 1850. Maybe another child was given the name John and mother did not survive childbirth. All speculation.


John and Nancy’s children:   Young Whited, Billy Whited, Dora Whited (Ashley), and Nora Whited (Brown) See photo below.



c.     James P. Whited born Feb. 11, 1850 died Jan. 19, 1937 (from his head stone) married Harriet C. born May 23, 1847 and died Dec. 22, 1899.


Their children in the 1870 census:

1.     Mary A. named for her aunt

2.     Franklin born May 28, 1872 and died Dec. 2, 1886;

3.     Earan W.(Irnin) born March 1, 1874 and died June 28, 1899;

4.     Barbara named for her aunt.

5.     Laura.


d.  B.M. Whited 6 yrs female born Oct 21, 1853, died June 7, 1878 who married Warren E. Durham born Dec 19, 1843, died Aug 5, 1926.  Barbara and Warren are listed in her grandfather Notley Warren’s Probate. Warren bought Notley’s estate for $105 January 1878. Warren was the oldest of seven brothers and was the Postmaster of Black Oak, January 31, 1876.            A closer look at the 1860 census reveals the first letter to be a B instead of a P as read from a microfilm reader in 1980s and today from a CD that can be magnified and enhances to reveal the B.


e.  T.N. Whited 4 yrs. Male. Thomas is listed in his grandfather Notley Warren’s Probate.


f.   N. H. Whited 10 mo. male. Nick is listed in his grandfather Notley Warren’s Probate.


There is a John Whited listed with grandfather NM Warren as 7 years of age in the 1870 census. A grave in Warren graveyard lists a J.W. Whited, September 9, 1862 - January 23, 1936, husband, father, Masonic emblem. Nancy E. Whited, wife of J.W. Whited, June 16, 1858 - August 29, 1928. Also in the pension papers of William A. Mitchell, John and Nancy give depositions as to the death date of their Aunt Adeline Mitchell in Warren Graveyard as Feb. 21, 1905 and Feb. 3, 1914 for William


Also in Warren graveyard:


J.L. Whited, March 12, 1889 - June 15, 1922.

James Bernard Whited, December 30, 1883 - Jan 27, 1908. SS Lula Turner Whited.

Lula Turner Whited, August 17, 1879 - May 6, 1961. SS James Bernard Whited.

Mulvenie Tiller, July 1, 1956 - March 15, 1943.

Leonard, son of J.B. & C.I. Whited, July 7, 1902 - October 15, 1902.

Croel Elvic, son of R.Y. & M.S. Whited, August 30, 1912 - October 11, 1912.



(Front row) Young Whited, John Warren Whited (their father), Billy Whited. (Back row) Dora Whited (Ashley), Nora Whited (Brown)





(3)Lucinda Adaline Warren, born April 11, 1834; died February 21,1905; married William A. Mitchell February 7, 1867 by John N. Franklin.  William was the son of Humphrey B. Mitchell born about 1805 Kentucky died before 1870 in DeKalb County, AL. Wife, Keziah Bynum. Children are Martha Jane born April 26, 1829 died August 30, 1901.  She married Archibald Jinkins Horton on December 9, 1849.  A.J. was a judge in the 1870s in DeKalb County and helped his brother-in-law William A. Mitchell obtain his civil war pension; Albert L; Catherine L; Mary Ann; Nancy C; William A; Hugh C; James N; Malissa Ann; Lucinda E.; and Eliza Ann Palestine.   William was born April 26, 1836 in Jackson County, Alabama. He served in Captain Lankford’s Co. C 11th Ala. Battalion Cavalry afterward Co. C 3rd Regiment Confederate Cavalry CSA enlisting May 15, 1862 at Shell Mound, Ala. for 2 years 4 months. He is reported on roll of company dated May 16, 1862; Present Sept.-Dec. 1862; Present Jan-April 1863; Present May-Dec. 1863; Absent on Surgeon’s certificate from 15th Aug. 1863; Jan-Feb. 1864; Deserted 10 Sept. 1863. According to his pension papers, he enlisted in the Union Company B, First Tennessee and Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry, January 10, 1864 and discharged June 16, 1864 as a private at Stephenson, Alabama.  During this service he was left with several ailments that were treated by his father-in-law Dr. Notley M. Warren until the Dr’s. death.  This is revealed in William’s pension papers along with his second marriage, to Josephine A. Shankles on November 19, 1908.  John Whited, wife Nancy E. Whited, W. E. Durham, and John W. Brown also give depositions or witness to William’s many papers and forms that were required to receive a pension # 1059549 and 2705910.  He died February 3, 1914. Josephine and William had no children.  Lucinda Adaline and William in the 1870 Census have a five-month-old son Samuel N. who did not survive.  Their only living child Roxie Ann, was born June 20, 1873; died January 15, 1954; married Alexander D. Crawford, born January 17, 1873; died July 10, 1969. Roxie and Alexander had two children Chester Horace Crawford born September 19, 1900, died January 29, 1983, he married Ona Woody born April 20, 1905 and died April 16, 1984 and a daughter Ella.



Warren Graveyard


The hemlock tree that was behind Addie's grave died and was removed.







Roxie Ann Mitchell Crawford, son Horace, husband Alexander D. Crawford




Horace and Ella Crawford



(4)   Serene Angeline Warren, born September 22, 1836.  She is 21 years of age in the Cherokee County U.S. Census in her father Notley Warren’s home.




Samuel Carrick Gilbreath and son Joseph Jefferson                        Joseph Jefferson Gilbreath


(5)  Louisa Catherine Warren was the third daughter of Notley and Mary VanPelt Warren. She was born March 21, 1839 just a few years after her family moved to Alabama.  She like many young girls of her time entered into adult life much sooner than is usually done today. She married her schoolteacher Samuel Carrick Gilbreath had a son and died before she was 16 years of age.  We speculate the cause being complications from childbirth, although many other causes were always present in those early pioneer times.  Her father we know was a physician and probably could not save her with the knowledge of his day. Samuel Carrick Gilbreath was born April 20, 1821and at 33 years of age he and son Joseph 5 years can be found in the 1860 Cherokee County U.S. Census in his father-in- law Notley Warren’s home.  Notley was listed as the Land Registrar and Samuel was un-employed.  He was also the first postmaster of Black Oak appointed March 25, 1872.  The personal papers and the family pages from his Bible are among the very few we have found from this time.




Town Creek Baptist Cemetery DeKalb County, Alabama





They consist of few handwritten patriotic essays, his executor’s notes of Thomas Gilbreath’s estate and birth dates of his family. The most important document for us that contain Notley M. Warren and his children’s birth dates come from his Bible Records.  Samuel and Louisa Catherine’s only child was Joseph Jefferson, born February 14, 1854. Joseph married first Jurusha Narcissa “Dolly” McCurdy born July 21, 1856.  Joseph was appointed postmaster at Black Oak, DeKalb County January 18, 1876 and at Chavies June 22, 1898. Their children:


(a)   John Caldwell Gilbreath born November 23, 1874.  Married Rannie.  Their children: Ada who married John P. Gann September 29, 1915; Coleman born 1903 died 1976 married Zona born 1913 died 1991; Samuel Dallas born January 18, 1905, died January 27, 1972, married Myrtle J. born August 8, 1908, died August 27, 1999; Adilia; and Geson.


(b)  William Benjamin Gilbreath born August 17, 1877, died Feb 12, 1941, wife Valeria C. Bell on June 18, 1900.  Children: Marvin McKinley born Jan 12,1901, died Nov 17, 1959, married Lois Etna Lister; Etta Eldora (Durham); Joseph Harrison born Feb 11, 1905, died August 3, 1956, married Marie Pendergrass; and Ida Jerusha (Haas-Thompson).  See William’s information below.**


(c)  Robert Green Gilbreath born December 21, 1878 died 1956.  Married Sarah S. (Hassie) Collier December 2, 1900 who was born 1884 died 1966.  Their children: Joseph L., Lula, George C. born 1906 died 1980, Vensin C. and Emmie G.




Warren Graveyard DeKalb County, Alabama


Joseph Jefferson Gilbreath married second Elizabeth Jane McElroy (b. 30 Aug 1857 died?



Their Children were:

(a)  Samuel born April 1891 in AL

(b) Addie born December 1884 in AL

(c)  Dollie born April 1887 in AL

(d) Charlie N. born July 1889 in AL

(e)  Ella J. born August 1891 in AL

(f)   McKinley born April 1894 in AL

(g)  James J. born November 1897 in AL


We find in the DeKalb County 1920 U.S. Census Joseph Jefferson Gilbreath married third to Stacy E. born in Texas.  Her children and identified as his step-sons were born in Mississippi and are:


(a)  Maeshel L. Chaney 27 years

(b) Henry H. Chaney 17 years

(c)  Joe H. Chaney 15 years



From Who Was Who in DeKalb County edited by Elizabeth S. Howard 1978 page 64-65.


William Benjamin Gilbreath was born August 17, 1877 at Lebanon.  Died  February 12, 1941 in Fort Payne.  Father Joseph J. Gilbreath.  Mother Dolly McCurdy Gilbreath.  Married Valeria C. Bell on January 18, 1900.  Children:  Marvin McKenley, Etta (Durham), Joe Harrison born February 11, 1905, died August 3, 1956, and Ida J. (Thompson).  Gilbreath’s mother died when he was young, leaving four sons with an almost deaf, father.  He had little opportunity to go to school until he was 21 years old.  He was presented a fourth grade reader by A.C. Horton on May 28, 1898.  He and his wife lived in a two-room log house.  He worked for a time as clerk in Wallace Hughes’ general merchandise store near Lebanon, walking to work by crossing a swinging bridge.  He moved to Chavies and became a partner with “Uncle Mack” McCurdy in a general store.  He served as postmaster for several years and bought an interest in a well drill and a sawmill.  About 1918 he bought out McCurdy’s share of the store and built a new one, soon establishing one of the largest businesses on Sand Mountain.  He sold dry goods, shoes, groceries, furniture, hardware, fertilizer, and gas on credit from the spring until crop gathering time.  Inevitably there were many who could not pay when fall came.  He was a member of the old Town Creek Baptist Church, which he was instrumental in building.  He was a staunch supporter of the Republican Party, but never ran for an office.  The Gilbreaths moved to Fort Payne in 1931 and operated a small grocery store which they purchased from Vergil Prewett until William Gilbreath died.


Marvin McKinley Gilbreath born January 12, 1901 in DeKalb County, died November 17, 1959 in DeKalb County.  Father William Benjamin Gilbreath. Mother Valeria C. Bell.  Married Lois Etna Lister July 30, 1920.  Children:  William Creed, Willa Jean (Davenport), Eron Willene (Huglan), and Nelda Jo (Chitwood).  Gilbreath attended school at Chavies.  He was owner and operator of a general merchandise store at Chavies before moving to Fort Payne, where he ran a grocery store.  He was also a carpenter, dependable business man, and a faithful and generous friend.  He belonged to Chavies Baptist Church, the Masonic Lodge, and the Odd Fellows.


Joe Harrison Gilbreath born February 11, 1905 in DeKalb County, died August 3, 1956 in Fort Payne.  William Benjamin Gilbreath. Mother Valeria C. Bell.  Married Marie Pendergrass August 1, 1930. She was born November 14, 1909, died June 4, 1989.  Son:  Jimmy Ray Gilbreath attended school at Chavies.  He lived at Chavies and Mt. Herman.  Joe was a merchant and farmer and worked for a time in a hosiery mill.  He was a faithful and loyal member of Mt. Herman Baptist Church where he helped support the upkeep of the cemetery.  He was a leader in Sacred Harp singings and enjoyed fishing He belonged to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 


Joseph Jefferson Gilbreath died March 8, 1924 and was buried in Town Creek Cemetery in DeKalb County, Alabama.



(6) Martha W. Warren, born July 4, 1842.


(7) William David Warren, born December 6, 1843. He like his brother-in-law William A. Mitchell, was a Private in Company B, First Tennessee and Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry.  He died in United States Hospital at Nashville, Tennessee on November 20, 1863.


(8) Mariah Narcissa Warren, born October 15, 1845; married Preston Green Bogle born July 1841.  Their children from the DeKalb County AL 1880 census: Mastin Green age 11 born August 17, 1868; and Robert C.; Evaline age 7; and Andrew age 8 mo.  By 1900 this family moved to Morgan County, AL as did nephew George Washington Warren.  The following is found in the 1900 Morgan County, AL census:  On page 102A, Green Bogle and wife Maria (Warren), son Andrew, born September 1880, daughter Addie born October 1882, grand son Joseph born October 1892.  Next door son Mastin Bogle born August 1868 his wife Mary born April 1880, son Monroe born December 1899.  On page 95B, Son Robert C. Bogle born March 1870, wife Lucy born September 1872, son Rufus born April 1894, daughter Anna born July 1897, son Jessie born July 1899.  On page 108B, Calvin T. Martin born December 1871 and wife Mary E. (Evaline Bogle daughter of Green Bogle) born June 1874, son Sidney L. born November 1894, son Leedon G. and daughter Fannie O. born March 1900.  In the Morgan County 1910 Census we find Mariah N. (Warren) Bogle living with her daughter Mary Evaline and son in law Calvin T. Martin.  According to Curry-Martin family tree by Elree Martin 1993, Green and Mariah Bogle are buried in the Reeves Cemetery located highway 36 east from Hartselle, AL about one mile past I – 65, turn left (north) onto Reeves Rd., behind Clyde Reeves house.  The cemetery contains about 60 unmarked graves identified with simple white crosses.


          Notley's children Robert J., Adaline, and Mariah, grandchildren Joseph Gilbreath, James Whited, Barbara Whited Durham and her husband Warren E. Durham, Thomas Whited, Nick Whited, John (Warren) Whited, and Joseph N. Whited, and Notley's wife, Mary, are named in his Probate. The children Mary Emeline, Martha, Louisa Catherine and William are from the Bible record of Samuel Carrick Gilbreath (Louisa Catherine's husband) in the possession of his great grandson Billy R. Gilbreath (now deceased) of Rainsville, Alabama.



16.       Permelia Love Warren, born August 30, 1804; died in Pitman, Iowa; married before 1836 to Lewis Pitman in Blount County, Tennessee. Lewis died 27 Feb 1862, age 68 years.  Permelia L. died 29 Dec 1875, age 71 years 8 months 29 days wife of Lewis

Lee County, Iowa  Pitman Family Cemetery

Abandoned cemetery along Hwy 103 east of West Point in West Point Township.  The cemetery fence is completely down and it is now a cow pasture.  First known burial: 1841. Last known burial: 1909.


BLOOR, Romania L.; Died: 06 Apr 1862; Age: 13y 2m 22d; daughter of J.H. & S.

BONNELL, Clem C.; Died: 18 Sep 1876; Age: 1?y 1m 5d; son of J.W. & E.M.

BONNELL, Ida P.; Died: 03 Feb 1865;                     ?m; daughter of J.W. & E.M.

BONNELL, Liffie L.; Died: 20 Sep 1871; Age: 2y 3m 25d; daughter of J.W. & E.M.

BONNELL, John W.; Born: 14 Jul 1812; Died: 02 Jan 1888    

BONNELL, Eliza M.; Born: 19 Jul 1839; Died: 16 Aug 1909   

BROWN, Joshua; Died: 16 Aug 1854; Age: 39y 4d

COOLEY, Simeon W.; Died: 19 Apr 1858; Age: 78y 4m 14d

COOLEY, Sally; Died: 03 Apr 1853; Age: 60y 1m 22d

COOLEY, Archibald S.; Died: 06 Apr 1862; Age: 26y 11m 16d; killed in battle; Shiloh

COOLEY, Simeon W. Jr.; Died: 09 Aug 1864; Age: 39y 4m 18d

DOUGLAS, Lydia E.; Born: 10 Jul 1837; Died: 16 Jan 1903; Age: wife of D.

PITMAN, William G.; Born: 16 Apr 1797; Died: 20 Jun 1878  

PITMAN, John Henry; Born: 1850; Died: 1869     

PITMAN, Patsy C.; Died: 29 May 1841; Age: 27y; wife of Wm. G.

PITMAN, Henry S. D.; Died: 29 Nov 1830; Age: 23m; Laurel Co. Ky.

PITMAN, Elizabeth                                                      

PITMAN, Ambrose; Died: 05 Jul 1842; Age: 10y; son of W.G.

PITMAN, John Lewis; Died: 21 Oct 1853; Age: 1y 2m 21d;  son of C. & R. or L.C. & R

PITMAN, George G.; died: 28 Jul 1863; Age: 10m 18d; son of C. & R. or L.C. & R.

PITMAN, Lewis; Died: 27 Feb 1862; Age: 68y

PITMAN, Mary E.H.; Died: 25 Sep 1846; Age: 18y; daughter of L. & P.

PITMAN, Lydia; Died: 19 Oct 1846; Age: 2y; daughter of L. & P.

PITMAN, Permelia L.; Died: 29 Dec 1875; Age: 71y (6m)(8m) 29d; wife of Lewis

PITMAN, Emily                                                            

PITMAN, L.G.; Born: 22 Dec 1818; Died: 01 May 1913; Age: 94y 4m 9d

PITMAN, Rhoda; Born: 21 Mar 1831; Died: 16 Aug 1908; Age: 77y 4m 25d

PITMAN, Lewis C.; Died: 31 Aug 1850; Age: 8m; son of R.W. & B.

PITMAN, Belinda; Died: d31 Dec 1849; Age: 21y; wife of R.W.

PITMAN, Henry L.; Died: 18 Sep 1864; Age: 10y; son of R.W. & A.




The tin type photos below were given to me by Bonnie Selman of Leeds, Alabama.  The Joshua Well Warren families are her relations.  Thanks Bonnie!


Joshua Well Warren



17.       Joshua Well Warren was born in Greene County, Tennessee, December 9, 1806; died September 3, 1891. He married Nancy Van Pelt on March 1, 1827, in Blount County, Tennessee. Nancy was born also in Green County, Tennessee February 8, 1809 and died March 27, 1875.  They came with family to DeKalb County, Alabama, in the 1830's and moved to Talladega County, Alabama, in the 1850's. Joshua must have been a very religious man. On October 1851, as a trustee of Bethel Methodist Church along, with Reese Howell, Francis A. Lang, John J. Finley, and Morgan H. Barrett, land was purchased from Andrew Whittinburg and wife Ann for the use of the church.  This is recorded in the Talladega County Probate Office, Deed Book “H”, on page 270 and 271. Two of his sons became ministers.  Joshua and Nancy were buried in Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Talladega just off hwy 77. 



Bethel Methodist Church, Talladega County, Alabama

Joshua’s probate can be found in Minutes Book V pages 533, 534, 570 through 586 in the Talladega County Probate Office. Those listed in the Probate are marked with *.


Their children were:


(1)              Joseph Lafayette Warren* born September 28, 1834; died August 1887; was a medical corpsman in the Confederate Army and decorated several times for valor in treating the wounded under fire on the battlefield.  Margo Smith Gibson of Jemison, Alabama has the Service Testament given to him by the Nurses Association of Mississippi.  A boot and shoe maker in Childersburg, Alabama, in 1870, lived at White Plains, Alabama in 1880 and attended Rabbit Town Baptist Church where it is believed he is buried in an unmarked grave.  He married Synthia Elvira Glazner March 31, 1864 in Shelby County, Alabama. She was born June 16, 1845, Henderson County, North Carolina. Her parents were Abraham Glazner and Lavenia Bennett. She died August 8, 1929 and is buried in Hillview Baptist Church Cemetery in Jefferson County. (see photos below)



 Joseph LaFayette Warren   and wife                     Synthia Elvira Glazner Warren


Their children:


(a) Dilla O. Warren* born February 12, 1865, married S. M. Miles February 6, 1883 who was a Birmingham police officer. She died in childbirth April 14, 1893 and is buried in an unmarked grave Oakhill Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama.

(b) Joseph A. Warren *born March 12, 1867.  Joe and his twin brother “Fayette went out to Oklahoma to live on the Indian Reservation.  In 1923 Joe was a street car conductor in Omaha, Nebraska and in 1950s he and wife Vena were in Broken Bow, Oklahoma They had a son Eugene Warren called “Big Boy”.

(c) Joseph Lafayette Warren *born March 12, 1867 twin of Joe.  He and wife Betty were in Idabel Oklahoma in 1950s.

(d) Lolla Warren *born July 8, 1869.  She married George W. Jackson September 2, 1888.  Lolla, her husband and three children all drowned in the flood that hit Galveston, Texas in September 8, 1900.

(e) Jackson Lee Warren born March 28, 1872 at White Planes, Alabama died November 4, 1963 Tampa Florida buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.    He was the son of Joseph Lafayette Warren and Scythia Elvira Glazner.  He married Beulah Daisy Crawford (Jessie) born November 11, 1883 daughter of Alexander Crawford and Fanny Mc Culler.  Jessie died February 28, 1958 Tampa Florida..  News Paper obituary:

          Mrs. Beulah Daisy Warren, 69 of rural Tampa, died Saturday at a local hospital.  She is survived by her husband, Jackson Lee Warren, of Tampa; three sons Jessie Lee Warren, Coleman, Fred Edward Warren, Gibsonton, and Thomas Jackson Warren, Tampa; two brothers, John Thomas Crawford and Joe C. Crawford, both of Birmingham, Alabama; three sisters Mrs. Mary F. Nix and Mrs. Rosa Pearl Looney both of Vincent, Alabama and Mrs. Mable G. Moore, Birmingham, Alabama, six grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.  Internment Tuesday afternoon at 4o’clock from Wilson Sammon Company Funeral Home with buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.  Jackson Lee and Jessie’s children:

1.      Lillian Warren who died as a child

2.      Jessie Lee Warren born February 4, 1903 living Wauchula, Florida

3.      Freddie Edward Warren born August 1, 1905 died October 12, 1985 wife Sarah Vera Spurlock

4.      Willie Alford Warren died in 1933

5.      Ollie Bell Warren born 1912 died March 1946 single

6.      Thomas Jackson Warren born December 9, 1918 died March 27, 1978 wife Ruby Richey

Jackson Lee moved to Tampa Florida and became an evangelist, he owned his own tent, and his family still carries on the tradition.

(f) Jessie Warren born August 7, 1874, died quite young probably in her first year.

(g). Henrietta Warren was born June 10 1876 daughter of Joseph Lafayette Warren and Scythia Elvira Glazner.  She married Jerome John S. Karr July 3, 1898.  He was born November 12, 1876 died July 24, 1960. They lived on Jefferson Avenue of the Jonesburg Community of Bessemer, Alabama.  Henrietta died June 5, 1927.  They are buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery Bessemer.  Their children:

1.        Nell Karr born January 16, 1897 married Claude Smith

2.        Edgar Jerome Karr born July 24, 1898 died 1948 wife Grace Keller.  Edgar is buried at Whippie, Arizona.  See his photo below.

3.        Ida Karr born October 13, 1907 died October 8, 1959 husband Madison Leonard

4.        Fletcher Karr born December 5, 1910 died June 4, 1963 wife Lillian Franklin


Ruth, Ida and Fletcher are buried in the family plot in Cedar Hill Cemetery Bessemer. 


(h) Henry Edgar Warren born June 29, 1878 died at about 10 years of age from illness.

(i) Ernest Warren born June 30, 1883.  He drowned near Jasper, Alabama at the age of 18 or 19, was never married.

(j) Minnie Earl Warren born September 27, 1884 in Northport, Alabama. Married James Robert Leatherwood son of Aquilla Brownlow Leatherwood and Henrietta Jeanette Jones.   Her birth date in the family bible states Sept. 27, 1885.  James Robert Leatherwood was born February 23, 1886 and died June 21, 1945.  Minnie died October 4, 1962; they are buried in Hillview Baptist Church Cemetery.  Their children:


1.       WALLACE Eugene Leatherwood born June 10, 1907 in Bessemer, Alabama.  Died November 26, 1976 in Huntington, Texas and buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Adamsville, Alabama.  First wife Naomi Kemp, second Mamie Gedfire

2.       Viola Roberta Leatherwood born June 15, 1909 in Cullman, Alabama husband John Tollett

3.       Paul Aquilla Leatherwood born September 2, 1911 at Fossil, Alabama died October 26, 1965.  Wife Dowen Hill.  Buried at Elmwood Cemetery shared with Aunt Myrtle

4.       Myrtle Leatherwood born July 22, 1913 Bessemer Alabama died May 9, 1977 Husband Earl Osburne.  Buried in Elmwood Cemetery

5.       Fanny (Lily) Leatherwood born April 1, 1915 husband Edward Ingle born October 31, 1909 died May 2, 1982 buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

6.       Alma (Biggie) Leatherwood born April 1, 1915 died July 29, 1979 husband Robert L. Benefield born February 16, 1912 died March 23, 1976 buried in Elmwood adjacent to Aunt Lily.

7.       Robert Leatherwood born February 25, 1919 died March 19, 1978 wife Juanita Goodwin.  They are buried at Walkers Chapel Cemetery, Fultondale, Alabama.

8.       Daryl Henry Leatherwood born May 17, 1922 in Sandusky Died May 7, 1972 wife Margaret  ??

9.       Mary Laverne Leatherwood born June 25, 1925 died March 7, 1926






Joseph Lafayette Warren and Synthia Elvira Glazner


Joseph Lafayette Warren* born September 28, 1834; died August 1887.  He was the oldest child of Joshua Well and Nancy Van Pelt Warren.  Joseph was a medical corpsman in the Confederate Army and decorated several times for valor in treating the wounded under fire on the battlefield.  Margo Smith Gibson of Jemison, Alabama has the Service Testament given to him by the Nurses Association of Mississippi.  A boot and shoe maker in Childersburg, Alabama, in 1870, lived at White Plains, Alabama in 1880 and attended Rabbit Town Baptist Church where it is believed he is buried in an unmarked grave.  He married Synthia Elvira Glazner March 31, 1864 in Shelby County, Alabama. She was born June 16, 1845, Henderson County, North Carolina. Her parents were Abraham Glazner and Lavenia Bennett. She died August 8, 1929 and is buried in Hillview Baptist Church Cemetery in Jefferson County.



Dilla O. Warren* born February 12, 1865, married S. M. Miles February 6, 1883 who was a Birmingham police officer. She died in childbirth April 14, 1893 and is buried in an unmarked grave Oakhill Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama.





Notice the photographer's devise to keep the boy's heads from moving avoiding a blurred picture



 Twins   Joe and Fayette Warren







Joe Warren a Streetcar Conductor in Omaha, Nebraska 1923


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Joe and Fayette Warren


Joseph A. Warren *born March 12, 1867.  Joe and his twin brother “Fayette went out to Oklahoma to live on the Indian Reservation. In 1923 Joe was a street car conductor in Omaha, Nebraska and in 1950s he and wife Vena were in Broken Bow, Oklahoma They had a son called “Big Boy”.  The photo below was labeled Eugene Warren son of Joe Warren

Is this “Big Boy”?



Joseph Lafayette Warren *born March 12, 1867 twin of Joe.  He and wife Betty were in Idabel Oklahoma in 1950s.




Betty Warren and Minnie Earl Warren Leatherwood



Lolla Warren


Lolla Warren *born July 8, 1869.  She married George W. Jackson September 2, 1888.  Lolla, her husband and three children all drowned in the flood that hit Galveston, Texas in September 8, 1900.




Jackson Lee Warren


Jackson Lee Warren born March 28, 1872 at White Planes, Alabama died November 4, 1963 Tampa Florida buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.    He was the son of Joseph Lafayette Warren and Scythia Elvira Glazner. He married Beulah Daisy Crawford (Jessie) born November 11, 1883 daughter of Alexander Crawford and Fanny Mc Culler.  Jessie died February 28, 1958 Tampa Florida buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. 


Jackson Lee and Beulah Daisy “Jessie’s” children:

1.        Lillian Warren who died as a child

2.        Jessie Lee Warren born February 4, 1903 living Wauchula, Florida

3.        Freddie Edward Warren born August 1, 1905 died October 12, 1985 wife Sarah Vera Spurlock

4.        Willie Alford Warren died in 1933

5.        Ollie Bell Warren born 1912 died March 1946 single

6.        Thomas Jackson Warren born December 9, 1918 died March 27, 1978 wife Ruby Richey

Jackson Lee moved to Tampa Florida and became an evangelist, he owned his own tent, and his family still carries on the tradition.

Beulah Daisy Crawford (Jessie), Jackson Lee Warren, Scythia Elvira Glazner

Jessie Lee Warren, Freddie Edward Warren, Willie Alford Warren 




Jessie Lee Warren born February 4, 1903 living Wauchula, Florida Freddie Edward Warren born August 1, 1905 died October 12, 1985 wife Sarah Vera Spurlock

 Willie Alford Warren died in 1933 Ollie Bell Warren born 1912 died March 1946 single




Jackson Lee and Beulah Daisy “Jessie” Warren at their home in Tampa, Florida





Beulah Daisy “Jessie” Warren and granddaughter in Tampa, Florida








Thomas Jackson Warren son and Willie in front of father Jackson Lee Warren’s store in Tampa, Florida









Jessie Warren born August 7, 1874, died quite young probably in her first year







Henry Edgar Warren born June 29, 1878 died at about 10 years of age from illness.






Ernest Warren born June 30, 1883 drowned near Jasper, Alabama at the age of 18 or 19, was never married.







Edgar Jerome Karr 1918 his mother was Harriett Warren see above.




James Robert Leatherwood, Minnie Earl Warren Leatherwood, Fannie (Lillie) Leatherwood Ingle, Alma (Biggie) Leatherwood Benefield,

Darryl Henry Leatherwood and Robert (Guck) Leatherwood


Minnie Earl Warren was born September 27, 1884 in Northport, Alabama. She married James Robert Leatherwood son of Aquilla Brownlow Leatherwood and Henrietta Jeanette Jones.   Her birth date in the family bible states Sept. 27, 1885.  James Robert Leatherwood was born February 23, 1886 and died June 21, 1945.  Minnie died October 4, 1962; they are buried in Hillview Baptist Church Cemetery.  Their children:


1.     WALLACE Eugene Leatherwood born June 10, 1907 in Bessemer, Alabama.  Died November 26, 1976 in Huntington, Texas and buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Adamsville, Alabama.  First wife Naomi Kemp, second Mamie Gedfire

2.     Viola Roberta Leatherwood born June 15, 1909 in Cullman, Alabama husband John Tollett

3.     Paul Aquilla Leatherwood born September 2, 1911 at Fossil, Alabama died October 26, 1965.  Wife Dowen Hill.  Buried at Elmwood Cemetery shared with Aunt Myrtle

4.     Myrtle Leatherwood born July 22, 1913 Bessemer Alabama died May 9, 1977 Husband Earl Osburne.  Buried in Elmwood Cemetery

5.     Fanny (Lily) Leatherwood born April 1, 1915 husband Edward Ingle born October 31, 1909 died May 2, 1982 buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

6.     Alma (Biggie) Leatherwood born April 1, 1915 died July 29, 1979 husband Robert L. Benefield born February 16, 1912 died March 23, 1976 buried in Elmwood adjacent to Aunt Lily.

7.     Robert Leatherwood born February 25, 1919 died March 19, 1978 wife Juanita Goodwin.  They are buried at Walkers Chapel Cemetery, Fultondale, Alabama.

8.     Daryl Henry Leatherwood born May 17, 1922 in Sandusky Died May 7, 1972 wife Margaret  ??

9.     Mary Laverne Leatherwood born June 25, 1925 died March 7, 1926


James Robert Leatherwood wife Minnie Earl Warren Leatherwood





Hillview Cemetery




Joseph Lafayette Warren and possibly wife Synthia Elvira Glazner Warren





Mattie and Sally West (standing) Della Warren (seated)

            Della Warren in next photo



Willie Warren nephew of Lafayette Warren         and Marvin Warren




(2)  Lucinda V. Warren* born 1836, married E.M. Miller. Their children from 1880 census: daughter E.M., son E.B., daughter M.C., and son J.A.

(3) Mary Catherine Warren* born December 28, 1840 died November 10, 1903.  She married John Wallis born February 11, 1830 died January 11, 1901.  They are buried in Bethel Methodist Cemetery.






(4) Rev. Marcus Napoleon Warren* born October 1, 1842, served in the 12th Regiment Alabama Infantry CSA as a medic.  Napoleon was living at Wheelerville, Alabama in 1895 found in his father’s Probate. He was a minister of Provident Baptist Church, Talladega, Alabama, married Bethiah E. Warren born May 2, 1845 and died April 5, 1909.  Marcus died February 15, 1916 and they are both buried in Provident Baptist Cemetery #1 on Anniston Army Depot, Talladega.






             Rev. Marcus Napoleon Warren      wife Bethiah E. Warren


(5) Sarah L. Warren* born 1846, married Lee McElhenney.


(6) George Hamill Warren* born January 1850-1931, married Mary Jane Goggins December 31, 1876, who was born September 1850; died 1926. Their children: Samuel, Anna born February 23, 1880; died December 12, 1934, George Ed born July 20, 1884; died January 4, 1966; his wife Emma Lee born March 1, 1875; died July 26, 1956.  All are buried in Bethel Methodist Cemetery.











Rev. Joshua C. Warren and wife Angie


     (7) Rev. Joshua C. Warren born 1856.  Entered the ministry into the North Alabama Conference from Bethel Methodist Church and served there 1905 through 1906.  He was residing at Coal City, Alabama, at his father’s death. Joshua’s wife was Angie.  Their son Charles Henry died in infancy and is buried next to grandparents Joshua W. and Nancy Warren.  They also had a daughter Willia.


     (8) C.D. Warren residing in Blount County, Alabama, at his father's death.


(9) John A. Warren born 1857 (from 1870 census).




Syble and Brock Warren at Bethel Methodist Church and Cemetery in 1993









The new Bethel United Methodist Church on February 22, 2004.


18.   Elizabeth Kenny Warren, born November 28, 1810; said to have lived in Missouri.


19.   Nancy Wright Warren, born September 22, 1817; died May 22, 1892, at Bull's Gap, Greene County, Tennessee, married September 24, 1833, to Redden S. Taylor (1809-1844).



References: Notes on Southerland and Latham Allied Families by Voorhees.

 Will found in Hall of Records at Annapolis Maryland. AD#5, PP 79-80.

Sevier Family History by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden 1961.  Blount County, Tenn., DeKalb and Talladega County, Alabama Probate and Will records. The Warrens and You by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry.  Mama’s Warren Family History by Jim Bennifield. Roberts family information from Edith Baker.










Notley Marcus Warren’s grave at Warren Graveyard

I have been reluctant to post this photo for some time.  The death date is not correct but is the date it was posted in the June 7, 1872, issue of the Weekly Huntsville Advocate.  The correct death date is May 19, 1872


Born October 25, 1802, in Greene County, Tennessee, and married Polly Van Pelt March 14, 1822. He inherited one hundred acres of land on the upper end of his father Robert's plantation. This and other lands he sold to James Singleton in1833 and moved to DeKalb County, Alabama along with the families of brothers Samuel Dobson and Joshua Well Warren. On March 7, 1833, in Deed Book F, Page 4, we find Notley's first land transaction with Eliza Jane Gatlin, part of the S.E. l/4 of Sec. 16, Township 4, Range 10. This was a time before DeKalb was a county or Fort Payne was built to gather Indians that were removed from north Alabama down the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma.  Conditions were very primitive and they made their living along side of the other early white settlers and native people. He was a farmer, a medical doctor (although we have no record of formal training), a State Representative five times, and the U.S. Land Registrar at Lebanon and Center Land Offices. His signature can still be found on many of the original land grant records in the possession of DeKalb and Cherokee County residents.  He lived at Sulphur Springs 1833-1852, Lebanon 1857, and Sand Mountain at his death. Warren Graveyard at Nazareth Baptist Church now is on part of the lands of his estate the remainder of which was bought at public auction by Warren E. Durham, his granddaughter Barbara Whited Durham's husband for $105.00. His son-in-law William A. Mitchell, husband of Adaline, administered Notley’s estate, as found in Probate Record Book J. and his estate files under “W”. Dr. Warren's obituary is found on the front page of Volume 40, No.2.080 Friday June 7, 1872, issue of the Weekly Huntsville Advocate. In our early research we found no stones for Notley but we believed that he, wife Mary, daughters Mary Emeline, Serene Angeline, and Louisa Catherine were buried in a family plot to the left of the stones of William A. Mitchell (Union Co. B First Alabama Vidette Cavalry) and his wife Addie Warren.  But in 2000 we found in the photo collection of Judge William Charles Warren a 1960s photo of the Judge, his daughter Jeanne and granddaughter Susan in Warren Graveyard in front of large sandstone.  Behind them was the old hemlock tree and Addie and William A. Mitchell's tombstones.  On the back of the photo was written "Grave of Notley Warren great grandfather of Charlie Warren".  Sunday March 18, 2001 we placed a bronze marker on that very spot.  Barbara Durham, and John Warren Whited, Notley's grandchildren, have stones there also.  Billy and Ray Crawford, grandsons of William A. and Adaline Warren Mitchell remember as children helping their mother Roxie Mitchell Crawford (only child of William and Adaline) clean the graves of the Warrens and Mitchells at Warren Graveyard. 


Judge Charlie Warren by Notley Marcus Warren’s grave at Warren Graveyard





Like all extended families of this time, the Civil War, also called the War of the Rebellion, put them in a conflict with their loyalties to their family, country, state, and neighbors.  It would appear Notley’s family, which included son William and son-in-law William A. Mitchell; his son Robert J.’s oldest son James A. Warren and Notley’s brother Samuel Dobson Warren’s son Samuel Douthet were loyalists or “Union Men”.  The Confederate loyal included their brother Joshua Well and his two sons Joseph Lafayette and Rev. Marcus Napoleon Warren.  Also, there was Edward T., Samuel Dobson’s son who served and lost his life in the Confederate Army leaving a wife and two young daughters. William and James A. Warren too were victims, not from gunfire, but from the most deadly part of that war, camp exposure to all the diseases brought by men and animals in to this great conflict.  This torn impoverished situation, with all the social pressure that must have been so strong in the South, was probably the reason great grandfather George W. Warren never spoke of the death of his oldest brother, his uncle, or his cousin to his children.  There were no doubt hard feelings, when a family who stood loyal to the government received a pension for service during the hard times after the war, while others loyal to the Confederate received nothing.  Never the less, William, James A., and Edward T. were cut down in their youth and put too soon in a grave far away from home; the remaining family members tried to pull themselves out of the depths of poverty that lasted several generations.  What a situation to ponder about a families fortunes, who came out of French and English royalty with William the Conqueror, in the person of Earl Warren, to the unfortunate times after this American Civil War.            


Letter of nomination by President Pierce and statement of Senate conformation found in the Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America 1789-1873


Page 207

Washington, March 3d, 1857. To the Senate of the United States:I nominate Notley M. Warren to be register of the land office at Centre, Alabama, in the place of John Cunningham.  Pres. FRANKLIN PIERCE.



Page 208

The Senate, by unanimous consent, proceeded to consider the nominations of Notley M. Warren, Thomas H. Duval, Richard B. Hubbard William C. Young, Samuel Treat, and Philip H. W. Fontane; and

Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent to the appointment of the said persons, agreeably to their nominations respectively.

Notley’s youngest son:

William Warren’s Military Forms from the National Archives:



STATE OF Ala. TOWN OF Stevenson


            I, William Warren born in DeKalb County in the State of Alabama aged nineteen  years, and by occupation a Farmer Do HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have volunteered this 10th day of September 1863, to serve as a Soldier in the Army of the United States of America, for the period of one year, unless sooner discharged by proper authority:  Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers.  And I, William Warren  do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.


Sworn and subscribed to, at Stevenson, Ala.                                        

this 10th day of September 1863,          }William Warren

Before Capt. George F. Allen                                                             


            I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have carefully examined the named Volunteer, agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that in my opinion he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way, disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier

                                                                                    Examining Surgeon


I CERETIFY, ON HONOR, That I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, William Warren previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted; that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier, I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service.  This soldier has Blue  eyes, Light  hair, fair complexion, is five  feet ten  inches high.


                                                Capt. George F. Allen

                                                            Regiment of                     Volunteers,

                                                                                    RECRUTING OFFICER


­­­­Gov. PRINT. OFF. July, 1863


            I certify, on honor, that William Warren  a Private  of Captain George F. Allen  Company B of the 1st Regiment of Indept Vidette Clav  VOLUNTEERS, of the State of Alabama, aged 19 years; 5 feet 10 inches high; Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair, and occupation a Farmer, having joined the company on its original organization at Stevenson, Ala., and enrolled in it at the muster into the service of the United States at Stevenson, Ala., on the 10 day of September, 1863, for the term of one year and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY with his Company in Indept Vidette Cav to the present date, is now enlisted to a DISCHARGE by reason of Death at Nashville Tennessee on the 20h day of November 1963 by reason of Dysentery.

          The said William Warren he has never received any pay Since the Dates of his enlistment 1863, and has pay due him from that time to the present date; He has received 23 25/100 dollars advanced by the United States on account of CLOTHING.


Given in Duplicate, at Stevenson, Ala., this 1st day of June, 1864.



                                                                                    George F. Allen


                                                                                    Commanding Company


[A.G.O. No. 95]



We find William buried in Section D Grave Number 3331 at:


Nashville National Cemetery

1420 Gallatin Road, South

Madison, TN 37115-4619

 (615) 736-2839


He is listed as died November 21, 1863, his unit Company A First Alabama Calvary.









Robert Joe Warren                                                                 Mary Emily Adams Warren


This photo was recently found in the Warren collection of Judge William Charles Warren given to me by the widow of cousin Tom Burch who had inherited his grandfather's photos. 

We are in the process of identifying it as Robert Warren



 Born in Blount County, Tennessee on October 16, 1824, and came to DeKalb County, Alabama in 1833 with his father Notley M. He married July 7, 1844, to Mary Emily Adams. He lived in the Sulphur Springs and Valley Head communities and was a farmer and circuit preacher who was said to have started the Head Springs Church. He was known as "Billy Warren" according to Mrs. Carrie Turner of Turlock, California. She has a spinning wheel and part of a hand loom made by "Billy" that was given to her by Jim and Molly Seymour, brother and sister who lived in a log cabin at Valley Head. They also gave her an old photograph of the "Warren women" in which this old spinning wheel can be seen in use. How the Seymores were related and had these we do not know. 


Mary E. Warren applied for and received a Dependent Mother’s Pension No. 251879 Claim No 339845 that commenced March 24, 1886.  The basis for her request was the fact that her husband Robert J. Warren, Sr. is now and was then physically unable to “make my support”.  James P. Whited (her nephew) and William H. Ellis each gave General Affidavits which stated their knowledge of the feeble health of her husband, his inability to do manual labor and the families’ dependence on the soldier, James A. Warren.  They state only 4 to 6 acres of the poor 80-acre mountain farm was cultivated and they had only a few head of stock.  Mary made a small amount by selling chickens, eggs, fruit and such things.  William H. Ellis states while he was living behind the federal lines in 1865, Mary Warren came to his home at Whiteside, TN.  He went to Stevenson, Alabama to see Major Lea and received from him $84 sent by her son James A. for his mother’s support.  These are witnessed by B. D. Durham, A. J. Woodall, and Allen Lea.  In Mary’s Claimants Affidavit she states the family Doctor was her husband’s father (Notley M. Warren), who has been dead some 15 years.  She gives the names and birth dates of her children.  Also, from the Physician’s Affidavit Dr. W. C. H. McGuffey of Sulphur Springs, Alabama states he had known the family some 25 to 30 years and had treated R. J. Warren by giving him medication in 1865, he had always known to him to be of very feeble health and not able to perform manual labor and that now not able by reason of age.


From the War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, September 7, 1887, the following is given.  James A. Warren, a private of Company “C” 1st Regiment Alabama Vidette Cav. Volunteers, was enrolled on the 19 day of September, 1863, at Stevenson, Alabama, for 1 year, and is reported: on roll to Oct. 31/63.  Absent on detached service with Co. “A” 1st Alabama V. Cav. since Oct. 26/63, by order of Maj. General Hooker.  Roll to Feb. 29/64, (4 months muster) absent sick at Louisville, KY, in a General Hospital, March & April 64, not on file.  Muster out roll of Co. date at Stevenson, Ala., June 16/64, reports him absent sick in Hospital Louisville, Ky.  No returns on file.  Not born on rolls of Co. “A” same Regiment. “Entered Branch 15, of No. 3 G. H. Louisville, KY. Nov. 14/63, with acute rheumatism, and was sent to G. H. and entered G. H. Louisville, Ky. Feb. 10/64, as convalescent from pneumonia, and was sent to G. H. Feb. 23/64, entered Jefferson, G. H. Jeffersonville, Ind. Feb. 23, 1864, with Rubeolar and died June 20, 1864, of consumption.”  The records of this office furnish no further evidence of disability.  Books of organization J.C.C. or Regimental Hospital records are not on file.  R. C. Drum, Adjutant General.


We find from these files the family lived at Valley Head to 1864, they moved to Smiths, GA, and then to Ider, Alabama by 1886.  Mary E. Warren was removed from the pension rolls because of her death May 29, 1899.  She was receiving $12 a month.  Her son N. M. Warren returned $10.40 to the Interior Department December 4, 1899


The Military Forms from the National Archives:




STATE OF Ala. TOWN OF Stevenson


            I, James A. Warren born in DeKalb in the State of Alabama aged 18 years, and by occupation a Farmer Do HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have volunteered this Nineteenth day of September 1863, to serve as a Soldier in the Army of the United States of America, for the period of one year, unless sooner discharged by proper authority:  Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers.  And I, James A. Warren do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.


Sworn and subscribed to, at Stevenson, Ala.                                    his

this 19th day of September 1863,  }        James x A. Warren

Before A. Long                                                                                     mark


            I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have carefully examined the named Volunteer, agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that in my opinion he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way, disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier

                                                                           James A. Crosby

                                                                                    Examining Surgeon


I CERETIFY, ON HONOR, That I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, James A. Warren  previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted; that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier, I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service.  This soldier has Gray eyes, Light hair, fair complexion, is 5 feet 10 inches high.


                                                                                    A. Long

                                                            Regiment of                            Volunteers,

                                                                                    RECRUTING OFFICER


Gov. PRINT. OFF. July, 1863



I certify, on honor, that James A. Warren  a Private  of Lieut. Buse  Company B of the 1st Regiment of Alabama Clav  VOLUNTEERS, of the State of Alabama, born in DeKalb Cop., State of Alabama, aged 18 years; 5 feet 10 inches high; Fair complexion, Grey eyes, Light hair, and occupation a Farmer, having joined the company on its original organization at Stevenson, Ala., and enrolled in it at the muster into the service of the United States at Stevenson, Ala., on the Nineteenth day of September, 1863, for the term of one year and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY with his Company in 1st Ala. Cav to the present date, is now DISCHARGE by reason of Death: having Died in Jeffersonville General Hospital, Jeffersonville, Ind. June 20/64 of consumption.

          The said James A. Warren he  was last paid by Paymaster Maj. Phelps to include the 30th day of April, 1864; and has pay due him from that time to the present date; he is entitled to pay and subsistence for TRAVELING to place of enrollment, and whatever other allowances are authorized to volunteer soldiers, drafted men, or militia, so discharged.  He has received CLOTHING AMOUNTING TO Twenty two 46/100 dollars, since the day of Enlistment.  He has received from the United States advanced BOUNTY.  Has $50.00 Bounty due


Given in Duplicate, at Jeffersonville Hospital, Jeffersonville, Ind., this 20th day of June, 1864.



                                                            Richard T. Hambrook

                                                1st Lieut. and Senior Officer

                                                                        Commanding Company


                                                                        Vmle at this Hospital


[A.G.O. No. 95]

Adjutant General Office,




Washington, May 8, 1886


Entered Branch 15, of No. 3 G. H., Louisville, Ky., November 14, 1863, with acute rheumatism, and was sent to G. H. and entered G.H., Louisville, Ky., February 10, 1864, as convalescent from pneumonia, and was sent to G. H. February 23, 1864, entered Jeffersonville G. H. Jeffersonville, Ind. February 23, 1864, with rubella, and died June 20, 1864, of consumption.


We find James buried in Section B Grave Number 824 at:

New Albany National Cemetery

1943 Ekin Avenue

New Albany, IN 47150

For information please contact: Zachary Taylor National Cemetery (502) 893-3852


He is listed as died June 20, 1864, his unit Company B First Alabama Calvary.


Robert and Mary's children were:


  (1)   James A. Warren, born July 24, 1845. He was a Private in Company B, First Tennessee and Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry.  While in service he died of consumption in the hospital at Jefferson, Indiana on June 20, 1864.


  (2)George Washington Warren, born August 20, 1846; died June 10, 1923.



Ellen Elda Warren 


(3)   Ellen Elda Warren, born May 10, 1850 in DeKalb County, Alabama.  She was married to Robert Lafayette Hill born August 1849 in Alabama, died 1927. Robert Hill was first married to Nancy Hannah Ellis. We find Robert J. Warren, Justice of Peace and father of Ellen, performed this ceremony.  After Nancy died Ellen and Robert married and lived in Alabama.   They moved to Palo Pinto County and were living on a farm in Mineral Wells, Texas in 1900 as we find in the Probate of her father Robert’s estate.  The 1900 Palo Pinto, Texas census listed children:  Sarah R. born April, 1885 age 15, Vandoran born October, 1887 age 12, Caledonia born in Alabama June, 1891 age 8, Erskin born March, 1893 in Texas age 7.  This would put them in Texas in 1892.  There were other Hill and Warren families living nearby in the 1900 census of this county.  I feel some will prove to be other family members.  Those of particular interest were the George Hill, Robert L. Hill, Henry G. Autry (Awtrey) with cousin William E. Hill age 53, Eli Hill, William Hill, Joseph H. Hill, William D. Warren, and James T. Warren families.









Eli Hill and sons





Butler Hill Reunion Palo Pinto Texas






William L. "Bill" Hill

1926 - 2002



William L. "Bill" Hill, 76, died Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2002.

Funeral: 2 p.m. Friday in Indian Creek Cemetery, Palo Pinto County.

Memorials: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, 2222 Welborn St., Dallas, Texas 75219.

William "Bill" L. Hill was born Jan. 11, 1926, in Gordon and moved to Weatherford in 1934. After graduating from Weatherford High School in 1943, Mr. Hill enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He attended Weatherford College in 1946. Bill received bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of North Texas in 1948. Mr. Hill was recalled to active duty for the Korean War. In 1969, he received a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. Mr. Hill taught high school and was band director at various high schools throughout Texas. He was extremely proud of his work with the Shrine, especially as director of the Shriner Band. He was preceded in death by a son, William S. "Steve" Hill, in 1999.

Survivors: Wife of 53 years, Donna J. Hill of Arlington, with whom he celebrated their golden wedding anniversary April 22, 1999; son, Mike Hill and wife, Paula, of Rankin; daughters, Carol Hill of Euless and Caren Eytcheson of Euless; grandchildren, Bryan Hill, Amy Hill, Mark Eytcheson and Tyler Eytcheson; and brothers, Robert W. Hill and Charles A. Hill, both of Fort Worth.
Published in the Star-Telegram on 12/19/2002.



Star Telegram




Donna June Hill   

1929 - 2003

Donna June Hill, 73, died Friday, Jan. 17, 2003, in Arlington from complications following heart surgery.

Memorial service: 11 a.m. Monday in Indian Creek Cemetery, Palo Pinto County.


Donna June Hill was born Aug. 26, 1929, in Bixby, Okla. She worked as a school secretary for the Ysleta Independent School District in the El Paso area for many years before retiring in 1989. Mrs. Hill was preceded in death by her husband, William L. Hill, exactly one month ago, and a son, William S. "Steve" Hill, in 1999.


Survivors: Son, Mike Hill and wife, Paula, of Rankin; daughters, Carol Hill of Euless and Caren Eytcheson of Euless; grandchildren, Bryan Hill, Amy Hill, Mark Eytcheson and Tyler Eytcheson; and brothers, Harwood Stephens of Sherman and Oran Stephens and wife, Barbara, of Manford, Okla.

Published in the Star-Telegram on 1/18/2003.




From the Family Tree Maker files we have found this Hill Family as follows: Robert Lafayette Hill’s father was Eli Jasper Hill, JR. whose father was Eli Hill.   Robert and Ellen’s children were:


(a.)  Louraney Alice Hill born August 20, 1872, Tuscaloosa, Al; died November 28, 1967, Ringling, Ok. She Married Henry Green Awtrey.  He was born November 02, 1869 in Tupelo, Ms and died June 30, 1963 in Ringling, Ok.

Notes for Louraney Alice Hill:

See notes on Henry Green Awtrey for burial information.


         In 1986 Buell Awtrey wrote this tribute:


       “Mom was an excellent homemaker, dedicated to her family. She was active in community affairs, member of the local Home Demonstration Club, well known for her good meals. Many of

her home-canned goods won prizes at the local fairs. Our cellar was always full of canned foods from our garden and farm.

I can't remember a time, while I was growing up, that there was not someone else living with us - a friend or relative. I can count at least a dozen.

       Mom took care of Aunt Dora in her last days, after Dr. Boswell (Dora's husband) died, and then provided a home for Max, Harry and Lyndell until they could make other plans.

          She was a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, loved and respected by her friends and neighbors. Modest and unassuming, she was content to be a good wife and mother, quietly encouraging her children and proud of their accomplishments, asking little of life's material things, only the love of her children and family.

       Always grateful for small favors, she gave much more than she received.

                   I am more grateful with each passing year that I was fortunate enough to have her for my Mother."

Buell Awtrey


Notes for Henry Green Awtrey:

Henry Green Awtrey and his wife, Louraney Alice Hill Awtrey are both buried in the Memorial Cemetery, Ringling, OK. Per written information from Buell Awtrey - 1986.


Children of Louraney Hill and Henry Awtrey are:

i..   Baron Steuben Awtrey died January 05, 1981  

Baron Steuben Awtrey died Jan 5, 1981. Per written information from Buell Awtrey - 1986.

ii..  Bertha Awtrey died in 1909 at age 2 months. 

iii. Beull Leon Awtrey, born November 28, 1911; died May 10, 1996, Pleasanton, Cal.


(b)   William Franklin Hill was born December 03, 1874 in Al, and died November 12, 1949 in 420 Water Street, Weatherford, TX.   He married Frances Josephine "Fannie" Butler September 27, 1897 in Palo Pinto (Palo Pinto Co), daughter of Alex Butler.  She was born 1879 in AL, and died 1953 in Weatherford, TX.  William Franklin Hill and wife Frances "Fannie" Butler Hill - known to her children and grandchildren as "Jody", are buried in the Indian Creek Cemetery in Palo Pinto County, 3 miles west of Mineral Wells, TX on Hwy 180. See her Butler Family at the end of the Hill information following*


Children of William Hill and Frances Butler are:



i.    William Bryan Hill, b. July 25, 1898, Palo Pinto County, TX; d. July 01, 1968, Weatherford, TX.  He married Virginia Lee Gibbs May 16, 1925 in Weatherford, TX daughter of Robert Gibbs and Gatsie Atnip.  She was born July 26, 1902 in Gordon, TX and died January 04, 1995 in Alta Mesa Nursing Center, Ft. Worth.  They are buried in Indian Creek Cemetery, Mineral Wells, Texas.


Children of William Hill and Virginia Gibbs are:

i.    William Lee Hill, b. January 11, 1926, Palo Pinto Co, TX. He married Donna June Stephens April 22, 1949 in Denton, Texas.  She was the daughter of Monroe Stephens and Willie Palmer.  William died December 17, 2002 and was buried in Indian Creek Cemetery, Mineral Wells, TX.  Children were:  1.  William Stephen Hill born December 16, 1950, Gainesville, Texas, died October 12, 1999.  Married first Frances Huffington 1870, second Lucky Marie Jones.  2.  Charles Michael Hill born  Stephenville, Texas.  Married Paula Beth Loftin.  Children: Bryan Lofton Hill and Amy Michelle Hill.  3.  Carol June Hill born.  4.  Caren Lee Hill born Houston, Texas married Billy Mark Eytcheson, Jr. .  Children Billy Mark Eytcheson III  and Tyler Lee Eytcheson

ii.   Colonel, USA, Ret. Robert Wilburn Hill, Palo Pinto Co, TX.  Married Joyce Nell Shepherd daughter of Jullan Shepherd and Vivian Riley.  Their children:  1. Vivian Leigh Hill born  in Weatherford, Texas.  Married Walter Vale McCarthy.  Children are Shannon Marie McCarthy; Michael Conan McCarthy ; Katie Dylan McCarthy   who married Justin Hilderbrand  and had Vale Andrew Hilderbrand; Ryan McCarthy.  2.  Christy Hill born in California.  Married Dale R. Conner their child is Hillary Conner.

iii.  Charles Albert Hill,  Palo Pinto Co, TX.  He married Juanita Butler Their children:  1.  Judy Denise Hill born.  2.  Charles H. Hill.


ii.      Lucy Virgie Hill, b. 1908 and d. March 28, 1909

iii. Della Lee Hill

iv. Lena Mae Hill was born July 26, 1904 in Spanish Ft, TX, and died May 17, 1965 in Weatherford, TX.  She married Wesley Floyd Hodges.  He was born February 24, 1903 in TX.

      Children of Lena Hill and Wesley Hodges are:

i.    Teddy Weir Hodges born October 16, 1928, in Ranger, Texas died September 30, 1993,in Bedford, Texas.  He married Dewla Jean Dill daughter of Dewey Dill and Eula Dobson.  Children:  1.  Cathy Dilene Hodges born January 23, 1952, died July 3, 1974.  2.  Lori Gaylinn Hodges married? Coffee and had Jennie Dilene Coffee who married Craig Christian Thomas and had Kristen Darlene Thomas.   And Garilynn Mitchell Coffee. 

ii.  Frances Marie Hodges, born TX. Married first James Wallace Merritt.  Second Lyman Judge Payne.  Child if Frances and James is James Wallace Merritt, Jr..  He married Lucy Nadeau.  Their children are Danny Wayne Merritt and Christine Nicole Merritt born.

iii. Willie Mae Hodges; m. Patrick Harrison married Patrick Harrison Keoughan  son of Martin Keoughan and Patricia Northington.  Their children:  1.  Patrick Harrison Keoughan, Jr..  He married Kathy Nichols.  Their children are Patrick Harrison Keoughan III; Ryan Thomas Keoughan and Jan Thomas Keoughan.     

       2.  Pamela Guen Keoughan married Andrew David Lindsey .  Their children are Andrew John Patrick Lindsey and Jonathan David Martin Lindsey.  3.  Jonathan Ted Keoughan married Amanda Sanders.


v.  Laura Lou Hill


vi. Wylie Wilburn Hill was born January 20, 1902 in Palo Pinto County, TX and died April 17,1942 in Odessa, TX He married (1) Laverne Barnett 1924   She was born 1904 in Parker County, TX.  He married (2) Annie Mae Steinburg 1931.


Children of Wylie Hill and Laverne Barnett are:

i.    Robert Chandler Hill, born January 02, 1925, Weatherford, TX; d. July 21, 1970.  Married Helen.  Their children:  1.  Mark Chandler Hill.  2.  Robert Gregory Hill

ii.   Marjorie Nelle Hill born Weatherford, TX.  Married John William Ruckman Child Kathryn Hampton Ruckman


Children of Wylie Hill and Annie Steinburg are:

iii.  Kenneth Wayne Hill born 1933, Gordon (Palo Pinto Co), TX.  Married Sue Moffett.  Children:  1.   Bruce Wayne born December 2, 1954 died July 21 1981.  Married Susan and their children are Jessica Nichole Hill and Russell Allen Hill.  2.  Mark Allen Hill.  3.  Vicki Sue Hill born married Bob Ashby.  Their children are Deric Charles Ashby and Drew Robert Ashby.

iv.  Wendall Royce Hill.

v.   Joyce Marice Hill.

vi.  Sandra Lynn.

vii. William Harris Hill.



(c)   John Etter Hill born 1876, AL.   He married Carrie Russell.  The information on the John Etter Hill family is from Nora Fox, and was given by her at a Hill reunion in Nocona around 1985.


Children of John Hill and Carrie Russell are:

i.    Joseph Plum Hill was born 1896 in TX and died 1968.   He married Jessie Kathryn Howard.  She was born 1896 in TN.


Children of Joseph Hill and Jessie Howard are:

      i.   Childress born 1921 died 1940

      ii.  Homer Hill

      iii. Harvey Hill

ii.  Delia Hill 





James Walter and Amanda Hale


(d.)  Amanda "Mandy" Hill born August 23, 1878, Valley Head, AL; died December 19, 1942, Phoenix, AZ, married James Walter Hale, September 02, 1894, Palo Pinto, TX b. March 07, 1875, Palo Pinto, TX, d. February 01, 1948, Phoenix,


(e.)  Henry Wallace Hill was born May 14, 1880 in AL and died May 25, 1945 in Haskell, TX.    He married Jennie Mae Morris.  She was born September 14, 1882 in Palo Pinto County, TX and died March 08, 1968 in Haskell, TX  


Children of Henry Hill and Jennie Morris are:

I. Wyatt Wesley Hill was born August 13, 1899 and died November 1975 he married Vera Clifford Brown

Child of Wyatt Hill and Vera Brown is: 

i.       Carl Wyatt Hill

ii.      Hubert Lafayette Hill 

iii.     Lawrence Wallace Hill 

iv      Morris Edward Hill

vi.     Sarah R. "Sally" Hill   B. April 1885, Al; died 1960, TX; M. Tucker.


(f.)  Sally Hill (Tucker), born 1885; died Parker County, Texas

Andrew Harry and Vandora Boswell


(g.) Vandoran "Dora" Hill was born October 1887 in AL and died December 17, 1931 in Jefferson Co. OK.  She married Andrew Harry Boswell


Children of Vandoran Hill and Andrew Boswell are:

i.       Harry Boswell

ii.      Lyndal Boswell

iii.     Max Edwin Boswell

iv.     Caldiona Lee "Cally" Hill b. January 1890, AL


(h.)    Erskin Davenport Hill was born March 1893 in TX, and died 1969 in Nocona, TX.  He married Helen May Linton and died 1968 in Nocona, TX.


Children of Erskin Hill and Helen Linton are:

i.       Ronald Gerald Hill married Roma Lee Richardson

         child of Ronald Hill and Roma Richardson is:

ii       Ronnie Lynn Hill

iii.     Orville Linton Hill

iv.     Rosemary Hill

v.      Douglas Adam Hill

vi.     Ila Fay Hill

vii.    Ina May Hill

viii.   Margie Modeen Hill

ix.     James Adrian Hill married Cliffie Mae smith

Children of James Hill and Cliffie Smith are:

i.       Marlissa Linda Hill.

ii       .Paula Janet Hill

iii.     Louise Hill

iv.     R. C. Hill


The cemetery in Spanish Fort, TX where Robert L. Hill and Ellen Warren are buried was neglected for several years and the burial sites have been obliterated.  It is now fenced (lately) but very few graves are evident even as burial sites and most of those cannot be identified.  All of this is from William Lee Hill (Bill), a g. grandson from Arlington, TX. I met Bill in September 1998 and received photos of Ellen Warren and Robert Hill, their children Callie, Sallie, Dora, and Erskin.  Also a photo of Ellen’s mother Mary Emily Adams Warren and wife of Robert Joe Warren. It is reported the Awtrey family in California has a photo of Robert Joe and Mary Adams Warren together. In October I received more photos.  One was Eli Jasper Hill, Jr. and five of his sons and a nephew.  The sons are Robert Lafayette (Rob), Cobb, Buck, Joe (Joseph H.), and George.  The nephew was Bill Hill.  Also another group of pictures of the Wallace and Jenny Hill family and their sons Wyatt, Lawrence, and Morris on their West Texas farm.  One of William Bryan Hill, William Lee Hill (the sender), his baby son William Stephen and grandmother Josephine Butler Hill making a four generation photo.  The last was of Buck Hill, third son of Eli Hill, Jr. and Margaret Lowry.


In September 1998 while in Arlington, TX, Bill told me that his son Stephen some years earlier had contracted hepatitis from a surgery and how difficult it was to get on a liver transplant list.  Stephen's health slowly deteriorated, he never received a liver and he died from the disease.  His father Bill sent this note “On Friday October 15, 1999 William Stephen Hill was laid to rest at Indian Creek Cemetery.
This modest cemetery was filled with his loved ones, kinfolk and friends.  As the congregation assembled the brass choir of the Moslah Shrine Band of Fort Worth played several of Steve's
favorite hymns, ending with "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" to commemorate Steve's service in the US Navy.  He now rests in the Hill section alongside his grandfather, William Bryan Hill (my father) who was a special fishing buddy."


Alexander Butler born July 20, 1876 in Palo Pinto Co, TX. Married Sarah Josephine Eubank born September 09, 1859.   Their children were:

i. Mary Ellen Butler, b. June 27, 1877; d. May 03, 1959, Palo Pinto Co, TX.

ii. Hazel Butler, b. August 02, 1878, Palo Pinto Co, TX; d. March 01, 1954, Palo Pinto Co, TX.

iii. FRANCES JOSEPHINE Butler, b. October 23, 1879.

iv. Minnie Ola Butler, b. February 20, 1882.

v. Hanna Lee Butler, b. March 16, 1884.

vi. Lola Butler, b. August 14, 1886.

vii. James Butler, b. November 12, 1888.

viii.Willie Mae Butler, b. March 18, 1895.

ix. Bob Butler, b. June 01, 1897.





William (Bill) Lee Hill and James R. Warren September 1998








Robert Abner ,   Lula A.

Ellis, George, Sarah Warren, Roxie Ellen 

Ellis Phillips Family


(4)     Sarah A Warren born June 17, 1852; died September 12, 1897; married Ellis “Kelley” Phillips, born December 5, 1836; died September 30, 1928. Ellis was a prisoner in the Civil War.  They are buried in Head Springs Cemetery, DeKalb County, Alabama.  Sarah died from Typhoid and Ellis died from pneumonia after being soaked in a rain while trying to shoot crows in his cornfield.  Their Children:  (a) Roxie Ellen born December 29, 1879, died August 15, 1956, married Andrew Jackson Painter born June 30, 1877, died February 18, 1955. Their children: Dewey Trvitt buried at Florence, Alabama; Roy Thoreau born July 1, 1905, died July 4, 1985; Flora Marie born April 28, 1910, died November 26, 1979; Sarah born November 29, 1914 (b) Edgar Ellis, (c) Robert Abner, (d) Lula A. born 1884, died 1955, married Clinton L. Cooper June 7, 1921 (this was Clint’s second marriage, he was married to Purdie Warren first). Clint was born 1875 and died 1943 (e) Mary, and (f) George Dewey born July 18, 1889, married Geneva Biddle, born March 21, 1895.  George died June 16, 1967 and Geneva died Feb 3, 1993.  For more on Ellis Phillips Family see Collateral Families at the end of this Warren History.




Head Springs Cemetery




Roy Thoreau Painter and his sister Sarah Painter Moon



(5)   Martha A. Warren born August 26, 1854, never married and is buried in Head Springs Cemetery next to her mother.

This stone was placed by Sarah Painter Moon who guessed at the dates.  She was determined to put a stone on the un marked graves of her mothers' family before she died for only she knew their locations.


Notley Mulraney Warren Family


Mary, Willie Hamic, Joe



Lucy, Notley, Charlie, Grandma Hamic, Grandpa Hamic


Mary Hamic Warren



Joseph, Ruth, Mr. Ivy, Audrey, Notley

Ruth, Audrey, and Notley Warren photos taken by Judge Charlie Warren June 1919



(6)   Notley Mulraney Warren, born December 29, 1856; died January 29, 1928 and is buried in Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama; married first Mary E. Hamic, born October 11, 1855; died January 27, 1897.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Standridge Hamic.  Their children:


a. Joseph Robert Warren was born October 27, 1881, and died June 12, 1951.  He is buried in Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.  He married Arminda Jane Beaty February 28, 1901 in DeKalb County, Alabama.  She was born May 15, 1884 in DeKalb County, Alabama, and died July 12, 1962 in DeKalb County, Alabama. Arminda Jane Beaty and Joseph Robert Warren divorced and she married Rev. Jim Smith. They had no children.



Rev. Jim Smith and wife Arminda Jane Beaty


Children of Joseph Warren and Arminda Beaty are:


1. Essie Caroline Warren, born December 03, 1901; died November 06, 1984.

2.  Cornela Warren, b. March 07, 1903; married Walker Matthews; died Kinta, OK.

3.  Bertha Jurilla Warren, born January 07, 1905; died August 2002.  Married Arthur Prince.

4.  Robert Jerome Warren, b. March 08, 1907; died May 27, 1978, married Cora F. Heffington; born February 29, 1908; died December 14, 1979, they are buried Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.

5.  Velma Estella Warren, born. June 14, 1909, DeKalb County, Alabama; died February 07, 1972; m. Jasper Aaron Cumi Johnson; b. September 28, 1891; died August 07, 1971, buried Austel in Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.

6.  David Warren, b. January 27, 1912, DeKalb County, Alabama; died February 06, 1912, buried in Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.

7.  Charles Alvin Warren, born March 30, 1919 died March 2003.

8.  Eliza Jane Warren, born DeKalb County, Alabama.

9.  Precious Marie Warren, born DeKalb County, Alabama.

10.Joseph Calvin Warren married Melanie Scatzwich.


The extended family of children 1. Essie Caroline Warren, 5. Velma Estella Warren, 8. Eliza Jane Warren, and 9. Precious Marie Warren are listed in detail below.  Thanks to Wendell Johnson for this information.


June 2006 Anita Marie Warren Adams gave the information on her family 7. Charles Alvin Warren




Essie Warren Holoway and son James Lowell                   Essie Warren Holoway


(1) ESSIE CAROLINE was born December 03, 1901, and died November 06, 1984.  She married (1) CLARK HOLAWAY.    She married 2nd WILLIAM CON THOMPSON.  He was born February 16, 1887, and died March 11, 1958.  They are buried in Hytop Cemetery.




1.   JAMES LOWELL HOLAWAY was born January 07, 1921.  He married BOBBIE JEAN CENTERS August 8, 1946.  She was born January 28, 1932, and died August 09, 1997.




Children of EDDIE HOLAWAY and RITA CRAFT are:

            i.      BILLY JOE HOLAWAY.

           ii.      VICKIE DARLENE HOLAWAY; married 1st  ?? ORR; married 2nd ROLLIN LEE VICE, JR. 

Children of Vickie and first husband are: 

Steven Dennis Orr.

Jonathan Anthony Orr.

Children of Rollin Lee Vice are:

Rollin Ethmer Vice.

Ryan Edward Vice.

Veronica Elaine Vice.

      iii.      FRANCIS MARIE HOLAWAY.

Alexia Mcayla Cart






Child of Richard is Dennis James Artz





Child Trent Roger Robinson.

ii.       AMANDA KAY HOLAWAY; married MICHAEL ANTHONY ROWELL.  Children of Amanda and Michael:

Michael Anthony Rowell, Jr..

Destiny Sky Rowell.





Children of ??? and MICHAEL JAMES TINSLEY are:

Caine Louise Espinoza

Amber Nichole Espinoza



E.    BYRON KEITH HOLAWAY.  He married (1) DORIS CAY WOODWARD.  He married (2) BRENDA KAY. 



Children of Christina and Michael are:

Trevor Jordan Goolesby.

Canaan Blake Goolesby.

Shelby Dawn Goolesby.






i.    GREGORY LEE WHITAKER; married PAULA DENISE GAYHEART.  Children of Gregory and Paula are

Gregory Blake Whitaker.

Jacob Lee Whitaker.















Children of REBA HOLAWAY and JOHN HUGHES are:









K.    DENNIS JAMES HOLAWAY, born September 24, 1964; died October 09, 1993.  He married THERESA ELAINORE CRIDER. 











ii.                  ALISHA JEAN HOLAWAY.




James Lowell Holaway and Bobbie Jean Centers Holaway and their 13 children.



2.   GLADYS JEAN HOLAWAY married CHARLIE HAROLD BROWN November 14, 1943.  He was born February 19, 1923, and died November 08, 1990 and is buried in Hytop Cemetery.



A.    JAMES HAROLD BROWN, born October 04, 1944; died February 06, 2002. He married 1st BARBARA ANN DAGROO October 1962.  She was born June 12, 1946. Married October 1977 2nd wife Royce Jeanette Curtis born December 5, 1945 died May 29, 2001 They are buried in Hytop Cemetery.


i.    JAMES HAROLD BROWN, JR..  Married 1st and divorced Maurine.  Married 1992 to Michelle Garner, divorced.  Married Laura Lee Roberts and divorced 1995.  Married Gina Butterfield 2001.

ii.   SHERRY ANN BROWN; married 1st ROBBIE SCOTT HOLMAN; married 2nd NOLEN JONES. 

Children of Sherry and Robbie Holman are:

Louise Nicole Holman  married Donnie Dowdy Divorced. Robbie Scott Holman II.

Crystal Leann Holman

Louise married 2nd Johnny Syrock. Their child is Dakota Syrock.

iii.  BILLY JOE BROWN; married 1st DAWN SMITH; married 2nd Tina Love.  Child of Billy and Tina is Alyssa Storm Brown.





i.    CATHY JEAN COUNTRYMAN, born November 17, 1965; died March 16, 1977 and buried in Hytop Cemetery



iv.  RONELLE ELAINE COUNTRYMAN; married ANTHONY KEVIN DUVALL.  Children of Ronelle and Anthony are Lauren Miranda Duvall and Logan Anthony Duvall.



C.     NANCY CAROLYN BROWN. Married Larry Jay LaHayne.

Children of Nancy and Larry are:

i.    Carisea Gayle LaHayne.  Married Vester Derrick Jones.  Their Children are: 

Matthew Derrick Jones

Lane Tally Jones.

Landon Chase Jones

ii.     Larry Jay LaHayne Jr.  Married Tonya Nicole Justice.  Their children:

Tyler Mason LaHayne.

Brent Jacob LaHayne.

iii.       Mark Jeffery LaHayne.  Married Christie Nicole Adams.  Their children:

Nicolas Mark LaHayne.

Addison Bryce LaHayne born.

Evan Clay LaHayne.

iv.     Alice Janice LaHayne.  Married Nicholas Michael Arnold.  Their child:

Hallie Grace Arnold

v.    Juliana Kaitlyn LaHayne







Children of Heather and Jeremy McIntosh are

Heather Shyann McIntosh

Stetson Blake McIntosh.


Their child is:

Carlie Addison Stephens



E.    ROGER LEE BROWN, born July 22, 1955; died March 10, 1997 buried in Hytop Cemetery  .He married 1st PATSY ANN SUMMERFORD August 1976.  She was born April 25, 1958, and died December 11, 1979.  He married 2nd RHONDA DARLENE CAIN August 01, 1980.  She was born June 03, 1957.  Child of ROGER BROWN and PATSY SUMMERFORD is:

i.    ROGER LEE BROWN, (Buster) JR., born March 24, 1978; died December 11, 1979.

Children of ROGER BROWN and RHONDA CAIN are:

i.    RODNEY LANCE BROWN; married Breanna Lee Smith.






                                             i.            ERIC DUANE SANDERS; married JENIFER SUZANNE ROSS.

Their child is:

Grant Eric Sanders.

                                           ii.            RYAN BENJAMIN SANDERS; married CANDACE CHERIE FORSHEE. 

Their child is:

Ty McCoy Sanders.

















Children of TERRY BROWN and ANGIE SANDERS are:










3.  CECIL OSCAR HOLAWAY was born July 04, 1925, and died February 20, 1982.  He married WILLIE RUTH MCLAIN. 



A.    LARRY O. HOLAWAY, born November 02, 1948; died November 10, 1948.












Children of DIANA HOLAWAY and BRUCE HAYNE are:

i.    RYAN M. HAYNE.




4.  RUBY ARMANDA HOLAWAY was born July 11, 1927.  She married DELLEY LEE GILLIAM.  He was born May 03, 1925, and died April 26, 1995.







i.    ANTHONY SHAWN GILLIAM. His children:

Wyatt Gilliam.

Weston Gilliam.

Whitney Gilliam.


Their child:

Savannah Gilliam.






Children of LEROY GILLIAM and IRIS SADLER are:


Their children:

Mallory Avans.

Madison Avans.


Their child:

Carol Smith.



2.  CORNELA WARREN, b. March 07, 1903; married WALKER MATTHEWS; died Kinta, OK.





Cornela on right                                Walker Mathews holding their children







Cornela “Lena” Warren Mathews




3.                 BERTHA JURILLA WARREN, born January 07, 1905; died August 2002.  Married ARTHUR PRINCE.










3.     ROBERT JEROME WARREN, b. March 08, 1907; died May 27, 1978, married CORA F. HEFFINGTON; born February 29, 1908; died December 14, 1979, they are buried Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.



                                                                                                                                                            Velma Estella and Robert Jerome Warren    Robert Jerome holding Charlie Avans





































                                                Bufford and Evelyn Warren son of Robert Jerome Warren










THE FAMILY TREE OF ROBERT JEROME WARREN given to me by Mark Wayne Warren April 2010.


ROBERT JEROME was born on March 8, 1907 to JOSEPH ROBERT and ARMINDA BEATY. He married CORA FRANCES HEFFINGTON ( born Feb. 29, 1908). They moved to Crow Mountain. Located in Jackson County in the early thirties. Here they raised 11 children during the Great Depression. He mostly farmed and did sawmill work. He was also the founder and pastor of  NILA Holiness Church until his death on March. 27, 1978. Cora followed him in death on December 14, 1979.




(1) LENA JUANITA WARREN b. September 13, 1926. married WILLIAM A. SANDERS; died     December 15, 1985.

Children :       


(  children are DENISE and MELODY)


(children are MISTY and TERRY).



Children :




( children are BRITTANY).


( children are MORGAN AND MCKENZIE).



Children :


(Children are KRISTEN, RODNEY and DAVID).


( children are CRAIG and  ALLANA)


( children are MISTY  and AMANDA).


(children are JULIE and CRYSTAL).


( children are RENEE, EMILY and RYAN)


f. RICHARD LAWRENCE  Married ANGELA MILLER. Died July 3, 1997. ( children are STEPHANIE and HEATHER).


(children are MATHEW and MARY KATHERINE).


(children are  GARRETT  LAWSON and LILLEE MAE).


(4) BILLY JOE WARREN  married MAXINE PARKER; died July 1964.

Children :

a. LARRY DWAIN b. December 7, 1951, died September 31, 1973.

(children are SARAH JURGESON).



(5) JAMES PAUL WARREN  married VETA MAY CARDIN; DIED October 28, 2006.



( Children are BRUCE and KELLY).


(Children are KYLE RAY).



Children :


( children are JENNY and JESSICA)

b. LEWIS SCOTT b. August 8, 1960. Died April 30, 1990.


(7)EULA MAE WARREN b. march 7, 1940. married BILL PRICE; died September 24, 1987.

Children :


( children are JADA).


(children are RILEY and JORDAN).


(8) WILBOURN WARREN b. July 2, 1942. Died July 10, 1960.



Children :


( Children are HEATHER and ADRIENNE)




Children :



(Children are J.R. , MEGAN and WESTON).




(11) BEULAH FAYE WARREN     B. January 10, 1949. Married RAYMOND MCCALLISTER. ; died May 21, 1972.

Children :

























(5)   VELMA ESTELLA WARREN was born June 14, 1909 in DeKalb County, Alabama, and died February 07, 1972.  She married JASPER AARON CUMI JOHNSON.  He was born September 28, 1891, and died August 07, 1971. They are buried in Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.



A.   WILLIAM WALLACE JOHNSON, born May 05, 1925; died June 18, 1991 and buried in Austel Cemetery.

B.   J.C. JOHNSON, born February 07, 1927; died November 05, 1927 buried in Austel Cemetery.

C.  DOROTHY IRENE JOHNSON, married JOHN M. SUMMERS; born August 25, 1922; died January 06, 1962 and buried in Austel Cemetery.





i.    BENNY EUGENE BOHANON.  He married Darlene Dean.  Their children:

Wendy Nicole Bohanon.  She married Kevin Russell.

Stacey Leighanne Bohanon.

Kimberly Michelle Bohanon.

ii.   MYRON KEITH BOHANON.  He married 1st Ann Cornelious.  Their children:

Myron Keith Bohanon, Jr.

Jeremey Daniel Bohanon .

iii.  MYRON KEITH BOHANON married 2nd Anita Alexander.  Their children:

Alexander “Alex” Bohanon born and died November 14, 1993.

Blake Bohanon 

                                    iii.      TERRY WAYNE BOHANON. He married Sue Gossett.  Their children:

Katie Renee Bohanon.

Terry Devin Bohanon

 iv.      PATRICIA DARLENE BOHANON.  She married Donald Eugene Pack Sr. Their children:

Donald Eugene Pack, Jr.

Alicia Darlene Pack.

v.   DARRELL HULITE BOHANON.  He married Lisa Ann Clements.  Their children:

Kristen LeAnn Bohanon.

Kaitlin Brooke Bohanon.








Deborah, Wendell, Courtney, and Zachary Johnson




J.    WENDELL RAY JOHNSON.  He married DEBORAH MASON. Wendell served in the US Army from October 1966 to October 1968. Veteran of the Vietnam War serving from March 1967 to March 1968.



Child of Marcus Wendell Johnson is Courtney Nicole Johnson.


K.      TOMMY CARL JOHNSON, born May 02, 1949; died April 23, 1951 and buried in Austel Cemetery.


(3)  DAVID WARREN, b. January 27, 1912, DeKalb County, Alabama; died February 06, 1912, buried in Austel Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.





(7)      CHARLES ALVIN WARREN, born March 30, 1919 in Ider, Alabama; m. first MARTHA? CHARLES died March 2003.

Children of MARTHA and CHARLES are:


A.   ROGER DALE WARREN, born in Detroit, MI.; married GAIL, and had:








CHARLES married second ELIZABETH GWENDOLYN PENNINGTON HOLT in McMinnville, TN. She died March 20, 1968. Children of GWEN and CHARLES are:


B.   ANITA MARIE WARREN born in McMinnville, TN; married first GEORGE STANLEY MEFFORD born in Murfreesboro, TN.  Divorced. Their children:


a. GEORGE STANLEY MEFFORD JR. in Murfreesboro, TN. 


b. CHARLES ADAM MEFFORD born in Murfreesboro, TN.  Married ALLISON GANNITTI born in Atlanta, GA Divorced. Their children:

1. ETHAN SCOTT MEFFORD born in Murfreesboro, TN.


ANITA MARIE WARREN married second RANDALL WAYNE CAGLE in Memphis, TN.  Marriage, Divorced. Their children:


c. SARAH GWENDOLYN CAGLE born in Nashville, TN.  Married SHANE JEFFERY MULLINS born in Great Lakes, IL. Married second ROY DWAYNE HALL in Nashville, TN.  Children:

1. HALEIGH MARIE in Nashville, TN.



ANITA MARIE WARREN married third BARRY ROBIN EIFTMANN born in Nashville, TN.  Marriage, Divorced .


ANITA MARIE WARREN married fourth BOBBY GENE ADAMS born in Benton, IL. 



Charles Alvin Warren, age 88 of Mt. Juliet, TN died November 28, 2007. Mr. Warren was a member of Woodbury Road Baptist Church. He had been the Minister of Music for several churches including Shellsford Baptist Church in McMinnville, TN, Campaign Missionary Baptist Church in Campaign, TN and New Prospect Baptist Church in Iuka, MS. He was also a Sunday School teacher and worked with the youth. Mr. Warren was the son of the late, Joseph and Armanda Beaty Warren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Gwin Pennington Holt Warren, 5 siblings and a special friend, Tate Presley of Iuka, MS.   
He is survived by:
Sons - Roger (Gail) Warren of White Plains, KY and
          Chuck "Butch" (Barbara) Holt "Warren" of Woodbury, TN
Daughters - Linda (Bob) Grammer of Iuka, MS and
                 Anita (Bobby) Adams of Mt. Juliet, TN
Brother - Joseph Warren of Ider, AL
Sisters - Presh Honea and Eliza Harris, both of Ider, AL
Grandchildren - Renita (Adam) Jacobs, Rebecca Warren,
                       Jason (Tish) Holt, Leslie Holt,
                       Kathy (Jeff) Gann, Greg (Holly) Bishop,
                       Stan Mefford, Adam Mefford, Gwen Cagle
                       (Gene) Lawrence, Andrew (Kathy) Adams 
                       and Joshua Adams
15 Great-grandchildren

Funeral services will be conducted 2 p.m. Saturday, December 1, 2007 at Shellsford Baptist Church, 121 Bottoms Rd., McMinnville, TN with Rev. David Pennington and Rev. Terry Carver officiating. Interment will follow at Shellsford Cemetery. Family will serve as pallbearers.







Precious Warren Honia, Charles Alvin Warren, Eliza Warren Harris


Jesse T. Harris wife Eliza Jane Warren sister Precious Marie Warren husband Paul Hubert Honea


(8)   ELIZA JANE WARREN was born in DeKalb County, Alabama.  She married JESSE T. HARRIS, son of JOHN HARRIS and BIRDIE JONES. He died December 19, 1993 in DeKalb County, Alabama.


Children of ELIZA WARREN and JESSE HARRIS are:





(9)   PRECIOUS MARIE WARREN.  She married PAUL HUBERT HONEA.  He was born in DeKalb County, Alabama.





Eliza Warren Harris, son in law Jim Fletcher daughter Wilma Harris Fletcher




Paul and Precious Honia





Ronnie Warren and Joseph Calvin Warren at Stevenson Park Johnson Reunion June 6, 2010





Notley Mulraney Warren’s second wife was Nancy C. Hughs Warren born December 23, 1862 and died September 24, 1951 buried next to him in Austel Cemetery.





Notley M. Warren        and 2nd wife            Nancy Warren







William Charles Warren            Daughters                                    Annabel Rice Warren


(b) William Charles Warren, Judge; born Sulphur Springs, Alabama, August 7, 1887; graduated 7th District Agriculture School 1916; student University of Alabama, 1916-18, 21-25, LLB, 1925; married Anabel Rice, October 27, 1912; children: Mary Ruth (Mrs. Herman Boyd), Audrey Devota (Mrs. Joel Howell), Jeanne Elizabeth (wife of Dr. A. V. Beatty), Gladys Caroline (Mrs. Howard R. Cook), Admitted to Alabama bar, 1925; practiced law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1925-40; judge 6th Judicial Circuit of Alabama, 1941--, Trustee Alabama Girls industrial School, 1946-52, Caraway Methodist Hospital, 1948--, Member of Alabama Senate, 11th dist., 1926-34.  District Wildlife Federation, 1952-63, Member Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Methodist (local trustee 1934-63; Tuscaloosa dist. trustee 1946-63, Tuscaloosa dist. steward 1963-). Mason. Club: Civitan (Gov. Ala. Dist. 1945-46, Judge Advocate General International, 1946-47, Home: 515 18th Street.  Office:  County Court House, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (From Who’s Who in AL)  Anabel died July 23, 1969 and the Judge died February 2, 1973.


From May 31, 1940 paid political Advertisement by W. C. Warren Tuscaloosa, Alabama


            I have refrained from saying one unkind word against my opponent, and this will continue to be my attitude in this campaign.  When this campaign is over, I want to feel that I have observed the Golden Rule, and that I can truthfully say that I have not spoken other than praise of my opponent.

            On May 7th the people gave me a vote of 3752 to 2902 for my opponent, making my plurality 850.  I carried 25 of the 30 beats in the County, including Tuscaloosa, Northport and Holt, and tied in one other Beat.  My opponent only carried 3 Beats.  This fine overwhelming expression of confidence in me from voters from every walk of life and throughout the County was highly appreciated, and I consider it a testimonial of confidence in my character and life, and my ability to serve as Judge of the Circuit Court.  From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for this endorsement.

            I have faith in the fair-minded people of this County that they will not be misled in the last hours of this campaign by propaganda, and I urge my supporters to be ever on the alert.

            Since I was 13 years old of age, I have made my own way in the world and procured an education under many handicaps.  I was reared in moderate circumstances, but I have always been interested in and identified with the Church and moral forces of my community.  In order to get my education, I worked awhile and went to school, and then taught school and then went back to school again.


            After I got my high school education, as a married man with two children, I came to Tuscaloosa and worked my way through the University and the Law School.  All the time I was in the University I worked at odd jobs and at the Tuscaloosa Post Office.  I had to support my family while I was getting my education.  While in the University Law School I received highest honors by being given the coveted Phi Beta Kappa Key for outstanding scholarship.

            When I came to Tuscaloosa, I immediately connected myself with the Church life of this community.  I have been ever active in every moral movement and in every worthwhile Church objective.  For more than 20 years I have been a member of the Governing Board of my Church, and have been active in other Church work.  I have taught the Men’s Bible Class and other classes in my Church for many years.  I Know I have made a poor Sunday School teacher and that I have done very little for the Church,-not half as much as the Church has done for me,-but I merely mention these things for the information of those who do not know me and who might be interested in my attitude toward the moral and religious forces of this county.

            I appreciate the many courtesies which have been extended to me by the people of this County during this campaign, and I ask all the good people of this County to join with my loyal supporters on June 4th in an overwhelming vote for good government, clean politics and fair-dealing in the Courts.


Judge Charles and Annabel children:


Mary Ruth Warren married first to Euel J. Burch born June 7, 1906 on December 25, 1932.  Euel died November 26, 1956 and is buried in Cleveland, TN.  His parents were Travis Euel Burch and Lorraine Jordan.  Ruth and Euel’s Children:



Judge Charlie Warren’s Family


Ruth Warren Burch’s sons


Tom, James and John Burch           Ruth Warren Burch’s sons




1.       John Travis Burch born in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, married Betty Mallory and had Sharon Ruth Burch and John Travis.  John and Betty live in Montgomery, AL.

2.                 James Lionel Burch born in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, married Mary Mavory, their children James Lionel, Jr.; Cindy Burch, and Mike.  Jim died September 8, 2009.


Thomas Euel Burch

3.  Thomas Euel Burch born September 13, 1950 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, married in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida to Laura Forbes. Tom died April 5, 2010 Wimauma, FL.





Audrey Devota Warren married first Charles W Brennan in Tuscaloosa, AL married second to Joel Howell.

Children of Audrey and Charles:

1.        Charles Warren Brennan  wife Ruth
... Their children:

a.       Joseph Brennan wife Mei Ling

b        Charles Brennan  wife Darlene

Tina Brennan

2    David Kent Brennan wife Exir


Audrey and Joel’s children:

1 Jay Howell wife Gloria?
2 Lee Howell wife Denise?

Also notes on her first marriage.
From "History of Tuscaloosa Co, AL" by Alton Lambert (1978), pg 389.
They were married by Emory W Corley, MG (As was Mary Ruth Warren)
Notes on Charles Brennan
Subj: Hi from HI
Date: 5/2/1999
From: Malpudo (Charles Warren Brennan)
To: Tomburch

The family tree information was very interesting, and I will be glad to receive anything you wish to share. David is also interested in the genealogy of our family. He has done research on the Warren side. By the way, his email address is:
[email protected] He lives in New Market, Al, which is near Huntsville, and both he and his wife Exir, work for Alabama A. & M. University.

Just a little about me and my family. I married a girl from Hawaii whom I met while we were in graduate school in KY. We have lived here in Hawaii for 41 years now. We had two sons, Joseph, who is 40 and Charles, who is 37. They both have moved to Washington state, where job opportunities and ability to own homes is better.

Joe works for TCI Cable co., which is soon to merge with AT&T. He lives south of Tacoma on a beautiful wooded tract of land. He and his wife, Mei Ling have three children, two boys and one girl. Charles has been in business for himself (a deli) but is moving to Las Vegas in June, right after their oldest daughter Tina, graduates from high school. He and his wife Darlene have two other daughters.
We will be spending June in Washington. We usually go up for a month every summer. This year, we are also looking forward to driving down to CA to visit with friends from HI who now live in the San Francisco area.

Ruth and I have both retired from jobs in the University of Hawaii system. She taught some courses and worked in one of the libraries and I taught music in one of the campuses. All my life I have served as church organist and I can't seem to give that up. Also for the past 7 months, I have been volunteering as the office/business manager for the church where we have been working for a number of years, Ruth as Director of Education and I as Director of Music. This because the minister resigned last September quite suddenly and the congregation didn't seem to know what to do. This "managering" of the church has turned out to be a very busy 30 to 40 hr week. I will be very glad when the search committee finds a new pastor.


Audrey Warren Howell, of Denton, Texas, passed away Monday, December 10, 2007, at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton, Texas. She was born in 1915 in Albertville, AL and was educated in the public schools of Tuscaloosa, AL. She attended the University of Alabama and Texas Woman’s University. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joel T. Howell; her father, Judge W. D. Warren; her mother, Anabel Rice Warren; and sisters, Ruth Burch and Gladys Howard.  She is survived by her sons, Charles Brennan and wife, Ruth of Honolulu, HI; David Brennan and wife, Exir of Tuscaloosa, AL; Jay Howell and wife, Gloria of Denton, Texas and Lee Howell and wife, Jayne of Denton; daughter-in-law, Billie Brennan of Tuscaloosa, AL; sister, Jeanne Beatty-DeSana of Cumming, GA; granddaughters, Sandra Brennan and Susan Barger of Tuscaloosa, AL; Sharon Brennan of Vance, AL and Audrey Ruth Howell of Denton; grandsons, Joseph Brennan and wife, Mei Ling) of Roy, WA and Charles Andrew Brennan of Tacoma, WA; great-grandchildren, David, Alan and Allison Barger of Tuscaloosa, AL; Kawika (David), Ikaika (Powerful) and Healani (Heavenly Love) Brennan of Roy, WA; Sarah Brennan of San Francisco, CA; and Kimberly Brennan of Las Vegas, NV.  Visitation will be from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Thursday, December 13, 2007, at the DeBerry Funeral Directors. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, December 14, 2007, at DeBerry Funeral Chapel.  Internment will be at Roselawn Cemetery.



Gladys Caroline Warren, married Howard R. Cook, second Alan F. Vosburgh son of F. G. and Doris Kennedy Vosburgh.  Her children:


1.       Richard B. Cook.

2.       Nancy Cook Olsen.

3        Barbara Cook Welch.








David Kent Brennan, his daughters and his Aunt Ruth Warren Burch


Jeanne Elizabeth Warren married Dr. A. V. Beatty, second James A. DeSanta son of Arthur J. and Beatrice Overly.  Her children:


1.  Susan Warren Beatty now a professor of Ecology at UCLA and lives in Santa Monica region of Los Angeles.

2.  Jane Warren Beatty a geologist for Engineering Company in Los Angeles.


Jeanne DeSana, age 87, of Cumming, GA passed away Sunday, July 6, 2008. Mrs. DeSana is survived by her husband of 38 years, Mr. James A. DeSana of Cumming, GA; two daughters, Susan Warren Beatty of Boulder, Colo., Jane Warren Beatty and husband Andy Richards of Portland, Ore.; niece, Nancy Olsen of California.

James Arthur DeSana, age 83 of Cumming, GA, passed away Friday, December 12, 2008 at Embracing Hospice House in Cumming. Mr. DeSana is survived by his daughters, Susan Warren Beatty of Boulder, Colorado and Jane Warren Beatty and husband, Andy Richards of Portland, Oregon. A memorial service for Mr. DeSana will be held at First Baptist Church of Cumming 1597 Sawnee Drive Cumming, Georgia 30040 with Dr. Bob Jolly officiating on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm.  Jim will be deeply missed by all who knew him. His passion was The DeSana Educational Fund, which has invested in the future of so many children. In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to the DeSana Educational Fund, Inc. 320 Dahlonega Street Suite 100 Cumming, GA. 30040.

Laura and Tom Burch, Betty and John Burch, Mrs. and Mr. Eugene Hamic



Jeanne Elizabeth Warren, husband James A. DeSanta, and sister

Ruth Warren Burch







John and Betty Burch




Ruth Warren Burch and Ronnie Warren





Curtis Avans wife Lucy Warren Avains daughter Flossie


C. Lucy Annie Jarilla Warren, born November 20, 1890, died February 17, 1976.  She married Nomand Curtis Avans, May 20, 1906.  Mr. Avans was born August 29, 1877, died November 7, 1961. They are both buried in the Ivey Cemetery, Crow Mountain, Fackler, Alabama.  Their children are:




                       (1)                   Flossie Cordova Avans, born March 7, 1907, died December 22, 1943.  She is buried in Shipp Cemetery.  She married Bill B. Talley. 

                     Their children are:

            A. Opal Inez Talley.  She married J. W. Dryer 


            B.    Fairy Alice Tally.                                 

            C.   Grady Talley, Jr.

            D.   Lucy Mae Talley.

            E.    Lula Faye Talley

            F Norman Talley  




(2)                                             (2)                          Pearl Priscilla Avans, born January 31, 1910, in Arkansas, died August 19, 1984.  She married Olen Jones. 


                        Their children are:

       a.            Kenneth Jones

       b.           Audrey Jones

       c.           Orlene Jones

       d.           Lorne Jones

       e.            Vester Jones

       f.             Joyce Jones




                          (3)         Willie Lafae Avans, born September 6, 1912 in Arkansas, died August 23, 1980.  She married Opal White.












  (4)  Edith Novella Avans, born September 19, 1914 in Arkansas. She married 1st Nathan Thackerson, born January 16, 1914 and died August 18, 1974.  2nd Samuel H. West.





              ← (5)           Albert Cicero Avans, born June 29, 1917 in Alabama.  He married Ella Thackerson.




              ← (6)           Clark Archie Oscar Avans, born January 12, 1920.  He married Wilma Parish.







                 (7)                  Leona Ruth Avans.  She married  ? Knopps.




                        (8)             Jobe Mulraney Avans, born August 12, 1924.  He married Annie Kelley, January 1942.





          ← (9)                         Charlie Curtis Avans, born March 17, 1927.  He married Isabelle Stephens, May 10, 1944.





           (10)                 Lucy Lois Avans, born May 20, 1929.  She married Lindberg Evans. Children: Henrietta, Jackie, Wayne, Laniece.



              Lucy, Lois, Lindberg



Jobe, Charlie, Leona, Edith, Lois, Pearl, Clark

Lucy Annie Jarilla Warren’s children



(d)         Alice born April 1892, married Zack Matthews, their sons were Lowell and Edward.


Zachariah Mathews and Alice Warren




Flossie Avans, Alice Warren Mathews holding Pearl Avans 1909             Alice Warren Mathews


School photo Cordelia Warren



Alice Warren Mathews, Cordelia Warren Allison, Lucy Warren Avans                                    Cordelia Warren & unknown





Cordelia Warren Allison            Cordelia and Friend?




Oscar Allison husband of Cordelia


(e)      Cordelia Warren was born May 1895 and as a young girl moved to Arkansas with her parents and returned to Jackson County. From her  high school yearbook she is listed as Emma Cordelia Warren of Fackler, Alabama receiving a "Classical" education , a member of the Morgan Society, Class Vocalist, and Class reader. She was an avid sportsman and had hunting camps in Jackson and Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.   Cordelia married Oscar Allison and after contracting cancer moved to Arizona where she died and was buried.


          Oscar Allison was the youngest child of Joseph J. and Marry Allan Allison, was born August 22, 1895 in Maxwell, Alabama.  He died January 23, 1970 in Huntland, Tennessee and was buried in City Cemetery Stevenson,    Alabama.  He married twice Cordelia Warren and Mrs. Louise Matthews Sentell.

Cordelia Warren




          Notley Mulraney Warren married second March 3, 1898 to Nancy C. Hughs in Dade County, Georgia by Rev John W S Higgins.  She was born December 23, 1862; died September 24, 1951.  They had no children.  After the           settlement of his father’s estate causing him to move from the family farm, he and        Nancy moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas as found in the 1910 census.  They returned to Jackson County, Alabama around Fackler and are     buried with several of his children in the Austel Cemetery.



Nancy Warren Holding Lois




Nancy and her sister                                                 Nancy C. Hughs Warren wife of Notley M. Warren




(7) Serene, born 1859 and died before 1870. We have not found anything more about daughter.



 Possible photo of Robert J. Warren


(8) Robert Jefferson Warren, born June 11, 1862 according to his mother’s pension papers and was living in Arkansas in 1900 as found in his father’s probate. While in Arkansas Robert was in the “lumber business”.  It is not known if he cut timber or sawed it at a mill.  Judge William Warren broke a leg while working with him when he was a young man.  It had to be reset when he came back to Alabama, according to his family. Robert Warren married Nancy Jane Hamic (Hammock in the 1910 census), sister of his brother Notley’s wife Mary Hamic and had Luther Bains, Etta Jane, Mary Edna and Rufus Jack.  As extracted from a letter of nephew, Judge William Charles Warren to Anabell Rice, September 16, 1912, Rising Fawn, GA “found Aunt (grass Widow) at R. F. (Rising Fawn) stayed with her and Uncle in Ark.  He is papa’s brother (baby brother).  She went to Texas to visit her sister.  Went to Tenn. near one of her brothers.  She and grown son and two smaller children about 2 years ago moved to Bessemer, Ala. did not have her health moved back to Tenn.  Have stopped here (R. F.) to visit Uncle’s a day or two.” “She is a double first cousin, her name is Edna.”